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In autumn, the night is as cold as water, and the night in the mountains is particularly cold.

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Although lying on the slate covered with a Chulingyang coat, Gu Jinxi still feels cold. The coolness that has soaked into the bone makes her feel that the whole person is almost unconscious, and the cold and pain are constantly staggered to wake her up. She is still alive.
A sudden burst of footsteps from far and near Gu Jinxi didn’t even bother to open his eyes. Chu Lingyang’s personality was too paranoid, too stubborn and too hard to refuse. If he had it for him, he wouldn’t be Chu Lingyang. Now he is on the chopping block. If he didn’t escape, he might be able to take it one step at a time, but it would be impossible to escape. Especially before my right arm and left leg are completely better, I simply don’t want to.
Sudden footsteps near the digital figure filed with torches standing neatly on both sides of the ear is a female delicate and charming chuckle "Luo Luo … Chapter 181 Sister, let’s meet again!
That smile charming is spruce with cool thin as if with a little pride let Gu Jin sunseeker feel scalp pins and needles a chill through the bottom of my heart and people are not ChuLingYang such cognition let her heart couldn’t help hanging tightly again.
Although Chu Lingyang is overbearing and strong, he is determined to win people for himself, but at least he won’t hurt himself. Gu Jinxi’s brain turned quickly and turned to look at the girls wearing the same style of white blouse and goose yellow fan-shaped long skirt with white gown. Different colors of waist broadband binding ribbons can distinguish them from each other.
She is really curious about how these people find themselves. Since Chu Lingyang will choose to hide himself here, it will naturally not be easily discovered, but it seems very certain to see them.
"Who the hell are you?" Gu Jinxi wandered around the cave for a week and finally fell into the seemingly leading female body; It was her veiled mask that made her unable to see clearly. She was surrounded by another petite woman who was also wearing a white dress and a yellow skirt. However, the woman gave Gu Jinxi a very familiar feeling, but she couldn’t figure it out at all. She couldn’t help frowning slightly on her brow, pursed her eyes and dropped the female body. "What do you really want to do?"
"Luo Luo Luo" the veiled leading female smell speech is gently raise my hand and cover my lips, and there is something charming in her charming smile. "What do you want to do? You will know later. "
That smile seems to have a faint cool thin and it seems to be a bit deep.
Gu Jin sunseeker squints at that woman with some difficulty, as if she wanted to see her face through the veil. Even if she can’t see her face now, she doesn’t know anything, but she can read contempt and disdain from that woman’s eyes. And even if she hides it well, she can’t hide it … Hostility? !
Hostility this two word just came to mind was Gu Jin sunseeker ruthlessly out; Before she was born again, she was obsessed with Qin Xiang. She may have offended many people, but they were all tinkering around the edges. Those noble women never cared about themselves. After rebirth, if you take the initiative to stay away from Qin Xiang, you will offend anyone. If you really want to count, it will be Geng Shi, Xie Qi, Aunt Liu and Gu Jinlan. If it is their mother and daughter, she won’t recognize the woman in front of her. She is sure that it is the first time they meet that … That hostility is thus coming?
Gu Jinxi’s thin lips tightened and his eyelids drooped, and he took a deep breath to suppress the pain in his chest. He said as gently as possible, "Who are you? Have we met before?"
"We?" The leading female voice has a charming face and a shallow smile, "I have never seen it before."
"That you …" Gu Jin sunseeker brow slightly frowning eyes appearing thick.
"Hum!" The smile on the female face is shallow with deep contempt and disdain. Gu Jinxi "Don’t worry, Miss Gu’s girl identity will be known sooner or later, but before that." Then she bowed her head slightly and disappeared silently around her. "How come Gu Jinxiang didn’t say hello when she saw her sister?"
"…" What?
Gu Jin sunseeker smell speech suddenly eyes wide stare fixedly with the bottom of the eyes of the people around the charming and pretty woman with a thick can’t believe that she should be her. Who are they?
"Yes" Gu Jinxiang bowed her head and her face expression never changed. She walked to Gu Jinxi’s face with a light tone and even no change in expression. "Sister, let’s meet again."
Gu Jinxi’s thin lips pursed slightly, as if she still wanted to ask something, but the pretty girl didn’t give her a chance to ask questions again. She shouted at Gu Jinxiang directly, "Since she is your sister, she will be yours!" Gu Jinxi’s right arm and left leg, which were simply bandaged by Chu Lingyang, showed a meaningful smile. "The girl looks at Miss Gu’s mobility and you can remember to take good care of her if something goes wrong!"
"Yes!" Gu Jinxiang bowed their heads and disguised terms should be
"Take it away!" The charming and pretty woman stared at Gu Jin sunseeker contemptuously, and the hatred and hostility that burst out in her eyes made Gu Jin sunseeker not feel cold.
