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Ding Xiaoyou sighed with a clap his thigh, "It really is. I feel something strange. It seems that I guess there is nothing wrong! Stop it. It must be your uncle, right? It’s not that easy to die as expensive as him! "

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Tang Yang laughed. "Xu Shi’s bad luck was from that moment. Of course, everything later developed beyond everyone’s expectation. Everyone was involved in the game, but no one mastered the game. This is an interesting place in the whole game. If there was no white mark, it would just be a simple story of your usurpation and our revenge. Seriously, if I hadn’t met you, my uncle wouldn’t have promised uncle Li to fully support you, and I might not be so willing to help you say that all this was won by your own strength."
Ding Xiaoyou’s heroism dried up. "Thank you for your success anyway. I will definitely let Xinghan’s brilliant flag be planted in every corner of the world to live up to your expectations."
Tang Yang smiled with expectation. "Is this what my uncle wants to hear? Remember that it is enough to have you as a friend. I am leaving Binhai and may never return to this land. "
"Where to?" Ding Xiao sorrow asked curiously.
"I don’t know." Tang Yang sighed directly and naively. "Wherever you go, even where you go? I’m tired of killing and bloodshed. Maybe it’s time to pursue something else. "
Ding Xiaoyou suddenly felt that the man in front of him was so much alike that both of them couldn’t find a way out because of their absolute Excellence. He suddenly moved in his heart, "There is a very moving song in the old Tang Dynasty. Maybe you will like it. I like the last three sentences very much … but there is also such a person. Maybe you should meet him!"
Tang Yang refused these twelve words and suddenly looked up. "Who writes songs?"
Ding Xiaoyou reached out and said, "Give me the phone." Tang Yang handed it to Ding Xiaoyou. Tang Yang entered the happy number in his mobile phone and handed it back with a smile. "When you arrive in Zhongdu, you can find that person by typing this sentence in Xinghan Brilliant. You can tell her that she is here to listen to that song."
Tang Yang wouldn’t have considered it before, but at this time he fell silent and nodded. "I should also listen to this song and see this person after your recommendation."
Looking at Tang Yang’s back, Ding Xiao was a little worried. When he looked up, there was another wave at the seaside, and the number of waves also set off his emotions. When he looked back, he saw that the sunset was already red like blood. "Another day passed." He said to himself and headed for home.
Maybe the day may be the day after tomorrow, or it may be late. Tang Yang appeared in front of him with a smile. Maybe there are such a pair of equally unusual people who have been looking for each other for a long time. He believes that if so, he will be very happy to welcome the guests. By then, he also believes that the problem of sweet children and blue knots should be solved, right?
Hand-written novels
Chapter five hundred and sixty-six Wake up and finally wake up [Chapter III]
Welcome you to come.
Chapter four hundred The dust settles
Four months later, Ding Xiaoyou returned to Binhai from an island holiday, and Xiao Yaner was four or five months old and quite cute. The first thing to do when he came back was to secretly take his own parents to the island. There are so many things that his parents owe and need to be remedied. Now it is time to realize it.
Xu Tianer’s mood has gradually improved, and everyone comforted her and gradually became stronger. She decided to return to the music scene again, which is a great news for almost everyone.
Tang Yang joked as if to ask him if he had applied for Arabic nationality, otherwise what would his wives do? This is really a sweet worry. Ding Xiaoxiao just laughed and didn’t answer.
"sometime it may be time to say goodbye to you for a drink!" There is a little melancholy in Tang Yang’s words. This life is really strange. When he is occupied by hatred, he lives with firm goals. And when all that is no longer a problem, he has trouble. What should he do next?
After three or four months of rectification, the business has gradually entered the right track, and the employees are also working hard to have a bright future. In time, the future will be inevitable, which is almost worrying.
"Did you think that Xu Fangge body double turned out to be Yuan Ce?" Ding Xiaoyou said with a wry smile that this accident hardly even occurred to him that he entered the Japanese Star in the same year. Yuan Ce, the tiger tooth, was ranked second in the draft contest. Yuan Ce’s loyalty to the white mark and his belief in death have never been cut off. He doesn’t believe that the white mark is dead and neither does he.
Tang Yangwei’s consternation was relieved. "It’s ridiculous that Xie Qiusi can’t even tell the difference between forty and twenty years old?" It is no wonder that such a stupid woman. "
Ding Xiaoyu is silent, Xie Qiusi is dead, and he really doesn’t want to evaluate her again, both positive and negative, and he doesn’t want to let all this disappear with that terrible history.
When I made an appointment with Tang Yang to drink, Ding Xiaoyou remembered one thing. He remembered that he still owed Gao Lin a Lamborghini! Now this little witch has entered the Sun Star and has also been taken a fancy to by Xinghan brilliant talent scouts. Everything is going to a good place. The car has been shipped from Italy. Ding Xiaoyou sent the words to Zhongdu, and the person in charge there took it as a gift to the little witch’s hand.
Thinking of the old friends in Zhongdu, Ding Xiaoxiao can’t help but feel homesick. I will take out my mobile phones and search for the past one by one. The first thought is gratifying.
Words can be answered in the past, but the sound is still so soft and calm. It seems that two years is just a flick of her finger. Her tone is still so kind and natural, which makes Ding Xiaoyou feel familiar but far away. After a little awkward silence, Ding Xiaoyou said, "Dear sister is close …" How is it? He could hardly remember how to communicate with Ke Xin, and he found that he had lost the ability to communicate with her.
Can calm down "I heard that Xu Gong has been at the top of the stairs for a long time, right? Remember that song I sang for you? "
"Of course I remember." Ding Xiaoyou was deeply impressed. "Those are two songs that impressed me in my life. Whenever I am addicted to reality, I always love the song of Sister Kexin. Although the church bell and prayer vigilance are less than a blow, they can not let me get lost too far …" When Ding Xiaoyou talked with Kexin, he always felt that he was sublime, perhaps repenting or redeeming himself.
Ke Xin was silent for a moment and asked, "I’m curious. What’s the other song?"
Ding Xiaoyu sighed gently. Another song? It’s also a very touching song, that is, the song Scarborough. Every time I hear the melody of this song, I feel very worried.
"I decided to keep a secret in front of my dear sister, which may be the only one." Ding Xiaoyou said.
Ke Xin didn’t ask, but it was an embarrassing silence. Ding Xiaoyu suddenly asked, "Have Ke Xin found what you have been pursuing all these years?" Do you know those things that are called ideal homes but are ethereal? "
He is not good at organizing this aspect, and his language is a little stuttering, but he naturally knows what he means.
"Xu Gong, I like a poem about Liu Yong very much recently. Can you listen to me sing patiently when I fill in a song for entertainment?" Ke Xin didn’t answer Ding Xiao’s question, but he took care of it.