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All the hours were calculated just right, without delaying even a minute.

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When Imil and them came out from the ground base, the black special vehicles of SHIELD were slowly parked in front of the local shopping mall of Watchers Alliance, and the range was determined according to the signal tracking of SHIELD, but it was impossible to accurately reach the ground directly.
Dozens of S.H.I.E.L.E.L.D. agents dressed in dark blue quickly packed their weapons and jumped out of the car. They received orders from Washington headquarters to search for an extremely dangerous and possibly terrorist captain America!
"Captain America will hook up with terror? This is fucking ridiculous! " Sitting in the lead car, a punisher in a skeleton hesitated-he seemed to see Captain America from passing by.
However, the punisher hesitated a little, then jumped out of the car and roared at the S.H.I.E.L.E.L.D. agents. "Cheer up, boys and the store manager said that we had received information that there was a terrorist attack on their department store and asked them to evacuate the crowd immediately, and then you thoroughly checked to see if Captain America was here!"
The punisher sent his men, S.H.I.E.L.E.L.D. agents, and then a pair of sharp eyes kept a close eye on the distant car. He gained a keen intuition from the battlefield and told him that Captain America was in that car.
"I haven’t seen the leader of the standard response team who specializes in dealing with emergencies. I think he seems to have seen me." At the moment, Captain America is still a little worried in the car that has been driving to Kennedy Airport
He is not afraid of being caught by those agents, but he doesn’t want to hurt those low-level employees by his own force. Imil shrugged his shoulders. Even if he didn’t recognize the face of the punisher, he could guess the identity of the other party from his costume and dress.
"That’s Frank Caster, the punisher. Don’t worry, he’s your brain powder. He will never betray you to Commander Hill of S.H.I.E.L.E.L.D." Imil said easily. He found it really nice to be with Captain America, and he was idolized everywhere.
Captain America couldn’t understand Imil’s ranking from past lives and wondered, "What is brain powder?" A kind of flour? "
"Well, that is to say, he is your admirer and likes your meaning very, very much." Imil scratched his face while driving, but he almost said something wrong at the moment, but the punisher can really be called Captain America’s brain powder.
Different from the movie, Captain America is an out-and-out "wonder" in this world. From comic books to pillow stories to history textbooks, Captain America’s fans have accumulated up to now, but the civilian level is higher than that in other countries, and the name of Captain America is also unusual.
Among all superheroes who worship Captain America, the Punisher is the number one loyal fan. He participated in the Vietnam War because of his worship of Captain America, and he also got a fake outfit himself.
However, like Agent Coulson, when he sees idols, he will be infatuated, and different punishers will insist on more extreme justice, prefer to shoot first and then ask questions, and be more persistent about his own personality.
So Imil root is not worried about what the punisher will do, even if the punisher can play a few rounds with Captain America, but he will never show up.
Even after becoming a dark hero spurned by the mainstream society, the punisher’s respect for Captain America remains undiminished. There were more than one such superhero, such as Wolverine Logan, who was actually a deeply hidden fan of Captain America.
"Come on, I’ve always wanted to ask you a question, but you don’t answer it. In fact, I think it’s an answer if you don’t answer it." Imil wriggled for a long time and finally felt that Captain America was trustworthy, so he was a little embarrassed to say.
"What?" Captain America thinks Imil’s expression is very strange. It’s not like the tough Imil he knows.
Imil considered a sentence and asked, "Captain America, how many girlfriends have you had since World War II? Have you thought about finding another one since you woke up? "
Captain America was shaking all over. He quickly chewed and said, "I don’t have that hobby."
"I know I don’t have" Imil.
"But that’s what you mean."
"Well, no, actually, I want to ask a superhero. How can we handle our family?" Imil simply said his own problems directly, and then playing this game of you guess, I guess, and I don’t guess, it’s easy to deviate from the topic.
He said, "You know my sister Kathleen, who is also an agent of S.H.I.E.L.E.L.D. I have such a sister, and I love her very much, but I don’t know how to protect her. Besides, there is a little girl who grew up with me. She also has some affection for me, but I don’t know how to deal with it."
Captain America was startled for a long time. It turned out that Imil was going to ask this question. He solemnly said, "I have lived for 95 years and my experience tells you to cherish your loved ones, but don’t try to interfere with their lives and respect each other’s choices. This is the most basic principle for people."
Imil "hmm" from his nose to show that he remembered Captain America’s words and then asked, "So how should we deal with emotional problems?" Captain America fell silent for a long time.
"You don’t have a serious girlfriend since 1945, do you? I heard that you and Stark’s mother, I mean that Mrs. Howard Stark, you. "
Imil’s face was full of divination expressions. It was only after he arrived in this world that he realized that Captain America and Iron Man’s mother had actually had a story. No wonder in The Avengers, Ritoni Stark first met Captain America at the carrier of SHIELD. It was so unfriendly to be continued.
Chapter DiErJiuEr New barracks
Doctor octopus located the military camp in a remote field in New Jersey. He had to drive all the way out of Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey to get there. Captain America firmly refuted the question of Imil. "No Peggy married my former friend. She is not Howard’s wife. I think you are confused."
Captain America is also very embarrassed. I don’t know where Imil heard this. Imil is very interested in asking Captain America, "Did you kiss Peggy, your girlfriend, before you became a popsicle?"
