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"Why don’t you go back to other places to train?"

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A few people turned their heads and looked at me in surprise. Xiao Li turned around and walked to my side and asked, "What’s the matter, Landwind is driving us away now?"
"Get rid of your uncle" I coded Xiao Li and said, "Look at this place. If you want to fight for a while, you have nowhere to hide. Do you want to hang it all here?"
Xiao Li is speechless when he listens. He also knows what strength he is. It is difficult to die. He will be the first one.
The last thing I expected was that my dad said at this time, "You don’t have to worry about the end of the world. Let’s see if you and Nangong are heroic!"
"You’ve been playing together for so long, haven’t you seen it long ago?"
"I haven’t seen it before," dad went on. "Let’s think about how to fight."
"Yeah, I’m back in town after I hung up. Hey, hey."
Alas, I didn’t persuade him, so I said to Nangong, "Let’s go and have a look in front of me."
The Nangong shouldn’t have nodded and walked. I watched several people want to move, so the horse said, "What are you doing here with us?"
Hearing this, several people stopped, but the Nangong stopped. "What, we can’t let people follow us … what do you want?"
"You’re afraid of Mao and I can’t beat you." Then I went out.
In the starry night of the moon, there is nothing but the cold wind. Alas, where did the dead eagle go?
"Sasha Vujacic …"
At first, I looked back at the people enjoying the scenery and shouted, "Pay attention, don’t’ hang up’ for a while."
A few people are also on guard after listening to my words, except Xiao Li’s teasing, of course
In this world, there is no shortage of fear of death. Some of them are really not afraid of death, others are unconscious and lead to fear of death, and some are just too stupid.
And Xiao Li is the last one.
"md" I scolded 1, and then pay attention to the changes around me.
The wind roared and suddenly a shadow was added to the darkness.
Shadow action quickly circled, but the target was those people behind him who stopped looking. It must be the eagle who was suspicious. I ran past without waiting for it to come near.
"It’s coming one by one" shouted to Nangong one by one and then said to Xia Feng "Xia Feng bound strike"
The nangongshan one by one has understood that I have followed behind me at the same time, and Xia Feng has also made an attack posture. A cyclone surrounds the arrow.
When the goshawk drops to a certain extent, the Nangong starts to sound "Little Summer’s aim is good, don’t miss", but the Nangong is not close to Xia Feng and keeps a certain distance and runs around.
When the goshawk dived, the Nangong launched a charge one by one.
"shoot!" The nangongshan body urgent shouted at the same time a Xia Feng also already ready in the nangongshan sound out at the same time the arrow has left.
"whoosh!" The white arrow feather cuts through the void
I have to say that Xia Feng’s skill is still very good, and he is already a master archer. I couldn’t help but take a look at Xiao Li and pay attention to the situation again.
Being shot at the eagle’s body, it lost its balance. This dizziness has already played its role. Look at the Nangong one by one. At this time, it has also charged.
Taking advantage of the eagle’s body shape, he stretched out his hand and pulled it to drive his body to turn over. His feet have stepped on the eagle’s back.
Unfortunately, when Mr. Xia’s arrow didn’t grow up, it was dizzy for a moment, and the goshawk recovered. When its giant wings shook, it stabilized its shape and wanted to fly away
The goshawk’s back to the South Palace can’t be as it wishes. At the same time, its right foot has been raised and then slammed.
This chick is very powerful. If she stepped on an ordinary person, she might die.
However, the goshawk immediately lost its upward trend and fell into dizziness again.
One second
Before the Nangong launched the skills one by one, I had already looked up at all kinds of movements and left at the same time toward the projection position of the goshawk.
When the Nangong stepped on it, I also launched a surprise attack. The figure flashed to the back of the goshawk and stood side by side with the Nangong.
It was the Nangong who ignored me one by one. When I appeared on the eagle’s back, she was already waving a sword and attacking the eagle’s wings.
"Brush!" A sword falling feathers flying.
I also know that a second doesn’t take long to land in a flash, and at the same time, I stepped out on one knee and knelt on the back of the eagle, and the dagger also rowed to the wings of the eagle
Chapter 16 Destroying the War by Regiments (2)
Still in dizziness, the goshawk was attacked twice, and the body couldn’t stop falling. The Nangong and I all slowed down and grabbed the goshawk feather with one hand.
"Bang!" When the goshawk landed dizzy, it was already over.
The curse of spring flowers has been hit when the eagle landed. This time, it really hit dad, and the flame and rain have fallen
After finishing the skill, the two men immediately retired to avoid the attack range of the goshawk, and when they broke free from the control of me and Nangong, they first took a second.
Xia Feng is also a shot, then step by step to jump back to the autumn moon and clear the lights, but he didn’t move. He held a gun in front of the winter snow, so that the goshawk couldn’t lose anyone in a dive.
The only trouble is that Xiao Li has rushed with a knife before I can stop him. After World War I, Xiao Li has come to the goshawk’s side.
"poof!" Xiao Li doesn’t dodge when he cuts into the goshawk’s body. He will attack again if he moves slightly to one side.
I think I have to yell in my eyes, "Get out of here!" Then move your hands and pray for bone erosion and come out quickly.
If things don’t work out, I hope that this dagger will only cause a hundred injuries.
At this moment, the nangongshan blade one by one with a slight green light.
I have to say that the Nangong attack on cohesion one by one is really a perfect seam, which simplifies this hand-stopping and hand-lifting to the extreme.
After this blow, the goshawk has regained consciousness, its wings vibrate twice, and then its feet are up to fly again.
I want to stop Nai from stabbing the dagger and I can’t do anything about it.
However, at the moment, Xiao Li is still beside the goshawk, not retreating, but attacking while running.
It’s ok to deal with mobsters at this level.
The goshawk didn’t let me down either. When Xiao Li was about to make an attack, the goshawk turned its body and swept away Xiao Li.
I feel that my body is heavy and my body is backward. The goshawk has rushed out.
"Ah!" After a scolding, the Nangong and I were dumped by the goshawk one by one, and then we took a look at Xiao Li’s eyes.
It turned out that Xiao Li cursed before he died.
I’ve already hung up one, so I can’t help worrying more. Can this boss still be killed?