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Lin Yu’s idea is that Haha has a moving advanced vitality meat shield.

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Yuan Lan said simply, "Well, it seems that many functions of hell don’t even know myself. If you have the opportunity, you can absorb more magic vitality and shura vitality to make it evolve as much as possible."
"Good" Lin Yu nodded his head as he was preparing to go back to uniting the ninth-order vitality * * when the Lins’ refined medicine room suddenly burst into a purple light!
The appearance of this purple light with strong vitality is a sign that the high-order Dan medicine has been refined!
"Back to the dream, the sweet soul Dan was refined." Yuan Lan is still so calm. "Little guy, you can go and get the Dan medicine to save the purple and clear rhyme girl."
"Thank you, Master!"
Lin Yu excitedly rushed towards the medicine refining room before he ran out of the two steps. Yuan Lan called again "Wait for me!"
Lin Yu one leng was then Yuan Lan took hold of his hand, and he immediately came back to the little Lan son.
Xiao Lan ‘er chuckled, "Big Brother, I want to see Sister Qingyun wake up for the first time!"
The rapid change of Yuan Lan’s role makes it difficult for Lin Yu to adapt to heaven and earth. Do I regard her as a master or a younger sister?
In the medicine refining room, Zijia Sanlao sweated and handed three dream-returning fragrant soul pills to Lin Yu. "We lang a lot of medicinal materials, and I’m really sorry that we can refine three!"
If you want a dream-returning soul Dan, you can save the purple and clear rhyme. Will Lin Yu come when he has three?
"Three seniors don’t say that. The younger generation should thank you for saying sorry to me." Lin Yu said sincerely to the purple family people.
Then Lin Yu immediately released the purple rhyme from hell and fed a dream-returning soul Dan into her mouth.
Lin Yu was very excited to wait for Ziqingyun to wake up, but after five minutes, Ziqingyun didn’t respond at all.
Lin Yu turned pale. "What the hell is going on?"
Small haze son and purple home people at the same time spirit find out some kind of purple rhyme body situation purple home people didn’t find anything small haze son immediately said "big brother have no matter son to me"
See Xiao Lan’s one-handed wrist gently flip her palm with red shura vitality and press it on her forehead.
With purple clear rhyme body flush a glittering red light, she was Lin Yu cold fingers in his hands actually moved two!
Lin Yu ecstasy heartbeat speed is to speed up the rhyme will wake up!
Sure enough, when Xiaolan son withdrew the red light from Ziqingyun, Ziqingyun opened his eyes leisurely.
"Lin Yu …" Purple rhyme saw Lin Yu’s eyes glistening with tears at first sight.
What she has now is that she remembers what happened after her coma before she passed out, and she knows nothing.
But when she saw Lin Yu’s gaunt and mature faces, she guessed herself. He must have paid a lot.
"Qing Yun …" Without more words, two scores of months are like little lovers who have been separated for decades and hundreds of years …
"Well … want to wait for a hug, ok? We’ve all been waiting here for more than ten minutes. "Little Lan’s son pouted and was very dissatisfied.
Lin Yu this just hey hey put purple rhyme, but his hand holding purple rhyme is not loose.
Purple rhyme also slowed down and immediately asked, "Where’s Xiao Zi?"
Lin Yu immediately put the sleeping purple in front of the purple rhyme and said awkwardly, "It has been sleeping for a long time."
Violet is also hurt and lovingly stroked by her hand.
I know this guy suddenly moved, and a carp-style fight turned over and screamed excitedly towards the purple rhyme.
Purple rhyme holds Xiao Zi in his arms, and Xiao Zi is happy with her face.
A moment later, purple rhyme suddenly said in surprise, "Hey? How did Xiao Zi evolve? "
Lin Yu was awakened by purple rhyme, only to find that Xiao Zi’s strength really rose from Yuan Soul to Nature!
Small haze son busy way "this is nothing, isn’t there two dream sweet soul Dan? You and Xiao Zi each have a guarantee that your strength will go up. "
Lin Yu remembered that Master had indeed said that he would wake up with a clear rhyme and his strength would skyrocket.
Now Xiao Lan’s statement must be what Master means.
But now it’s Lin Yu’s heart, and he doesn’t want the purple rhyme to be closed again. "Let’s go and celebrate it tonight!"
The evening dinner was very rich and special.
There are no elders or others to disturb except the Lins’ family
Lin Xiao sat with his back against the Lins’ ancestral memorial tablet, with Lin Xuan, Shen Shuyuan, Lin Han, Lin Zi and Lin Yu sitting next to Lin Yu in turn, while Zi Qingyun, Xiao Lan Er, Qiu Wan Yue, Yue Qiuling and Yu Han sat in turn.
Of course, there is still a position in the end that is Lin Xue, who has grown into a big girl.
Lin Xiao is very sorry that the Lins have not been reunited like today for a long time since his father died and his wife died during childbirth.
Lin Xiaolai wanted to call the Magic Five Princess, but to avoid unnecessary trouble, I’d better forget it.
The Lins’ brothers won’t have anything, but it’s enough that only Yue Qiuling will turn against each other.
"Watching you grow up one by one, getting married and then having a father is very happy today …" Lin Xiao raised his glass and said to the Lins’ crowd, "Come on! Everyone has done this cup! "
"Thank you, Dad (Uncle)!" They drank a toast.
Lin Xiao was in a good mood and quickly said to Lin Yu, "Old Four, when will you and Zijia get married?"