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Keep your eyes closed in the cave, slowly open the dark blue fairy force and move with your heart, and directly emerge from Du Yun’s body surface. Then there is a spirit fluctuation that shoots out from your eyes and shoots at the top of the cave, and then it shrinks and disappears like a flash.

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"Du Yun, congratulations to you. This serious injury has not only left a curse, but every cloud has a silver lining has made you proud to break through the third-order and fourth-order barriers and successfully advanced to the fourth-order." Looking at the face with joy, Du Yun has entered the cave and Du Yan ran chuckled.
"Ha ha ha has reached the fourth level, but it’s only the initial stage of the fourth order. Don’t say it’s your legacy. Even if I die in the face of the threat from the ghost family, I am also capable." Thought of here, Du Yun’s joy caused by the upgrade just now disappeared.
After two people meet again, not only is there no gap between them, but there seems to be an idea like Du Ping’s to make her become Du Yun’s wife. At this time, her speech and behavior are all soft in Du Yun. Chapter 412: Ziling.
"Du Yun, you don’t sell yourself short. You are still young. With your talent, after several years of penance, you will never be worse than them." Du Yan ran gently patted Du Yun on the shoulder and said softly.
Du Yun nodded with a smile. Don’t be afraid to say it, but he has absolute self-confidence in uniting. Give him enough time, let alone in the late immortal period, even in the middle of the king of God. He can arrive. Thinking of this, he just wanted to say something. Du Yun suddenly felt a sudden quiver in his heart as if something was threatening and dangerous to approach him.
Just when Du Yungang wanted to find out for a while, he heard Liu Lao’s dignified voice from the bottom of his heart saying, "There are a lot of strong smells flying towards your side. These smells are very strong, as if the target is this side!"
Hearing the old saying of Liu, Du Yun was intrigued at first. "Is it that people in the ghost family have gone and returned?" Du Yun doubts immediately changed color because he had sensed this inconspicuous forest. At this time, a group of strange and powerful breath appeared, which was much stronger than the cohesive force of the top five in the ghost family just now. Du Yun didn’t know that these people were worried that Du Yan ran was hurt. Du Yun gently pulled Du Yan ran to block her behind him!
When those strong people’s breath has entered the jungle, Du Yan ran seems to have vaguely sensed something. Suddenly, Qiao face suddenly changed and hurriedly took Du Yun to hide in the innermost cave and then anxiously said, "Du Yun, just hide here and don’t come out no matter what happens!"
"Du Yanran, what the hell is going on? Are those people coming for you?" Du Yun looked a little upset and asked Du Yan ran in surprise.
But they are responsible for coming to me. It should be a few days ago that the energy of heaven and earth contained in the Seven Elders’ lighter has not dissipated, so they found it along this line. "Du Yan ran was worried and looked outside Shandong.
"They investigate race is what person? How can there be such a repair! " Sensing the breath of the earth, Du Yun clenched his fist slowly, and a strange anger rose quietly in his heart.
"They are the guards in the door, and the exterminator army is composed of the best who are twice as young as those in the door. Their purpose is to guard the door and deal with dangerous people in the opposite door. They have never failed since they were established for thousands of years." Du Yan ran said that the breath is getting closer and closer to him, and his voice is a little shaky.
Sure enough, Du Yun was pushed into the cave, and soon after their original place came out, a large number of broken winds suddenly sounded, and finally a dozen tiny black spots appeared around the venue a few days ago.
Looking through the cave exit at the sight of a dozen black spots, Du Yun’s face suddenly welled up a shock. Those black spots are all figures. From their imposing manner and floating posture, it can be easily seen that these people are the worst and a strong man.
These figures are all dressed in a purple robe, with long purple hair and even a sword behind their backs, but these people look uncomfortable. They all look like they have been owed money and haven’t paid it back. All of them are expressions.
See the leading man’s eyes flashing slightly in the jungle, constantly scanning the eyes like a sharp knife mans. After Du Yun saw it, he immediately felt that he was covered in a chill. After careful induction, Du Yun was somewhat horrified to find that almost every breath of this dozen figures was unfathomable. According to Derek Du and the powerful spirit, it was impossible to find out that these men were repairing like this!
"Purple clothes door is indeed stronger than Casa Empire. A strong immortal can hold up a door, but they can be guards. The gap between them is not one point two!
The leader swept a corner of the forest and finally saw Du Yun, who was hiding in a small cave. Although Du Yun and Du Yan ran deliberately hid the breath, when the man looked at them, he was surprised to find that all the shielding was useless. Their eyes were like penetrating power, which made Du Yunke clearly sense the sight of his body!
