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At that time, Su Yu felt that she was simply too wronged!

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He didn’t tell Su Linglai before because he wanted to try to dispel Gulan’s belief that he wanted to go back to Wangfu with his golden tongue.
But in the end, he also knew that he didn’t have the ability. After Gulan returned to Wangfu again, although he specifically told Zuiqing and others not to tell Dust first, he still couldn’t get through his own place after thinking twice. He gave Dust and Ling a message very early.
But now Ling’s performance not only surprised him, but also made him feel horrified!
It is impossible for a homing pigeon to have problems. After all, he sent two messages separately!
Then the only possibility …
At this time, Xiang Fu strolled outside the door, and people smiled thoughtfully on their cheeks and his lips blurted out, "Don’t think about it!"
This is the grandiose explanation of Wu Geng’s updating of Chapter 294 today!
"Don’t think about it. It’s done by the palace!"
When people blurted out these words, Su Ling and Su Yu looked at each other at the same time. When Su Ling was stunned, she could not help but pout, "Taiyuan is still used to sabotage?"
I haven’t seen you for a long time, but you’re still enchanting and handsome. Your cheeks seem to be better than before.
Moreover, he and Su Ling are rich and stubborn, just like when they first met.
At that time, with a smile on her enchanting cheeks, you heard Su Ling ask this question and immediately said, "The palace naturally tries to burn the old one for you!
Don’t you think that what he shows is the most real situation when he meets Gu Lan again! "
You Qing seems to be well-founded, but even if he deliberately took off Su Ling himself, he has to admit that there is some truth in what he said.
It is true that if you know Gulan before you burn your third child, you will hide a lot of emotions in your heart by virtue of otherness!
It is also because of the fact that Lao Huang didn’t know anything about this matter that he showed surprise and was hard to ignore, and it was indeed the most true!
But even if his starting point is good, Su Ling won’t think that You Qing will be so kind!
Is a moment Su Ling raise light. Smile phoenix eyes scanning the on qing and then said, "you say grandiose but maybe you want to see our jokes!
Your black heart is really a wave of your skin! "
Su Ling’s sarcasm never needs dirty words!
She admits that Woo-ching looks hard to see, but this fellow’s motive makes her somewhat disgusted!
She doesn’t remember them being that good!
See Su Ling a face of disdain expression on qing gently stir up one side of the knife-shaped eyebrows glared at one side, Su Yuran didn’t see the tall figure before and after striding, so Su Ling enveloped him in a rosy shadow, and her lips slowly closed. "You woman really have no heart! You might as well think about the benefits of watching you busy at the palace.
You knew something about Gulan a long time ago, and I remember waking you up!
Now that Gulan is alive in front of you, if you want to test Lao San, now is the best time!
So what you said about the interception of news by the palace is not too correct! "
Seeing Woo-ching taking off Su Ling so openly, I feel a crow flying over my head!
Then don’t stay Su Ling talk on the sidelines for a long time. Su Yu can’t help but squeeze into Su Ling and Guan Qing when she is in front of Su Ling. "I really didn’t expect you to have such a hobby! In my opinion, what you call thinking about Ling is just making excuses for yourself, regardless of Ling and dust, such as you! If it’s all right, we’ll be excused! "
Su Yu’s voice fell to the ground and he immediately flashed evil light in his eyes and then looked at him with a righteous awe-inspiring look. "Sue’s second child is really interesting!
I told you everything! Then why don’t you explain that you were the first to know that Gulan appeared in the state of Qi and Chu! And if I remember correctly, the two of them didn’t go to Nanxia Kingdom at that time!
You’ve been hiding it for so long! Do you have a conscience and want to tell them that Gu Lan’s palace will do as you wish? Are you kidding? You spend so many days in the flower house. Who knows what happened with Gulan!