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Although those people are unhappy, they are unwilling to put away their weapons.

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"I’ll see how you want to play." Xiao Tingwei looked at Feng Yang’s eyes and gave off a mean look like a cobra.
"Copy the Xiao restaurant and bring everyone here back to find the real killer. Before the Xiao restaurant is found, these people are not allowed to be released." The wind shouted.
"Whoever dares to move old will fight hard with him." Lin Wen has been guarding Xiao’s restaurant and has great feelings for it. Once again, everyone in Xiao’s mercenary group has pulled out their weapons and is ready to move.
At this time, a large number of people came outside the restaurant, and hundreds of them were Xiao’s mercenary group. This is the territory of Xiao’s mercenary group. The people in the major shops of Xiao’s mercenary group were called to block the door of Xiao’s restaurant.
A group of people in the arbitration church looked back at the blocked door, and many people were in a panic. It’s hard to say if it was a firefight.
No one can stay when the five coaches leave, but it is not so easy for them to leave.
"Who dares to do it?" Lin Wen drank a arrogant again.
A group of people in the arbitration church turned their attention to Feng Yang and waited for his decision.
"Are you really going to fight?" Feng Yang stared at Xiao Tingwei and sneered, "Are you sure you can spell it?"
【 … Chapter five hundred and sixteen The tension 】
Hand-written novels
Chapter five hundred and seventeen Hit the field
Welcome you to come.
Xiao Tingwei was silent for a long time. Hundreds of people in Xiao’s mercenary group waited for Xiao Tingwei’s order and then fought with the arbitration church.
Feng Yang still stared at Xiao Tingwei’s eyes, which seemed a little aggressive. He didn’t believe Xiao Tingwei dared to gamble because he couldn’t afford to gamble. Once he dared to make a first move to the arbitration church, Feng Yang had an excuse to kill him at the first time. Of course, Feng Yang wouldn’t kill Xiao Tingwei. Xiao Tingwei was Luo Lin, but Xiao Tingwei didn’t know it.
If not, Xiao Tingwei waved "all back" not out of the expectation of Fengyang.
"Colonel" Lin Wen was shocked.
"Stop talking. Do I care?" Xiao Tingwei folded said
"Hum" Lin Wen put away his weapons as soon as he cut and took one hundred people with him.
"All the people in Xiao’s mercenary group in the restaurant are taken away." Feng Yang waved his hand in the gesture of Xiao Tingwei, and then more than 150 headhunters and sanctioners went to stop and take these people away.
When Lin Wen was about to be crushed, Lin Wen said arrogantly, "I’ll go by myself."
Feng Yang endured him for a long time and flashed to Lin Wen like a ghost. When Lin Wen didn’t see his figure clearly, he slapped and spun Lin Wen several times and landed dizzy.
"Don’t be crazier than crazy in front of me and always crazier than you."
"You" Lin Wen was speechless.
"Take away" wind Yang cold so drink a way.
The bald man walked away with Lin Wen.
Lin Wen’s resentment stared at Feng Yang and he dared not struggle. He was bowed forward by a bald man.
"Everyone goes out to close the shop, and nothing in the restaurant is allowed to be taken away."
There are only a few headhunters left to drive out all the customers in the restaurant, together with Xiao Tingwei, and then the door is locked.
Looking at the locked restaurant, Xiao Tingwei couldn’t wait to smoke the wind and strengthen the muscles. There are still millions of gold coins hidden in the cellar of the restaurant, which is to hide some shady things. Now it is blocked and can find opportunities to go in and out.
"The restaurant is an arbitration church. If the restaurant door or other places are damaged, you know the consequences." Feng Yang took a look at Xiao Tingwei and then turned away with a cold sneer.