Gu Jinxiang walked to the front of the stone bed and raised her hand. Gu Jinxi quickly set a few places around Gu Jinxi’s right arm and left leg lightly. "Big sister and sister once told you that you shouldn’t blame your sister for ignoring sisterhood. Do you go by yourself or do you ask your sister to go?"
"No, I’ll do it myself." Gu Jinxi choked back the pain in his left leg and staggered toward the outside step by step.
Two women next to Gu Jinxiang looked at Gu Jinxi with some concern and said in a low voice, "Gu Jinxiang, this … is this bad for Miss Gu?" After all, Miss Gu, but the master personally confessed that if there was something wrong with her, then Miss Gu would be fine, and it would naturally be them.
"Don’t tell me you didn’t hear what the young lady told me just now?" Gu Jinxiang glared at the two women angrily. "What can happen in such a short distance?" Even if I don’t know what young lady will be hostile to Gu Jinxi, these are beyond their control.
At the entrance of the cave, the first charming girl saw Gu Jinxi’s limping appearance, and her eyes fell. Gu Jinxiang’s face was full of approval. When her eyes fell back to Gu Jinxi, she was completely cold. "Miss can’t linger with you for so long. Please follow Miss Gu, or don’t blame Miss Gu for her hand!"
"It’s just walking. It still beats me, Gu Jinxi." I don’t know what Gu Jinxi feels much better since he woke up in a coma. Although he is still weak compared with others, he should take it slowly.
Weak, but it’s good to recover slowly. It’s really inconvenient for her to walk when her left leg is injured, and that girl is deliberately difficult. Gu Jinxi had to bite her teeth and endure it.
For a long time, Gu Jinxi finally couldn’t help it. Because of the severe pain, he was already pale and his forehead was full of sweat, and he was teetering on the whole person.
"Miss Gu, if you can’t talk to me, you can find someone to help you." That pretty girl’s eyes fell on Gu Jinxi’s left leg, and her face was full of smiles.
Gu Jinxi’s brow frowned slightly, holding the former woman tightly with her right hand and secretly stuffing her with a wooden stick. She bit her lip and took a deep breath. "No!"
"Really?" The charming and charming woman walked through the road smiling, and her eyes kept scanning Gu Jinxi’s broken leg and raised my hand. She directly pulled the wooden stick in Gu Jinxi’s hand to the car and threw it next to Gu Jinxi. Where is her opponent? The whole person suddenly sat down to the ground and broke her leg because of falling down again. The severe pain made her eyes full of tears, but she still kept biting her teeth and wouldn’t let herself hum half.
The charming and charming woman looked at Gu Jin sunseeker from afar. "Hum Gu Jin sunseeker, I’m telling you, miss is not a passionate person. If you have self-knowledge, you’d better be white. Some people in this world are not what you can afford." Say that your eyes are half narrowed and the distance seems to be lost in deep memories.
At that time, she was sold into a brothel, but at the age of twelve, she was forced to receive guests. She refused to fight to death. Once again, the pimp threatened her to escape. When she met him at the entrance of the brothel, the young man dressed in splendid clothes but with a cold face was beautiful at an early age, but her posture was strict. She could never forget the pimp’s flattering expression and his perfect finger pointing to herself and saying that this man wanted the scene. Because he and his brother can get out of the misery.
From then on, she told herself every day that she was him, and he said that he wanted her to do what she could, and she tried her best to make herself the best. She really became his right-hand man and was entrusted with the responsibility for so many years. No matter how she showed and hinted, he didn’t move. It turned out that he was heartbroken, but he didn’t think it was such a short time. He had a heart for it, and he had been in love for so many years. How could he love others?
"…" Gu Jin sunseeker bowed his head and half narrowed his eyes. Isn’t she able to afford Chu Lingyang or Qin Xiang or Mo Yan? Her eyes are deep and dark.
"Hum!" The pretty girl gave Gu Jinxi a bad look, and her eyes were full of ridicule. "You look like a lost dog now, and you deserve him?"
Gu Jinxi brimmed with severe pain in her palm and broken leg. She looked up at the charming girl and smiled gently. The smile was simple and transparent, from "It’s not up to you and me to decide whether you deserve it or not."
"You …" The charming girl obviously didn’t expect Gu Jin sunseeker to dare to retaliate. Suddenly, her eyes stared at Gu Jin sunseeker, and she hated that she couldn’t tear Gu Jin sunseeker to pieces.
"How do you want to kill me?" Gu Jin sunseeker is mixed, but his head droops slightly to reveal his slender white neck. When he is so embarrassed, he still has a noble broken end.