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Although there are four people across the street, there is no intention to force them back.

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Sagittarius has disappeared in the route.
"sent! Be careful. "
Night maple clearly’ saw’ the rainbow troopers who broke into their minds and were home guards at the first moment when they were big dragons buff.
Immediately, he found a red whirlwind in the triangle grass behind him on the map.
"hmm? Zeming has a chance to see Lucian’s position! "
But at this time, he also saw a positive opportunity.
Have gone through several dangerous situations, Ye Feng’s psychology has long been honed to the point where he is in a desperate situation and does not panic. When four people from the purple side came from behind, he immediately saw the flaw on the right side of the crowd in the corner of his eye, revealing Lucian!
This is almost less than one blink of an eye. When Huang Zeming woke up in the night maple and noticed that Lu Xi ‘an was slightly different from the auxiliary bull’s head, he immediately flashed qrw without hesitation, and a set of skills like mercury spilled away.
Department flew to Lucian.
On the other side, it is almost synchronized with him and turned around faster than him. Immediately after the arcane leap of night maple E skills, it took a big move and accurate barrage!
The enchantress qrw is only two pieces of Q skill damage, both of which trigger Lucian’s blood volume. When it has bottomed out, it is reflected that he pressed the treatment E skill slide and flashed silk blood to avoid the enchantress E skill chain!
However, it seems that thousands of precise designs have been planned, almost after he flashed, and the golden barrage was shining and washed away.
There is no gap. It looks like Lucian actively hit the golden barrage.
Silk blood Lucian suddenly!
No one thought that even Ye Feng and Huang Ze Ming’s other three teammates reacted almost only when Lucian E was still struggling after flashing. Demon Ji and ez joined forces to chase for * * * * * seconds?
When the *b team rushed over, they also found that their home ad was actually flashed!
How could Raven not know what to do when he saw Lucian being killed by seconds when he didn’t give the purple side extra? He also flashed his hand, ew shield and shocked the soul and roared at the same time, releasing his target at Kyauk Moon and Spider.
Let it go!
Behind him is the roar of men.
*b No matter how cool Lu Xi ‘an is, he has no way out until now, and the furious men go straight to ez.
"Lucian was killed by seconds!"
However, after Yefeng ez and Huang Ze Ming Demon Ji dropped the purple side ad, even the blue side was completely fearless no matter how powerful and fierce the troops were.
Chapter five hundred and thirty-nine Recorded video
"Nothing, nothing, he can’t kill you, he can’t kill you, don’t panic!"
Huang Zeming’s audio and video echoed in the training room like a radio. It is obvious that you are more excited than me, okay?
With one person missing and one bit missing, the victory of this wave may have been doomed.
The enemy player has been killed!
After Lucian, the second man killed was * * B.
Everyone knows that this rainbow horse is a great threat. After killing the opposite ad, they will try their best to protect Yefeng ez from being killed by men.
In **b, I was already weak when I drove the E skill to speed up, and then Rexair flew the hammer stone. The pendulum of doom made a big move to slow down the ez occult shooting in the nether prison.
All deceleration and control are left behind in a flash.
Even if I tried my best to kill ez suddenly, I still kept a third of Ye Feng’s blood.
"It’s really a good horse. Generally speaking, it is estimated that I can’t beat half my blood."
It’s a pity that Ye Feng looked at the corpse lying on the ground. **b technology didn’t say toughness, but it was very tough. Before he died, he also cut him with a rainbow crescent moon blade.
However, if it will not be changed, it will be difficult to win the team battle in this top-level competition.
The third one was killed by the opposite spider, and then it was like being hit by a strong wind in the wheat field, which was generally very orderly, followed by the recent bull’s head and then the moon fell on the road.
The sound effect of the group killing three kills sounded one after another, and the night maple ez took three kills!
"Wave after wave"
When the game came to the twentieth minute, the purple square was destroyed by a wave near the second tower of the road. Huang Zeming stared at his eyes and finally felt at ease and vomited as quickly as a bead.
He knows that the game has been announced!
The fastest men across the street will not be resurrected for 30 seconds, and their three-way lines have already arrived in the highlands.