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Although both sides have a puzzling question and the other side happens to know the answer, neither side is willing to come out to solve the other side’s problem, nor does anyone come out to tell their own doubts.

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In this way, they were silent all the way and watched the sky break before they walked out of this sight and came to a small village.
"It’s finally out!" Looking at the small village in front of Ye Han could not help but sigh with emotion.
Before coming to the small village, Ye Han found a place with a river and sat quietly on the riverside grass, while Yan Xin felt a little tired after walking this night, so she sat on the riverside grass with Ye Han.
"spoony brother, you haven’t officially told me your name?" Have a rest for a while inflammation hin this just slow lead spirit to immediately blunt Ye Han asked
Ye Han smell speech immediately turned to look at Yan Xin smiled but didn’t speak, but Yan Xin shook his head with disappointment and didn’t ask again.
After a while, Ye Han got up from the grass and went to the river to wash his face. Then he returned to Yan Xin and smiled. "Don’t call me spoony brother after I call Ye Han. It sounds strange!"
Yan Xin suddenly smiled and walked slowly. Ye Han looked at Ye Han’s face in front of him and hesitated for a moment before saying, "In this case, I will stop calling you spoony brother and call you cold brother!"
Ye Han smiled noncommittally without words, then turned around and looked at the village in front of him and sighed. This just slowly moved towards the village.
Yan Xin looked at it and didn’t stop it. He looked at the village slightly and found that there was a small forest with a relatively flat terrain not far from the big river behind him. In addition, there were a dozen large and small rooms.
"It seems that there are not many people in this village. I wonder if I can find something to eat!" Ye Han walked not far and looked back at the static inflammation hin wry smile.
Yan Xin nodded his head and slowly came to Ye Han’s side. Then they went to a hut not far away together and soon came to the front of the hut.
The 83rd village is weird.
"Excuse me, is anyone there?"
A little polite shouted at the hut and got no response. Not only Ye Han but also Yan Xin felt something was wrong, so she pushed the courtyard of the hut.
Just then Yan Xin’s eyes fell on the grass not far from the hut. At this moment, Xiaoli has been covered with blue feathers and is resting on the grass.
"hey! What’s that? "
Seeing this Jing Yanxin, I couldn’t help exclaiming that Ye Han’s eyes were also brought to that Xiaoli, and then I wondered, "What kind of beast is this?"
See Xiaoli some familiar Ye Han can’t help but think about it. I just remembered that I saw the blue figure at the edge of the foggy forest. At this time, the grass is very similar to Xiaoli.
"This is not before I saw the yuan beast in the foggy forest? How did it get here? "
Thought of here Ye Han busy out of the hospital and then slowly toward the Xiaoli Panfu grass line after the first two times surprised to walk Xiaoli experience Ye Han also learned to walk lightly for fear of this Xiaoli to scare away again.
However, despite Ye Han’s light footsteps, it still shocked the sleeping small raccoon dog. Perhaps he saw a stranger approaching Xiaoli, and his eyes suddenly showed an alert color. Soon Ye Han quickly fled toward the distance before he approached.
When Ye Han saw it, he just wanted to chase it. He heard Leng Ling in his heart and smiled. "You don’t worry about it. If it wants to slip out of your eyes, even if you are fast, you can catch it!"
After listening to Lengling’s words, Ye Hanyuan still didn’t believe it very much, but seeing that Xiaoli had disappeared at the moment, he believed her words, and now he can’t even find Xiaoli Cinema.
Naiye Hanhao once again gave up the idea of pursuing and went back to the hut and smiled awkwardly at Yan Xin. "Let it get away again!" "
Yan Xin smiled and didn’t speak. She looked at Ye Han with a puzzled face and then nodded to take you to the head. "I know that Xiaoli must have been following you to come here!"
Ye Han smell speech immediately one leng immediately busy asked "what do you mean? Don’t you forget that you are also from the foggy forest? Maybe he will come with you? "
Yan Xin was shocked when he heard this, and then another charming smile said, "I won’t argue with you. Anyway, we will know about this matter sooner or later, and then we will see who this Xiaoli is following!"
Ye Han noncommittally smiled from LengLing mouth he already knew that Xiaoli was following what he wanted to argue with Yan Xin, but actually he didn’t want Yan Xin to doubt it.