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"Cold brother, this is the periphery of the ice forest!" Looked at the shape behind some trembling leaves cold ling immediately nai wry smile.

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Glancing at Lengling, Ye Hanku sighed, "Linger, I know this is the periphery of the ice forest, otherwise it wouldn’t be so cold!"
After hearing what Ye Han said, Lengling was suddenly speechless. Obviously, she felt very embarrassed about her repeated actions.
It’s a good thing that Ye Han can shake his head and don’t talk when he is blown by the cold wind. Now when he talks, the cold seems to have broken through any barrier and directly got into Ye Han’s body to make it feel not a hundred times colder than before.
In fact, the cold wind here is the same as before, which is why the ice forest is the coldest place for the vitality mainlanders.
The cold outside is not very terrible, but the chilling cooling is very terrible. This ice forest gives people the feeling that this heart is cold.
It is very clear that it will be a kind of feeling that it is torture, and this kind of torture gives people the feeling that it is heart-eating.
Ye Han knows this feeling very well. He has endured it for more than ten years, but now the cold in the ice forest has given him a return to his old dreams.
However, things are far more than that. Ye Han’s heart is white. This is the periphery of the ice forest. This periphery of the ice forest can give people such a feeling. What kind of feeling will it be if you go deep into the ice forest?
Ye Han has an unimaginable feeling at this point, but he can also understand that it is not comparable to the cold and bitter experience he has suffered for ten years.
It seems that Ye Han was aware of the panic and cold smile, which broke Ye Han’s meditation and made Ye Han feel the biting cold around his body again.
"Cold brother, you really don’t have to worry so much. The cold here is severe, but it’s not affordable. Do you think I’m okay?"
Looked at leaf cold ling smile timely stop and turned to Zhang hands dumped them in the cold wind and then blunt Ye Han smiled to say with smile.
See cold ling so Ye Han heart can not help but give birth to a feeling of terror, this cold ling self-cultivation is so profound, naturally don’t worry about these, but for Ye Han it is like hell.
Naturally, the sense of terror in his heart is not because it is cold here, but because it is cold. It is not good for people to compare a high-level person with a low-level person!
This Ye Han also took revenge in a timely manner. Soon after the words sound just fell, Lengling suddenly threw herself into Lengling’s arms and enjoyed some warmth from her body.
Being attacked by Ye Han suddenly shocked some kind of Leng Linggang and found that Ye Han was constantly rubbing against his arms, which was obviously unintentional.
Just as LengLing thought Ye Han didn’t mean it, Ye Han suddenly stopped moving and quietly snuggled up to LengLing’s arms, still shivering.
"Cold brother, what are you doing?" See Ye Han so cold ling suddenly white is not Ye Han have any bad ideas, but her own brain some thoughts.
"It’s so cold!" Dazed Ye Han eyes fell on LengLing face see a face of shame and indignation color Ye Han can take back the eyes immediately and a trembling mouth murmured.
Listen to Ye Han so mumbling LengLing can a wry smile and don’t push Ye Han, instead, he will hug his arms to keep him warm.
Ye Han, who got this care from Lengling, was not as cold as before. Perhaps Ye Han’s care made him feel warm and isolated from the cold outside.
But Lengling’s heart is constantly remembering that she has been getting along with Ye Han for several months. Since that day, she has never found her dependence on Ye Han again.
Now, because of the cold outside the ice forest, the sense of dependence from Ye Han made her suddenly feel something back to the original feeling.
"Cold son!" I don’t know whether it is out of the idea of caring for Ye Han with all my heart or out of Ye Han’s dependence. Lengling red lips slightly moved consciousness and shouted at Ye Han in her arms.
Ye Hanwen immediately nodded slightly and smiled. "Linger, I’m sorry, it’s too cold here!"
"Yeah, I know!" Nodded LengLing quietly looked at her arms Ye Han for a long time just smiled to say with smile.
At the same time, Ye Han gradually took a deep breath from Lengling’s arms and then carefully looked at the surrounding scenery.
The snow-covered scenery around here is no different from the ice fields elsewhere. The only difference is that there is a large ice forest standing not far away.
There is no difference between these ice trees and most ordinary trees. The only difference is that ice trees are formed by icicles instead of vegetation in the Woods here.
"alas! This is the periphery, so I can’t stand it. If I enter this ice forest, it won’t be frozen! "
After watching the surrounding scene for a while, Ye Han can’t help but feel a little shudder and feel busy at the side cold ling bitter sigh a way
"Ha ha, brother Han, come on, Linger, I believe you will be able to overcome the difficulties here!" Hear Ye Han so words LengLing immediately smiled to encourage way
Encouraged by Lengling, Ye Han’s cold feeling in his heart has not decreased, but he nodded slightly and said, "Well, I won’t back down if I have Linger!"