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And at this time, the fairy turned around without saying anything and didn’t even want to directly split the sword.

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Yes, the place where Chu Yun reappeared was behind the fairy. He planned to make a surprise attack, but he was found without even attacking.
This woman is so horrible and her brain is spinning too fast.
In the face of this sudden sword, Chu Yun didn’t escape because he wanted the other side to work hard.
There are five lives for yourself and one for the other. How to fight with yourself?
Draw out the evil spirit sword green awn from the Long Yin Fengming Qin and cut it off with full bloom.
Crack, kill and chop!
Chu Yun believes that if the player hits himself with this positive blow, he will definitely die!
1000% damage. This is waiting for terror and madness!
The woman didn’t hide, as if she had expected, and a light curtain appeared on her body.
Not seven screens!
Chu Yun didn’t read it wrong. It’s definitely seven screens. Each color is different.
If it’s a curtain of light, Chu Yun is confident that he’s absolutely broken, because even Lin Weiwei is broken, and he has no reason to be broken
But now it’s seven!
"Fight!" Chu Yun knew that there was no retreat now, only World War I!
David, David …
Cracking, killing and chopping are like bamboo. The curtain of light is shattered, but Chu Yun is also beheaded by the front.
Chu Yun’s total health is more than 50,000, nearly 60,000, which other players dare not think about.
—1154 (Breaking Strike)
But this seems to be an ordinary sword to nearly one-third of the health value is gone!
Besides, it’s definitely a physical attack. I really don’t know how this woman can practice magic and martial arts.
Similarly, when cracking, killing and chopping broke through many constraints, they were beheaded in a woman’s body.
—3512 (Critical Strike)
"Thirty-five thousand …" Chu Yun laughed at the injury, but soon he couldn’t laugh.
It’s terrible to crack and kill. He knows that it’s definitely not a problem to cut out * * ten thousand or hundreds of thousands of injuries with one blow when facing ordinary players.
But now beheading this woman, 35 thousand, is even more terrible because this woman has not been killed!
If the average player has more than 10,000 health points at this stage, but this woman has not died 135,000, how much should his total life be?
Chu Yun was surprised and the audience was even more surprised.
"The big black horse is so awesome that the damage is actually higher than that of the fairy."
"Fairy, is this going to lose the rhythm?"
"It’s not too scary that tens of thousands of lives are dying."
20,000 to 30,000 lives are at least 50 levels for ordinary players, but now the average level of players is 30 times, and they have such lives. What about 50 levels?
After the attack, Chu Yun quickly regressed and the same fairy immediately regressed.
Chu Yun saw the other side’s move, and it was obvious that the other side was not good at melee or she would have to retreat. However, in Chu Yun’s view, her melee was equally horrible, otherwise how could she have done so much damage to herself?
"Blessing of Heaven" Chu Yun immediately imposed a blood addition on himself. In this case, if you don’t add blood, it will be over.
Chu Yun slowly recovered his health after playing the piano, but it’s a pity that he didn’t fill up this skill level.
[Blessing of Heaven] The current level lv1, the highest level lv5, rises to 2, and the required skill point 3 enables friendly partners in the 5-meter range to slowly recover their health points (including themselves) by 5% every second, lasting for 1 second, consuming magic 1 and cooling for 6 seconds.
Chapter 17 Seven Obsidian Break the Sky!
Chu Yun regretted why he didn’t fill up this skill when he got 3,000 skill points in the Duke’s Mansion.
If you fill it up, the recovery speed of health will be faster
Players will scream at the sight of Chu Yun’s restoration of health value.
"The big black horse is strong, the flying ability is strong, attacking the terrorist life value and now adding life. Is the fairy going to lose?"
"I’m afraid the fairy will encounter the enemy of her life."