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Although he doesn’t think any expert can solve the immediate problem, Zhou Xiangan is him after all.

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Just then Zhou Xiangan’s words rang again. Before he could speak, he heard Zhuang not far away. "Hey, where are you?" I’m almost there … Ah, I see you! "
Then he hung up.
"So soon?" Zhou Xiang’ an paused and then smiled, "This kid won’t come by helicopter."
Just then they heard a gust of wind coming from the sky.
"Is it really by helicopter?" The traffic controller looked up.
Chapter 647 tuyere pig
They looked up and saw that it was a helicopter in the sky.
Large commercial helicopters are coming down from the sky with flashing lights.
Several people hurriedly ran and asked Zhou Xiangan, head of traffic, "Is this the expert you invited? Still a local tyrant? Still taking a helicopter at this distance? "
There is a lot of unhappiness in the speech.
This is too ostentatious.
And the helicopter landed on the side of the road?
Have you ever considered the danger caused by airplane propellers? Have you considered the safety of pedestrians on the roadside?
"No …" Zhou Xiangan hid far away and held down his hat and frowned. "Although my little friend is a rich man, he doesn’t act in such a high-profile way!"
In fact, Zhou Xiang’ an has never seen a young rich man who is not far from Zhuang and has a lower profile. He has no news, no interviews and rarely participates in various activities. He doesn’t know what he is busy with all day. If it weren’t for his circle, it would be very difficult to reach him.
Come here by helicopter at this point?
This doesn’t look like Zhuang’s style, does it?
The helicopter landed on the side of the road, and a young man jumped out of the plane and rushed from the helicopter, clutching his head.
"is this your expert?" The traffic controller frowned tightly and seemed to recognize the man.
"No" Xiang-an zhou shook his head.
Glory breathed a sigh of relief after seeing that the plane was not far from Zhuang.
My Xiaozhuang can’t be so high-profile and arrogant!
He’s a modest, low-key and reasonable kid.
Before the young man ran to a few people, a traffic policeman came after him on a motorcycle.
A traffic policeman stopped the young man when the motorcycle came. "It is illegal for this gentleman to land a helicopter on the side of the road!" "
"Oh, I’ll let them go."
"This is not a question of leaving or not. You are illegal!"
"What’s the punishment? Just ask my driver directly and tell me the punishment afterwards." The young man waved his hand and threw it away, and turned and ran away.
The traffic police uncle is also a little blind. He intuitively feels that it is definitely inappropriate for the helicopter to park on the side of the road. But this is the first time he has encountered such a thing. What should he do? How to punish?
The traffic police immediately contacted colleagues and contacted the civil aviation department to deal with it there.
The young man lost the traffic police and ran to the head of the transportation department with a warm smile on his face. "Master Wu, I heard that you came here immediately."
"Oh, Lao Wu was looking for you!" Zhou Xiangan looked at Wu Zhu, who is in his fifties, smiling. Ha ha ha. You see, I am my farmhouse. It can’t be so arrogant. So this is your home. "Who is this? It looks very arrogant. "
"Jia Shenghui!" Laowu avenue
"Oh …" Zhou Xiang ‘an suddenly said, "It’s the internet upstart who is known as the first young rich man in the virtual city!"
No wonder it looks familiar.
The virtual city internet industry is not quite matched with the virtual city’s economic status in the state, and it can’t be taken.
Last year, Virtual City also pushed this typical Twitter to attract Internet talents to start a business. At that time, Jia Shenghui often appeared in various activities, and his political status soared.
But now it seems that Lao Wu doesn’t like him very much.
Lao wu looked Jia Shenghui face black like fried dumpling "what are you doing here? Didn’t I say impossible? "
"Master Wu, we also want to solve the problem." The young man smiled and said, "Master Wu, you see that the current traffic problem in the virtual city is also very serious, but our Zizi bicycle in Ziyun Banner is definitely the first solution to the problem."
Wu Zhu black face don’t talk.
"Our little purple bicycle is the most practical bicycle in the industry at present, which can perfectly fit the form of virtual city and the current demand. With our little purple bicycle, the demand for car travel can be greatly reduced, which can definitely solve the current congestion problem …"
Master Wu still said with a black face, "The virtual city principle has banned the launch of new bicycles. I said impossible is impossible."
"Before you see things absolutely, don’t you say that the magic mountain tunnel can’t be dug? "Jia Shenghui said," You see that Ziyun is based on the virtual city, and I am also a virtual city person. How can other companies know more about the needs of the virtual city and have our feelings for the virtual city? The geological structure of the virtual city determines that the terrain in the whole city is quite different, and ordinary bicycles are naturally limited to travel. Only bicycles can smooth this disadvantage, and we Ziyun rooted in the virtual city market and launched a small purple bicycle … "
Wu Zhu is black-faced and doesn’t talk. Recently, he has been lobbied by this person too many times.
It blew up some time ago, and the bike-sharing whirlwind swept through the week, which really changed the travel habits of many people.
However, the barbaric growth of the sharing economy has also brought many management problems to the virtual city.
Capital-intensive enterprises are low in ability, poor, savage and extensive in enclosure, parked indiscriminately to block roads, and even all kinds of funds are transferred to cause problems, and their regulatory authorities need to wipe their bottoms.
A few months ago, the virtual city banned the launch of the new bike-sharing, and severely punished it and interviewed several enterprises.
In addition, the topography of the virtual city is quite different. Many places are steep slopes and riding bicycles is too hard. bike-sharing has not been a good solution to the problem, but has become a cancer in a big city
It is the state that is vigorously supporting the virtual city of shared traffic, and it is also vigorously supporting the Internet industry. Lao Wu also doesn’t know what to say, and the standard is not relaxed.
He’s got it all wrong
These internet industries are blowing up a lot of cattle, and few of them can really solve the problem.
Everyone is a wave of money. After the big waves recede, it will be good to have one out of a hundred reliable ones.
Why is it so difficult to find a young man who works hard now?