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He raised his glass and smiled indifferently.

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"It’s good to be able to kill people in front of general Niu."
Zhou Jia suddenly
It turned out that the other party was the mysterious man in the house that day. No wonder people from all walks of life surrounded him and stayed in Shicheng and seemed to be looking for something again.
"JiGong flatter me" Xue Xiao motioning with his hand.
"Zhou Jia, a young fellow, is young and full of energy. I don’t know what it’s like to be a little better than a beginner in black iron."
This statement
If Zhou Jia himself is modest.
But Xue Xiao’s attitude is arrogant, but it is too derogatory. The key is that the two are not good enough.
Naturally, people are not happy.
"Black iron is good around the age of 30" comes from Nantian, the Lord’s mansion.
"After all, there is no comparison here, and the military veteran has not yet entered the tenth age, so don’t get the black iron."
"Yes" Sue evil nod.
"In the eyes of Duke Ji, Zhou Jia’s achievement in black iron at this age is not bad, but it seems to us that it is already a gift."
"Don’t …"
He saw the eye Zhou Jia laughed
"Brother Zhou won the thunder and Wang kissed the purple thunder axe with one hand, and even the cow general was amazed."
"You should learn more!"
The last sentence is said to a young man behind him.
Sue nodded at Zhou Jia with anger.
"Sometimes I ask Elder Zhou for advice in Dingduo."
"Good talk and good talk" is familiar to Su Fen Zhou Jia. He used to be a frequent visitor to the gambling house and didn’t want to be in the top ten.
"Zhou’s luck is not worthy of appreciation."
"I’m lucky to see Ji Gong today, but I have work there …"
"What’s the hurry" Xue Xiao frown.
"I know that you are wandering around with that girl Lei Mei, humming that a daughter’s house can really suppress tens of thousands of help from Tianhu?"
"It’s rare to get to know Duke Ji, so you don’t have to rush back."
Yang’s family supports Lei Mei.
I didn’t like Lei Ba Tian in my early years, and because Qiu Bowei was more optimistic about Qiu Yingchen, I didn’t want Zhou Jia to always help Lei Mei.
Zhoujia indifferent exit
"Uncle Xue is also a woman, but she is distinguished and far better than a man. I don’t think that man dares to be arrogant in front of you, do you?"
"Ha ha ….." JiGong lang smile seems to feel quite interesting and then with the wave.
"There’s no hurry to go back and add another table!"
Someone should immediately set tables, chairs, dining tables and tables in Xue Xiao’s hand position.
Zhou Jianai had to sit down.
"Crash …"
Opposite Su Fen was pouring wine, and a glass suddenly fell to the ground, which also provoked Su Evil to show displeasure.
"What does Mao Mao look like?"
Then a wave of his big sleeve.
"Get out of here. I’m not happy to see your face for no reason."
"Erbo" Su Fen bowed his head and handed it over.