"Am I that bad?" Captain America didn’t answer Imil directly.
Imil smiled slyly. "I didn’t say that. I was curious. Have you never enjoyed the wonderful feeling of men and women?"
"Does this feel wonderful? I don’t think so."
"Have you ever thought about finding a new girlfriend now?" Imil wants to learn from Captain America how superheroes deal with their love lives.
Captain America shrugged his shoulders and coughed-"Believe it or not, it’s hard to find a girl who has a similar life experience to me." Imil made a meaningful "hmm"-he said, "People will change. Let me keep an eye on it for you. If there is a suitable girl, I can introduce it to you."
Captain America was not interested in Imil’s nutritional nonsense, turned his head and looked out of the window with ecstasy, and the scenery flashed by. He once spent his happy time here, when Yang was full of youth and hope.
Imil drove off the wide road and drove to an abandoned military camp surrounded by an iron fence. The iron gate was closed outside. Through the gap in the fence, we could see that it was deserted and seemed to be completely filled with a layer of light smoke.
"Here we are," Imil said, looking at the map with his mobile phone and then getting out of the RV. "The document was made here."
"Me too!" Captain America grunted lightly, and his steps suddenly stopped to look at this old barracks. I don’t know why Captain America almost knelt down and cried with a sour nose.
Everything seems to have happened yesterday in the military camp, and the appearance of the instructor’s voice can still be seen today. Captain America’s mind was in a trance and almost went back to the past himself.
At that time, I was still a young, emaciated little boy who was not easy to join the army and was undergoing harsh training under the instruction of the instructor.
"Hurry up and run bitch! Rogers just said that you should bring it quickly! " The training officer who led the team shouted, "Hurry up and join Rogers! Return to the team, I said to let you return to the team! "
It seems that just at the other end of the runway, a rickety teenager came running with a pike in a loose military uniform that didn’t fit very well. In those war years, no one would care that a soldier wore even the smallest size in the army, which was several times bigger than Rogers.
At that time, Rogers was not captain America. He was an ordinary teenager who loved his motherland and hoped to protect her and win glory for her. So there were too many teenagers and no one would care about them except themselves.
The thin figure insisted on running forward and suddenly stopped. He turned his head and looked at Captain America’s position. It was a kind of vacillation, showing firm fatigue and struggling eyes.
Captain America can’t remember who he was looking at here in the past, but the young man’s eyes appeared in front of him as if he had penetrated for more than a hundred years and landed straight on himself.
Did this teenager see himself more than a hundred years later? Tall and mighty have become heroes in the eyes of the American people?
Captain America suddenly has a lot of things that he has forgotten, but he finds that none of them are hidden in the deepest part of his heart.
"Has it changed a lot?" Imil followed the silence. He enjoyed the cool breeze blowing in the evening. The evening breeze seemed to be in harmony with Captain America’s mood and made a "whoop" sound.
Captain America just came to his senses. He blinked without moving, relieved his dry eyes and whispered, "Yes, a little bit. I was trained as a recruit in this camp."
"Yes, Captain America used to have recruits’ eggs." Imil followed his eyes and saw that it was a bare flagpole, which was not as brand-new and shining as it was in his previous life.
Now the rusty flagpole can appear lonely and lonely at night, just like a guard who stands alone at night. It is still standing in this abandoned military camp.
Captain America’s virtual shadow of the young boy in front of him seemed to be frightened by the instructor’s reprimand. He stared blankly, quickly picked up his equipment and moved on. Captain America watched him run to the distance and finally disappeared into a wisp of light smoke in front of his eyes.
"No harvest, no thermal image, no signal connection and no trace of wave." Imil put away the instrument, which was made by Dr. Banner and claimed to be able to search all signals, and there was no response here
With his poor brain knowledge, Imil judged that "the programmer must have misled us by a router or something else. Everything here is definitely not the origin of the data."
Captain America was silent for a long time and suddenly took a step and went to the munitions depot. Imil exclaimed, "What did you find?"
"The regulations stipulate that it is forbidden to put military supplies within 5 yards of the barracks." From the perspective of understanding the army, ten Imil tied together can’t compare with Captain America.
He strode to the door of the dilapidated munitions depot and said, "I always thought this building was built in the wrong place. It seems that no one wants to use it to cover up anything."
There is an iron lock hanging at the gate of the munitions depot, but this can’t beat Captain America. He told Imil to take a step back and then took a hand shield and pointed it at the iron lock. Then they needed a little push to enter the munitions depot building.
There is nothing to see on the top floor. The ground is full of dust. Imil can imagine that it must have been full of sundries to hide people’s eyes and ears. However, when the whole barracks are withdrawn, it can directly show the stairs leading to the ground. Imil nodded his head and walked down the stairs leading to the ground room with double care. To be continued.
Chapter 293 Want to really live?
The basement is a typical S.H.I.E.L.E.L.D. base layout, which looks bigger than the ground munitions depot, but the S.H.I.E.L.D. Eagle logo is everywhere. Imil followed Captain America, who tried to open the wall and turn on the faint light, but it was actually lit.
There are desks, filing cabinets, telephones, file folders, etc., which are arranged neatly everywhere.