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Although Zhang Xiaoyan was once again eaten with tofu, now she can be carried away by her little victory. She walked over and looked at the man in front of her and asked the prisoner, "What are you doing here?"

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"I, I’m going to see my brother. I’m going to the harbor." I don’t know why I’m really a little guilty. I’m afraid that this woman will once again call out "Catch * * …" Replied carefully.
"Go to the harbor? Why go to the harbor? " Zhang Xiaoyan wondered
"Go for a walk and go to work to earn some money. A young man in his twenties can’t stay at home all the time."
"I didn’t expect you to be quite ambitious … when will you come back?" Zhang Xiaoyan sarcastically thought that you were still working. After coming back from the Public Security Bureau that day, his father chased himself and asked him for a long time about this man. Dad told himself that this man can make trouble in the central government if he hits someone, but he didn’t see anything extraordinary about him. It seems that there is nothing wrong with him except being able to fight.
"I’m not sure when this will come back. I can always come back at any time." Brother Gan thought that I could come back at any time if I have something at home. I just chose to come back from Beijing. What’s the matter with filial piety? But this suddenly changed in the ears of Zhang Damei. You can come back at any time. This is to go to work. Traveling is not so casual. Thinking about it is a white look at Brother Gan.
Teacher Zhang Zhang, can I ask you one thing? Brother gan asked guiltily
"What’s up?" Zhang Xiaoyan, who looked at the dry elder brother uncharacteristically and sweetly, said in her heart that she was cheerful and generous.
"Teacher Zhang, I’m gone. My brother Wang Di also hopes that you can take care of more in school …" Brother Gan requested.
"Don’t worry about a squad leader. This is what I should do. Tell me your mobile phone number." Zhang Xiaoyan thought it would be your duty to be a squad leader, not to mention being the first best student in the grade like Wang Di.
"What are you doing? If you don’t give me your mobile phone number, how can I contact you if something happens to Wang Di!"
Brother "Ao" quickly took out his broken mobile phone, checked his mobile phone number and told Zhang Xiaoyan.
When Zhang Xiaoyan saw the elder brother move, she gave him a hard look. She didn’t even remember your mobile phone number. Where did she know that elder brother contacted his department before this mobile phone, and just don’t charge anything? It’s nothing to remember.
"What about you?" Brother gan is waiting to remember Zhang Xiaoyan’s mobile phone number with his mobile phone.
"Your response is quite quick. There are many ways to set the little girl’s mobile phone number. You don’t need to remember what I have. I will contact you." Zhang Xiaoyan once despised the dry brother and then turned and walked into the classroom on high heels.
After listening to what she said, Brother Gan felt a chill, thinking of women, and he must not offend …
Brother Gan and his brother met and charged some things, and then they took the train to the harbor alone. Brother Gan believes that this must be a new journey and he will definitely change himself. Chapter 10 Meet the beautiful conductor again.
Chapter 10 Meet the beautiful train conductor again. Brother Gan squinted and planned what he would do in the harbor by train. He thought for a long time, but he didn’t come up with any clue. It seems that his biggest thing is to fight or do his old job. Be a bodyguard or a security guard. Brother Gan was thinking when a familiar fragrance came. "Sir, please take out your ticket. We need to check in."
Brother Gan opened his eyes and saw that this was the day when he met the beautiful conductor. This time he took a bus from Beijing and this time he went to the harbor. Does this railway bureau also exchange train attendants every day? The beauty conductor saw Brother Gan glancing at himself and thought, Aren’t you a man? Aren’t you as black as a crow like those smelly men?
"See what see? ! Tickets! " Beauty conductor almond eyes a stare.
"Beauty, we seem to have met somewhere. Why do I have a feeling of deja vu …" Brother Gan said and took out the train ticket from her pocket and handed it to her.
"Seen? I have seen many men, how can I know which one is you! " Beauty conductor looked down at the ticket head also don’t lift said
"You’re pretty good at it when you’re young. You’re almost familiar with me. This makes you feel sleepy!" At this time, a young man wearing a police system next to the beauty looked at Brother Gan and said that his eyes seemed to be about to eat Brother Gan, telling Brother Gan that this girl is old and don’t rob me.
Brother Gan smiled and said, "Don’t worry, brother, I won’t rob you."
"You have to be qualified to rob. What do you do?" The male police officer leaned over and looked at the ticket carefully. He couldn’t wait to turn the ticket into a blank sheet of paper and then find a reason to educate and educate this person without expression of eyes.
