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Even Xin Xi Shi Zheng Dan is as small as Yan …

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Yang night greeted these girls one after another with rapture and cuddling. Although Yang night’s appearance made these girls a little surprised, it is of course necessary to hug first to meet after such a long separation.
It was crazy and violent hugs again and again, and it also made Yang night feel feverish again and again
These girls haven’t seen each other for a long time, especially Xi Shi and Zheng Dan, who have been apart for too long and have experienced so many things. Being moved by meeting again after where will you go, Yang Ye was also depressed and depressed.
"Brother! I finally meet you! I will never see you again! " Xi Shi and Zheng Dan both threw themselves at Yang Ye’s arms at the moment, and there was nothing to study for a long time, and there was nothing to flatter them. They were crying desperately and crying like two children.
"Brother, we are not far away. Wan Li came to this strange world with you. You can’t leave us alone again!" Where are the two beautiful women? They are crying with their eyes closed and venting.
"No, no," Yang Ye also held Xi Shi and Zheng Dan tightly and felt a lot. "I won’t let you be wronged any more."
And even Xin is holding the blue demon hand tightly and restraining himself from rushing to save Yang night’s impulse, waiting for other girls to feel this joy first.
Lan Yao’s understanding put her arms around Uniform Xin. She heard something before Uniform Xin from Yang Night, but she managed to connect the former Uniform Xin with this kind and virtuous girl in front of her eyes.
RuYan also hugged Yang night mouth muttering "Yang Dage Yang Dage …"
Yang night stroking RuYan back in comfort to ask to see.
After she entered Yang’s bedroom, she kept dodging Nan Rong’s magic eyes, because she saw the baby, not because she was afraid of the baby, but because she didn’t want Nan Rong’s magic to be difficult.
At this time, seeing Yang watching her horse at night adjusted a confused thought and explained gently, "Brother Ruyan should be considered as good. I learned some techniques to remind her of the previous events, but it was strange that Ruyan remembered that you met her, and then Yang’s memory left everything as if she had deliberately avoided it in her mind."
Yang night nodded his head and hugged Ruyan even more, thinking that it would be good to remember our story. After all, it is not glorious to remember those brothel memories, but it is a good thing.
The little darling’s belly has grown up, and the baby’s fat face now looks more chubby and lovely. She is gently and xiaoxiao, and she walks slowly to Yang night with tears in her eyes, but her eyes are a little angry and sad, and she has a long face and speaks the earth-shattering words.
"You king egg! I know I’m pregnant, but I’ve been gone for months! You are so heartless! I announce that you are fired! Cancel your qualification as a child’s father! "
Yang night was moved, but she laughed again. She slowly stretched out her hand and carefully held Xiao Nan in her arms and said softly, "I was wrong. I’m sorry, Xiao Nan. I’ll wait on you personally after I never leave again."
"Don’t go?" Xiao Nan was worried. "You won’t leave when you come back this time?"
Yang night nodded his head.
Several girls around looked at each other for a few times and all showed surprise expressions.
At this moment, even Xin was cut by Lan Yao and gently pushed from behind to Yang Ye.
Yang Ye smiled and winked at Uniform Xin. "Uniform Xin, you are a perfect wife now."
Even Xin also smiled. "Husband, are you really not leaving when you finally come back?"
Yang Ye grabbed her and hugged her tightly and sighed and said, "I really won’t leave if I don’t leave!"
Even Xin snuggled up to Yang Ye’s arms and said softly, "Husband, do you know that you have come back and said you can’t leave, which makes us sisters feel so worried?"
Yang night holding even jasmine looked up and looked around for a few eyes.
Xiao Xiao, Gentle, Xi Shi, Zheng Dan, Xiao Nan and Ru Yan all smiled heartily but shed tears of joy.
Orchid demon chop also aside a face of gratified smile at Yang night.
Yang night excited holding the uniform Xin Gao said "decided! I want to turn you all into my justified wives! You are all my favorite wives, regardless of your wife or concubine! "
Several girls gathered around when they heard this, crying and laughing.
And the baby looked on and showed a little excitement, and her eyes got wet and hesitated. She took a few steps to one side and came to the side.