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Listen to a probably Su Yi also sit still "ye we …"

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"Hum, she taught her daughter what you did." Gu Huai was sullen. If it weren’t for … how could he let Liu Hongyan leave Gu Jinlan?
Brigitte ling smell speech kneeling body fibrillation fibrillation "master miss my family really didn’t mean it; she already knew that she was wrong; But Aunt Liu actually went to ask for French. My young lady has always had a bad body and bones. Where can she withstand French? lady lady … Please, Aunt Liu always listens to you and asks you to save my young lady. "
"Ah" Su Yi also panicked and thought that Aunt Liu had pulled Gu Huai "No matter if Laner is your daughter, go and see first"
Gu Huai calm face a foot chuai Biling chest "no eye price is locked"
"Sir, calm down. Sir, forgive me." Biling was kicked out and hit the rockery. She felt that the floating mouth of her chest was a note of blood.
Looking at Su Yi and Gu Huai walking far away, Xia Lan came out to haunt her. "Sister Biling, are you suffering again?"
"Let’s be Miss Five of Lanxin Pavilion, who has already lost her lips and teeth; It’s only when five young ladies are in favor that we will be white? " Brigitte ling wu wear the chest brow frowning slightly, gently cough mouth is one mouthful blood; See Xia Lan tremble with fear "Brigitte ling elder sister are you ok? Shall I call a doctor for you? "
"It’s okay" Brigitte shook her head, and they were so mean when they were locked. It is people who see the thick unwillingness and malicious crime in her eyes.
Be cruel to yourself and others.
Lan Xin ge zhong
I heard the crying all over the place, and Su Yiwen frowned, and the pace was a little faster.
"Aunt Laner knows that she is wrong. Laner really knows that she is wrong."
"Aunt, please spare miss this time."
"Don’t say mother zhang this rings are spoiled for you; If there is something in Sunseeker, I will kill this girl to be buried with Sunseeker. "Aunt Liu looked at Gu Jinlan with red eyes.
Su Yihe Gu Huaigang came into the room and saw that it was a mess. Gu Jinlan knelt down, her face was wet with tears, and her clothes were a little messy. Aunt Liu still had rattan in her hand. There were several pieces of her mother and tea hands and face, presumably to help Gu Jinlan block.
"What is this?" Gu Huai doesn’t like aunt Liu, and she is in a bad mood at the moment.
Su Yi also frowned. "Sister, this is … tea. Help Laner get up quickly. Winter bamboo, please go and get the post and cure too much."
Talking lifted Gu Jinlan’s wide sleeves, but I couldn’t help drawing a gasp and turned to look at Aunt Liu. "Sister, even if Lan Er did something wrong, it would be good for you to say yes; Why do you still do it? Anyway, Lan Er, you really got it when you lost your body! "
"Sisters are all sisters. Teach the woman’s sister to be sorry for you."
Su Yi’s voice did not fall, but Aunt Liu was going to kneel in front of Su Yi. "Sunseeker just woke up and went to add trouble to Sunseeker. If nothing happened … blare … If Sunseeker has a younger sister, such as a worthy sister."
Make eyes and tears, kneel down and be assisted by whoever still insists on handing the cane with both hands. "Sister, hit me. It’s all my sister’s fault. My sister didn’t teach Laner well. My sister is ashamed of you."
"Well, what’s worthy of shame?" Su Yi was angry but couldn’t spill it. "Lan son is so hurt now that you … ah, it’s just the old lady’s side. Go confessing yourself."
"Sister …" Aunt Liu pulled the end sound too long.
Su Yi is who doesn’t know this Gu Jinlan is the old lady’s favorite aunt Liu, so isn’t it setting sunseeker and her on fire? It happened that this aunt liu is simple, and some words are really …
This identity in Aunt Liu’s house is special. Gu Jinlan raised her since childhood, and this family raised her daughter. She stepped in not to step in or not. But it happened that …
"All right, mother Zhang’s tea will send Aunt Liu back to her room." Gu Huai’s face is very ugly. He thinks it’s not as simple as Su Yi’s. What is it that Liu Hongyan has been doing everything before Su Su for more than ten years?
My heart may say that it’s unreasonable for my aunt to beat Miss Liu, but this aunt Liu’s identity is very special. It’s the size of an old lady. When a daughter raises a niece around her, it should be Gu Huai’s original match … But … She is also very fond of her. It can be said that in addition to her birthright, Su Yi is not treated well in many places. Aunt Liu, of course, there must be a reason for acting like this. There is a prize in everyone’s guess. Hey, Chapter 7 Calculating Iraq.
Aunt Liu was shocked by Gu Huai’s appearance. She bowed her head and sipped her lips. When she raised her head again, she looked tearful. The Bei tooth bit her lips lightly and looked awkward. If someone else was afraid of it, it would really hurt her bones.
"Hum, remember your own identity!" Gu Huai’s face is very gloomy, and it’s also very bad to speak out.
Aunt Liu trembled, but she dared not cry again and nodded, "It’s my white."
"Get out of here!" Gu Huai is angry and naturally has no good face.
"It’s my concubine who excused herself." Aunt Liu came out of Lanxin Pavilion tearfully. When people saw her stepping out of the courtyard, her eyes were filled with Yinzhi and Shaqi. She will bite a tooth Gu Huai … Su Yi … This is you make me hum!
Su Yi looked at Gu Huai and pursed her lips, but there were some words that she couldn’t say. She is also a woman. Although it is impossible for others to share her husband, how can she not be stabbed in her heart? Over the years, several aunts have been respectful and respectful to her, and everyone is happy.
"Would you take care of your young lady? If you have anything, you will report it to the main hospital." Su Yi just stopped and earnestly told a few words, which made Gu Huai’s impatient eyes carry him away.
After everyone left Gu Jinlan’s eyes, it was terrifying to stare at the back of the two people until they could no longer see them. Then they took a deep breath and said, "Prepare the hot water lady to bathe and change clothes."
"Yes" Dongzhu should immediately
Look at that Gu Jinlan Jinpa gently wiping his hand scar and disappearing; Even if it takes two days to prepare for the flower banquet, how can she really hurt herself?
After listening to people’s report, Gu Jinxi filled his forehead with musing with waist tassels with interest. This time, such a thing didn’t happen. Aunt Liu was really willing to please her.
"Hum, Miss Wu has done a lot of harm to Miss Wu, and now she finally got planted once, which really deserved it." Angelica dahurica spat bitterly.
Pinellia ternata is also full of malicious evil spirit; I can look at Gu Jinxi’s still Gherardini expression and suddenly feel puzzled. "Miss, don’t you feel angry?"