"I don’t have a job to work in the harbor." Brother Gan said with a smile, thinking that it’s really my fair lady. There is always a shortage of escort around this beautiful woman, no matter whether you are the white horse king or the dark horse king, you can moisten and fatten the flowers if you can pull out cow dung.
"Ha ha, working as a migrant worker’s brother. Good, good. Welcome to the harbor. Our harbor is adding bricks to build high-rise buildings." When the male police officer heard that he was a migrant worker, his sense of superiority suddenly rose, and he was not as knowledgeable as this competitive opponent, but his tone still brought a lot of cynicism.
"Are you really going to work in the harbor?" At this time, the beautiful conductor finally couldn’t help it. The most annoying thing for her was that Xue Guinan, a policeman around her, relied on her father as the leader of the railway bureau to command that for a while and that for a while. She also wanted to pursue herself and didn’t look at her ugly virtue in the mirror.
"Well, I haven’t decided what to do yet, but I like the coastal city of Harbour, which has a broad mind, freedom and freedom." Brother Gan replied with a smile.
Although the man in front of him said that he was sincere at these times, Ke Mengxuan still didn’t believe that he would go to work. She had seen other things. When I thought of the scene that day, Ke Mengxuan had a brainwave. Yes, this man is not very powerful. Haha
"Brother Xue, do you think this gentleman has any problems with the train ticket?" Ke Mengxuan couldn’t be gentle and asked in a gentle voice and gave Xue Gui an expression of eyes.
"ah? There is something wrong with this ticket for me! " This Xue Ge called Xue Gui’s bones soft, but she has been struggling for this little girl for almost a month. She hasn’t given a good face, let alone Xue Ge. She didn’t even call her own name. Seeing her wink, she also wanted to teach herself a lesson. This little man who dared to flirt with his girl immediately cooperated.
"Then what should you do?" Ke Mengxuan continued to look at Xue Gui affectionately and asked.
"I suspect that he harbors fake tickets and must search him." Xue Gui was dizzy by Ke Mengxuan, and there was an impulse to be angry and eager to teach Brother Gan a lesson now to win a smile from the beauty, so he went to search Brother Gan’s luggage.
"I’m sorry you didn’t search me according to the laws of our country!" Dry elder brother righteous words said watching this wonderful performance of a man and a woman Ke Mengxuan sly eyes dry elder brother thought there was another pig to die beautiful feet.
The male policeman looked at Ke Mengxuan’s coquetry eyes around him, and he couldn’t control the law. I thought you, a migrant worker, knew the law and didn’t know a fart! I’ll teach you a lesson first. Bomei people laughed and said goodbye, so they forced to search Brother Gan’s luggage regardless of his words.
Angered brother gan, he doesn’t care what you are, police or criminal police. First, the people will teach you a lesson, so that you will be in vain. So he held Xue Gui’s wrist in one hand and secretly made five points of effort.
At this time, Xue Gui felt as if his wrist had been caught by an iron clamp, and the more he broke free, the tighter he tightened. Besides, he cried out, "Don’t you dare attack a police officer, Meng Xuan, call someone!"
Next to Ke Mengxuan, I was so happy that I finally got this rogue who has been pestering me for almost a month today and taught me a lesson. You still want me to call someone to help you. You’d really like to see me not to let you suffer more today, otherwise you don’t know my aunt. I’m thinking hard, but I’m disappointed. "Xue Ge, you can’t even clean up a migrant worker. It’s so disappointing. Do you know that I’ve always admired you, but alas …"
After listening to Ke Mengxuan’s words, Xue Gui suddenly came to the power and thought that she was angry and old! Raise your other hand, clench your fist, and hit the other brother with the palm of your hand. He wrapped Xue Gui’s fist and said with a smile, "I warn you not to challenge my limit. I don’t want to hurt you!"
At this moment, how can Xue Gui just recognize Sun? Continue to make me want to get rid of dry elder brother’s palm. Dry elder brother shook his head. "This is what you asked for! Say that finish hand dint listen to a bone crunchy Xue Gui howled and squatted down holding the wrist.
Ke Mengxuan’s heart is not so cool at this moment. I thought you were cleaned up as soon as you tried to chase your aunt. At this moment, all the passengers in this carriage gathered around here to watch the excitement. You can’t miss the passengers playing the police. As far as the current situation is concerned, it’s not a fight, but people have warned you, and you are still there. Who do you want to search others?