"Ha ha, miss, I finally found you." After staring at the cave for a moment, the leader slowly lowered himself to the entrance of the cave and said respectfully to the inside.
The man is not very old, but it seems that he is very elegant with Du Yun. If he wears women’s clothes, he is definitely a standard pseudo-mother. At this time, his purple clothes set off his natural aristocratic atmosphere
From this group of personal energy induction, we can clearly know that this symbol man has the highest strength in this group, and it is this group that leads more than a dozen people, all of whom give him half a position!
"Zi Ling, the vice captain of the 13th squad of the Purple Clothes Gate Demon Destroyer, was ordered by the elder in the gate to take Miss back!" The self-proclaimed Ziling male cave entrance to Du Yan ran respectfully fuels and said
"I’ll go back by myself when I’m done, and you’ll come all the way from Wan Li." Ziling and others suddenly came and found their trail, which made Du Yan ran look rather cold, so even talking was cold. Of course, she knew what those people in the door were worried about. Although the strength of the purple clothes door was stronger than that of the easy ones, no one dared to call their attention, but now the mainland is also very restless. Many people dare not call the purple clothes door to pay attention, but secretly they are always ready to secretly stab their hands! And she is the person with the highest blood pressure in the door, so the middleman in the door naturally restricts her more strictly
"The elder is worried about the safety of the young lady, so he specially told me to take the young lady with the Hui nationality. You know that the elder is strict and asks the young lady to come back with me." Ziling said with a smile, but at this time he just wanted to say something. His eyes suddenly flashed into the deepest part of the cave and sank, "People eavesdrop and come out quickly, otherwise I will directly smash this cave without any movement or even breathing!
"If you don’t come out again, I’ll send someone to find you out." Ziling drank just a few simple words of exchange after standing still behind him, and then he saw a figure flash across and immediately a deep collision sounded in the deepest part of the cave.
"Stop it!" Du Yan ran qiao face a straight staring at the purple feather folded drink a way.
As du Yan ran and folded down a figure suddenly jumped out of the cave and finally stopped. Du Yan ran was beside him with clothes slightly messy. Du Yun just blinked and another figure jumped out of the cave and went straight to Du Yun!
Seeing that the man was still after Du Yun Du Yan ran, his anger was finally aroused to listen to him drink "Ziling, hurry up and let you stop, or I’ll do it myself."
After hearing Du Yan ran and folded, the man who came after Du Yun finally stopped. Look at Du Yun’s mess. Du Yan ran quickly and asked softly, "Du Yun, are you all right?"
Du Yun corners of the mouth gently tilted to reveal a wry smile. Just after one round, he encountered a rare crisis. This exterminator is not only much higher than Du Yun, but also his combat experience is not bad. It is even more biting than a look at it. ian’s blood is often cut. When he fought with that man just now, if Du Yun’s reaction speed was not fast enough, it would definitely be his sword. However, that man is, after all, a purple master. Du Yun doesn’t want to let Du Yan start and the middleman because of such a trivial matter. Friction is very bad for Du Yan ran’s life in the back door, so Du Yun directly smiled and said, "I’m fine. It was that brother who had a competition with me just now. I’m far from being an opponent and I’m in such a mess."
Seeing Ziling competing for Du Yun’s heart, Ziling’s face suddenly became cold, and his eyes narrowed slightly. Then he turned around and looked at Du Yun, who was born now. When he saw the clear face of Du Yun, he had an impulse to laugh at the bottom of his heart. He met this man who was in charge of receiving information from the gates of casarte a few years ago, and he was a waste master of Du Jia. Naturally, he was curious and searched for some information. He really didn’t expect that this man who made Du Yan Ran very happy was the master of Du Jia’s house.
Fighting back a smile from the bottom of my heart, Ziling said with a smile, "If I expected it, this should be the waste master Du Jia? Ha ha! Du Yan ran told me who ran out of the door and turned out to be a waste. How come your eyes have become so bad recently! "
"Who am I looking for? This is my business and you have nothing! So you’d better speak with respect or I’ll make you look good when I get back! " Looking at Ziling constantly aiming at Du Yun, Du Yan ran was very angry. At this time, Zi Ling dialect was more like adding fuel to the fire, and her anger burned completely.
"Du Yan ran, have you been cheated? I said it’s all true. He is definitely a waste who can neither practice law nor practice immortal power. You are his cousin. Don’t you know?"
"Ziling, you’d better speak with respect, otherwise don’t blame me for being rude to you!" Du Yan ran was immediately turned cold than the body that serious breath directly to purple ling inadvertently hit a cold Chapter four hundred and thirteen Conflict.