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Is to watch …

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So quiet …
Just like when I was a child
Xuanxuan appeared.
Is to make her dim
She feels inferior.
That’s when …
"You’re back."
Ning Dad kept a straight face.
And treat ning Zi Xuan attitude completely different.
I don’t know people
Would it be better for Zi Xuan to be her own child?
"You’re back."
Ning Ma is a little kinder.
But compared with the attitude towards Ning Zi Xuan,
It’s really a lot worse
"Ann …"
What does Liu Moliang want to say
Only to find that I don’t know what to say.
"Well, I’m back. Do you miss me?"
In some coquetry tone.
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In some coquetry tone.
She is so eager.
Longing to be loved by parents
Better dad than mom hide without a trace.
Speak perfunctorily
Ann is so eager to be loved.
But even a little love.
They are also stingy to give it to her
"My parents and sisters are very obedient."
Ning Zi Xuan said to mom and dad
Very obedient
But there was a flicker of jealousy in his eyes.
Those are all her, aren’t they?