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The Annan man entered the hospital and knocked on the door. Soon someone poked his head out and put the man in the room.

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Zhuo Qiang turned his eyes around and found that the house was not as unbearable as the outside, but the interior decoration was very exquisite and luxurious. It seems that this is a place where they contact and assign people. Of course, there is likely to be a small leader sitting here
Zeng Guomin came softly to the corner to listen to the movement inside.
This listening lasted for ten minutes, because Zhuo Qiang could see the picture without sound, and he didn’t know what Zeng Guomin had heard.
Yawned, Zhuo Qiang lit a cigarette and chatted at the screen, waiting to see what would happen.
"Come out, come out!" Liu Xiaolei suddenly called a.
Zhuo Qiang was awakened from drowsiness and punched Liu Xiaolei. "You want to scare me to death!" Eyes looked at the screen.
"Kill him! Kill him!" Liu Xiaolei and high call way
After the screen door was hit, a guy in his mid-twenties was just out of the door when Zeng Guomin covered his mouth and put his arm around the side of the door. His neck turned in a strange direction and a small life was over.
Gently put the unlucky Zeng Guomin into the door of the house that hasn’t come yet.
At this time, there was no one in the living room. Zeng Guomin took out a key-shaped thing from his pocket and easily hit a bedroom door and entered it.
"wow! Master key! " Liu Xiaolei eyes bigger than watching the screen.
There are three people lying in two beds in this bedroom. Zeng Guomin quietly killed two of them, then controlled the last guy and asked something in a low voice.
After asking questions, Zeng Guomin was resolute. This man was directly pinched by him.
After walking out of the room, Zeng Guomin conveniently closed the door.
There are seven rooms in this house, and there are not too few people who want to live in it. Zeng Guomin went straight to the left hand side, knocked on the door and touched it.
Zhuo Qiang guessed that this might be the little leader living here.
Sure enough, there are two people living in this room, a man and a woman. There are more than 200 kilograms of men’s feet, and two women are slender and naked. The woman’s body is like a rattan tree, hugging the fat two white breasts, and they are all crowded and deformed because they are close to the man. They have already slept like dead pigs.
"Hey, there is still a small shadow to see!" Liu Xiaolei suck up make clicks by ZhuoJiang a far away two quick and gather together in front of the screen.
See the screen Ceng Guomin flash to blow the woman’s neck, her body twitched a few times and then nothing happened.
Before the fat man could react, Zeng Guomin covered his mouth and listened to Zeng Guomin whispering something to him, nodding his head like a chicken pecking rice.
Presumably, Zeng Guomin warned him that if he dared to shout, he would kill all mankind.
It took Zeng Guomin a while to let the fat man talk.
Just after saying a few words, the fat man was grabbed by Zeng Guomin’s throat and stared at his unwilling eyes. He kicked his leg and died.
Zeng Guomin seems to have achieved his goal and gently closed the door after he left the door.
He came to the courtyard, pulled the body of the man outside the door to a corner where others could not easily see it, flew over the wall and quietly left the courtyard.
Zhuo Qiang saw that he was so careful, probably because he was afraid that variables would affect his final action goal after the body was found. This Zeng Guomin was really timid.
As soon as Zeng Guomin jumped off the wall, he galloped like a wind to meet someone. His feet still kept jumping off the wall or his house jumped forward or dodged into a dark alley to find a new shortcut. Although he met a lot of people, no one could find this fast-moving figure.
Zhuo Qiang looked at his performance as a stunt shot in the shadow and couldn’t help but open his mouth so that any enemy of the character would not be afraid! ?
Finally, Zeng Guomin stopped by a luxury villa. He squatted in a corner of a tree, pulled out an object and put it on the wall to listen to it for a moment. Then he looked around warily, grabbed the corner and climbed to the roof.
Zhuo Qiang wondered how he was so familiar with the city. Did he extract the specific route from that fat mouth? But how can you remember so many roads and so far away! Even the fat man may not be able to explain the specific route! ?
Or did Zeng Guomin look for street signs and house numbers all the way? But he’s so fast that he can dodge pedestrians and watch the street signs and house numbers at the same time? If that’s the case, his ability is too bad, right?
Otherwise, he has maps of all the cities in the world in his mind. If he really has such ability, what can be hard to hold him in this world?
Even that president of the United state wanted to escape his decapitation.
"Go in, go in!" Liu Xiaolei cried excitedly again.
The screen Zhuo Qiang saw Zeng Guomin drill in from the attic and enter the low attic where sundries were placed.
Sneaking in the attic, Zeng Guomin took out the stethoscope and listened in front of each room.
Zhuo Qiang thinks that when he listens outside, he may be able to tell whether there are bodyguards walking around the room. This listening is likely to judge whether the room is male or female, or judge the strength of the householder, or he may listen to the breath to judge the identity of the person.
This Zeng Guomin gave Zhuo Qiang too much surprise, which is not surprising.
Suddenly he stopped in front of a door and took out his master key. He stabbed the door lock with two strokes and entered the room.
There was a man lying on the bed of the house, as if he had a sixth sense. After the national entered the room, he didn’t know anything. He suddenly woke up and straightened up neatly to see what had happened.
His vigilance did not bring him much luck. Zeng Guomin pressed him to the bed at the first time, holding his head with one hand and holding Taba tightly with the other, and holding his body tightly with one leg so that he could not move.
Zhuo Qiang saw that Zeng Guomin had gone to so much trouble to deal with a person for the first time. I think this person must be a powerful person, and the figure is probably a very capable bodyguard.
But no matter how hard you meet Zeng Guomin, you have to bow down.
Zeng Guomin didn’t let this man open his mouth this time. He whispered something in his ear. His eyes kept blinking, presumably to answer Zeng Guomin’s question.
This Zeng Guo has different methods from the enemy. What a top killer!