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The dark eyes looked straight into her eyes and whispered, "You said that you like people to be kings."

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When I said this, the sweet corners of my mouth couldn’t help raising again >—
Update section 335 today: You just like Wang!
Feng Li held out her hand and squeezed her dark eyes. She looked straight into her eyes and whispered, "You said that you like people to be kings."
When I said this, the sweet corners of my mouth could not help but raise again.
This damn woman
Can’t she just deny it?
He can hear clearly [
She just said that she was interested in him and liked him alone.
That kind of words are exciting and joyful.
Bloom in my heart for a moment
What anger, what trouble, what upset …
After hearing that sentence, it all vanished in an instant.
There is joy in keeping your heart.
Jiang Xue Bud is naturally guilty of lying.
She lowered her eyes and said, "You heard me wrong. I never said such disgusting things."
Fengli regards her behavior as shy.
For a moment, I felt that this woman was so cute when she started to make him hate her teeth itch.
I can’t help but have the idea of getting close to her.
"Mu Wan forbid you to deny it."
"You can’t deny it, but Wang can’t ignore it. You just like Wang and Wang alone."
"Well, so what if I said it?"
She knows that she can’t deny it now … It’s all gone.
This smelly man has memorized all her words just now.
"how about it? What does Wang also want? "
He smiled and watched her pretty little face move her head a little closer to her.
"If you like the king in your heart, you will believe that you have not eloped with other men in this prison, and you naturally don’t have to stay any longer" [
Damn woman … with such attractive red lips.
Pink and tender looks so attractive.
When he was near, he could smell the fragrance from his angry lips.
Unlike the women he touched, they smelled of powder.
This smell … makes him more addicted.
Looking at Fengli’s sudden low face, Jiang Xue Bud quickly retreated in a panic. Section 336: Where can I compare with my own home?
This smell … makes him more addicted.
Looking at phoenix glass suddenly low face Jiang Xue bud in a panic quickly took a step back.
Unexpectedly, my foot stepped on a small stone, and I was about to fall to the ground when I stumbled.
Phoenix glass face a slight change quickly held out his hand around her.
Wrist and then gently make a force to hold her a full [
The virtual feeling that has been haunt him seems to be fil up at once.
Holding her body … has a kind of unspeakable satisfaction.
It seems that he likes her more than he thought.
Think of yourself these days abnormal phoenix glass with a sigh.
Fingers touched her jaw and said, "Mu Wan will love you a lot if you are devoted to the king and queen."
"If you are still with the king everywhere, you can always be very sad every day, you know?"
This damn man, just talk. Why do you want to get his head closer to her?
Closer … It’s going to stick to her lips.
I don’t know, it suddenly occurred to me that when I left the demon world, the sound of the silent moon said that to myself.
I won’t have intimate behavior with Ruoyan, and neither will you.
At that time, the smelly fox repeatedly stressed
Let her not have intimate actions with Fengli.
And she also promised him.
How can she not do what she promised others?
Seeing that Feng Li’s lips are about to be pasted.
Jiang Xue bud quickly tilted.
The hot soft lip fell on her cheek.
"You … you dodged?"
Feng Li became angry from embarrassment and roared in her ear [