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"Is this … is this true?" Mu Xiang asked when he couldn’t say the taste in his heart, why was the king so valued? Is he wrong?

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"I will you kidding?" Yanning cold hum a.
"I dare not … yes … at this time, a major northwest garrison of 500,000 troops plus 50,000 Wang Dian pro-guards and a number of personal bodyguards also have five or six thousand to be reckoned with." Mu Xiang bowed his head and said.
Jenny von westphalen don’t talk staring at longed for and take notice for a long time suddenly smiled "I forgot longed for phase or fierce Wang Dianyue zhangs?"
Mu Xiang’s heart thumped a busy way "I … how dare I lose my heart because of my children?" I am loyal to you! "
"That’s good. Do you know what’s important? It’s a smart person, 500 thousand. It’s a border garrison, and even Laojiu dare not move." Yanning calmly said.
"It’s true that the positions are … after this commissary pay …" Ten thousand adults said with a smile.
"What do you say?" Yanning smiled at everyone when she was surprised and not angry.
"Garrison is my big three-dimensional garrison commissary. It’s only natural that we should pay for our positions." An Xiang crawled forward a few steps.
"An Xiang Zhong Chen is … how old are your children and grandchildren? You don’t have to work hard to go back and raise them." Yanning laughed.
An Xiang looked up at Yanning for a long time, saying, "Old minister obeys the decree."
I have long thought that there is nothing wrong with retiring now.
It’s hard to have another prime minister after settling down with loyal ministers, but it’s also so peaceful
Out of the imperial house, all the people walked slowly until they were out of the Yuehuamen.
Some ministers sighed, "An Xiang has lived for three generations, and now it is also a year of flowers …"
"How nice it would be to go home and rest in the sixties? My hometown, Yuanling Prefecture, has a beautiful landscape, and I have a house there just right! " An Xiang walked over to say
A minister can’t help but feel sad. "But Ann Xiang is a veteran of three dynasties, just like this …" Generally speaking, the veteran has to resign himself and then stop him for three transgressions and four times.
It takes several times before it is allowed. It is both respect and comity.
An Xiang is not at fault, so he can’t be asked to retire.
But today’s events are obviously sudden, and it’s hard to look ugly without warning.
"Do a good job. Your immortal is a veteran of three dynasties, but isn’t that also a minister? You told me to die, and I couldn’t live. Besides, I just retired and enjoyed my old age! " Ann phase touching beard said with a smile
It’s false to say that you’re not sad, but you’re happy. It’s good to really quit safely.
The fierce prince and the prince are not in a good mood. It will be a few years before this big three-dimensional dynasty can live in peace. He has long passed that ambitious age, and now he is looking forward to a good end. It’s just right!
When Yan returned to the front line, Kitahara had already pulled himself up.
But obviously there is no intention to attack the horse.
"Wang Ye speculates that they are not going to fight the northwest" Zhu Zhengshan analyzed, "They are mainly looking at Shouancheng and possibly Yezhou, and if we reinforce Yezhou, they will have a hard time … this may be a flower stand"
Let some people go, and the northwest can’t move
"Do you see?" Yan Gui sat down and asked the generals first.
People have different opinions, some say that the enemy will not move, some say that they will take the initiative to attack and some say that they will ask the court for instructions.
Asking for instructions from the court that teenager was instantly despised.
Who are the generals? Whoever the soldier is, they look at the general, the Lord, not the emperor, but they have been looking for the fierce king for months. Now, whether to fight or not depends on the fierce king to ask the court for instructions. The day lily is cold for several plates.
"What do you two say?" Yan to look at hasn’t been talking high winds and the north wind asked.
High winds haven’t thought about the north wind, saying, "I think I want to fight."
"oh? ?” Yan GUI asked
"Now the imperial court must know that if the military is stationed in Shouancheng at this time, our northwest garrison is recently that … it is bound to require us to reinforce … reinforcements are not as good as we take the initiative to fight." The north wind said.
"Yes, yes! That’s what the last general meant! " A face of beard general got up and said
"General Qi Yu agrees?" Yan to say with smile
At the end of the "will dare not at the end of the will in favor of" JiYu see yan called his general where dare to get busy and said
"Well, then, this is the first battle of the king. The king goes out in person." Yan Gui said.
"Report daughter body how can be in danger? Let’s go. "Zhu Zhengshan was the first to object
"The king himself went to the rear where you sat, Qi Yu Tao Zhongchuan, Zhu Wu, and Jiang Suiwang played early in the morning." Yan Guidao.
"It’s the last general!" The four generals got up together and handed in their hands. They were all full of heroism. They didn’t fight for a long time. They all had long hair!
"Your majesty, don’t you take us?" Take out the big account, the wind blows, and this just worries
"You stay with the king’s bodyguard, that is, Han Yun will call him one day later," said Yan Gui patting flurry on the shoulder.
"If you belong to this, you should ask people to find out who the Lord is." But the north wind may also be the same as whoever the Lord is who never tells the rules when fighting.
Yan Gui nodded late at night and he was a little tired.
Back to his tent, the guards waited and lay down.
It seems that it will dawn as soon as you close your eyes. When you wake up, you will see the guards coming in with tea. The usual cloisonne tea bowl suddenly trance. "Where are you coming from?"
"Back to the main message is that the princess called Han Yun’s eldest brother, saying that it was sent to Feng Ling, the envoy of the western countries, to do it anyway. One day, Han Yun’s eldest brother just arrived and brought everything with him." The guard laughed.