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"headhunters?" The army’s sight fell for the first time like a ghost, and the chest position of people around Jinshan saw the familiar badge. The sight gradually moved, only to find that this man’s face was covered with a silver mask, and he couldn’t see his face clearly.

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Being swayed by mud and pebbles made her body dirty and painful. Jin Shan left her pie mouth and immediately focused on her front. This man’s back is very depressed. Is it a little thin in white clothes? She is still her own bodyguard who is not responsible for the rescue. A closer look shows that it doesn’t seem to be.
"You should feel honored that this is the first time I have become a headhunter." This person is naturally Feng Yang, but he doesn’t want to reveal his identity. When he was dressed up in the street, he already thought of what he was chasing. Before going out, he touched Jin Shan’s chest. The fact is that he quietly stuffed a communication jade note into Jin Shan’s clothes and then deliberately chased it out.
After chasing out, a moment later, he sensed that the position of the communication jade note moved, but judging from the moving speed, it should be that Jin Shan walked by herself, but then he flew and moved, and the wind blew, so he knew that Jin Shan had been robbed, and then he waited for this position before cutting corners according to the communication jade note.
"I didn’t expect to be found by a hand." Jun then smiled and immediately said, "But you don’t have to stop me from running."
"Although you run, I’ll hurt myself later and then take this girl back to me and say that she was injured by you. Then you will be successfully included in the two-star killing order. I think you won’t be so relaxed then." Feng Yang is also a face, otherwise his face is covered by a silver mask, which makes him look quite evil.
The army looked at the young man with a silver mask in front of him with some consternation, and it was a burst of laughter. "It seems that one of the headhunters in a week finally got a decent one, but you are dying."
"Cut the crap." When the wind blows and the eyes suddenly become sharp as a blade, the whole person’s momentum is like a drawn sword with sharp edges.
"Then let me see how capable you are to kill me. Today, you will not only die, but I will also kill this girl." The army glanced at Fengyang dismissively and rushed at Fengyang instead of retreating.
Wind Yang has secretly started the cycle of six ways, and the strength of the first acupoint has soared to the fourth emperor Wu. Although the other party is the fifth emperor Wu, the strength level is still one level ahead, but Feng Yang is determined to kill with one blow. He can’t let the army use all kinds of powerful Wushu, which will make himself suffer from some strength and * * intensity that can’t be enhanced, but will lead to a short-term decline in combat effectiveness.
In the face of the army, the steel knife in the hand conjured up pieces of knives, and the mountain was like a broken bamboo, and the wind was strong, as if a mountain was hit by heavy rain and wind, and Gu Song remained motionless.
Xuanji Sword Tactics’
Wind Yang hand conjured up a giant sword like magic, and when it was displayed, the giant sword had turned into a dragon and rushed out.
One end of the giant sword seems to be broken, so that the air flow blade can be clearly seen at both ends. The Xuan pole sword tactic carries greatness and power, just like the thunder that destroys all things in the world for nine days. The ferocity oppresses the army, and a sharp offensive with horror has been resolved a lot.
The vigorous gas of the giant sword spread out on both sides of the blade, rippling as fast as ripples. The ground was suddenly broken into pieces at any time, and the house was instantly destroyed by the vigorous gas. At the same time, the giant sword drove straight into the ground and easily broke the mountain of the army.
The army’s look was full of fear and horror. He found that at the moment when his treasure knife and the giant sword touched, the strength of the giant sword spread to the arm where the blade quickly entered the army, and his body was hit by this strength. When the arm bones and villages were broken, the tenacious blade of the treasure knife was also broken by devastating impact.
The giant sword radiates out and threatens the army. It feels like his body is crushed and he can’t move. His conscious reaction must now dodge, but his body speed can be killed with this sword.
A critical ring army that body has been blasted with blood and splashes in limbs, and when the wind blows, it will cast out a yuan soul gas mask to defend itself and Jin Shan’s body, which has not been splashed with blood and flesh.
The wind lifted up the giant sword arm and condensed an attribute energy sword, which was an understatement. Jin Shan waved several swords, and when the mans dissipated, things tied to Jin Shan’s body were easily cut off. But to Jin Shan’s surprise, just a few swords didn’t hurt the slightest clothes, just cut off the vines that tied him. The accuracy was incredible.
"Can you still go?" The wind raised his voice and asked indifferently, deliberately disguised a little bit, and the sound became low and magnetic, which was not the same as the previous sound. He was not worried at all about the small chest and the brain. Jin Shan saw something from the sound.
"Well" Jin Shan seems to have been shocked by the strength of the wind. Now it’s time to jump out and shout and threaten to tie the bodyguard who killed thousands of knives to the Jinfu mansion and let all the guards line up to explode his chrysanthemums. But now it’s as docile as a little sheep, and it’s almost’ baa’ before the wind.
"Let’s go," said Feng Yang. "Look indifferent and turn around and walk."
Hand-written novels
Chapter four hundred and fifteen Abnormal execution
Welcome you to come.
Jin Shan hastened to stare at Feng Yang with a silver mask. He was elated. He was so handsome, stylish and domineering. He was much better than the bodyguard who would make himself angry. He was also very irresponsible and heartless, but he was indifferent. If he had this handsome and domineering handsome guy as a bodyguard, life would be wonderful.
Be elated and think all the way to the street, Jin Shan finally returns to reality. She knows that she will have to accept the unfortunate fate of being protected by an asshole bodyguard who will abandon her employer regardless of her safety.
Feng Yang really can’t stand this girl with a little bit of anthomaniac’s eyes, so she turns away indifferently and leaves a message "Go back"
Although it is only four words, it makes Jinshan nod with tenderness. "Well, I’m a beautiful girl who is the enemy of youth. What’s your name?"
Fly away, Feng Yang was hardly stimulated by such gentle words and fell from it.
A moment later, I changed back to wearing a blue gown with a sense of responsibility and a sense of mission. Feng Yang, a bodyguard, suddenly jumped from the roof to the avenue in front of Jinshan. "Hey, beautiful young girl, didn’t I tell you to stay where you are? I’ve been looking for you for a long time."
"You heartless thing should throw me alone to chase beauty. If it weren’t for the sudden appearance of a cold and domineering brother, I would have been rounded up and down several times. When the bastard returns, I must ask Dad to kick you out of the house."
Feng Yang Nai’s cold and domineering brother is alive in front of her. She doesn’t know how to appreciate it. It’s hard to guess the mind of a disguised girl.
After sending Jin Shanan to the Golden House, he rushed to the arbitration church camp and entered the one-star headhunter gathering room with the badge of the arbitration church.
The church also has its own set of news to submit to arbitration, but it can be known that after the completion of the true and false confirmation, it submitted a killing order to Feng Yang, and then the name’ Junna’ disappeared, which made many one-star headhunters not stunned and inexplicable, but never completed or included in the two-star killing order. The army was suddenly killed.