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"Rare agile iron warrior? Or are all elders so agile? " Zhaojie slipped out a few meters and jumped up little by little. The spear grazed his boots.

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"Shooting in the middle …" zhaojie gave some BFF hands. 1 The decider aimed at Sheila and pulled the trigger continuously. Sheila didn’t seem to want to avoid this kind of attack. The spear whirled around in his hand and kept shooting at the armor and helmet. But zhaojie had already flown more than five meters with the help of the elastic force, and he rolled to avoid it. His left hand gently raised a ghost vine and quickly shot it around the wall steam pipe to pull his body to that side.
Sheila can’t hit her left hand with one young bat with three handles. Generally, darts come out of the flint of cutting. After cutting off the ghost vine with a sharp blade and lightness, zhaojie’s body suddenly loses its balance and throws darts. Sheila seems to have already judged clearly that zhaojie took out an egg-sized launcher with its muzzle aimed at Zhao Jie and pulled the trigger.
The catapult sound of tension spring is not clear in noisy machinery factory, but zhaojie, who is staring at Sheila all the time, may not have noticed it. At the same time, zhaojie has made the overlord kick in the muzzle. His body is spinning rapidly with his legs shining like a whirlwind, and his feet suddenly appear sharp, and a layer of protective knife ring is formed in the outer zhaojie. Sheila tight encirclement’s gun shoots out the iron net, which is hard, but it is also the iron that has been cut by zhaojie’s foot sharp knife for a moment.
The cold light in Sheila’s eyes suddenly shows that the shoulder gun stammers and the red light at the muzzle condenses. When zhaojie has not yet landed, he will hit a ball of basketball-sized fireball. This fireball has a deep red flame, orange powder and a deep blue flame, but it looks impressive enough for appall. It is in every "Iron Warrior" that he will appear and wait for the artillery attack.
This fireball, with its roaring wind, draws a parabola with its tail flame in the middle and falls to the zhaojie accurately.
Zhaojie raised his eyebrows, and the referee appeared the frost BFF icon. He kept aiming at the fireball, pulled the trigger and blinked for more than a dozen times. The ice bomb with sen cold breath was shot from the muzzle, and the fireball triggered the freezing property. Finally, the fireball was frozen into an ice ball with white smoke before it landed.
Zhao Jiepan sank and landed faster than the ice hockey. His right leg kicked straight out and touched the ice hockey body with a touch of softness. He took advantage of the trend to kick the ice hockey back to Sheila, the iron warrior elder, and once again turned around and jumped up with his left hand. A Grenade came out and hit the ice hockey faster.
Strong flame immediately flooded two people’s field of vision. After the grenade was finished, it would be triggered by the fire attack energy. This explosion force is almost comparable to that of Acer’s crescent moon. In an instant, it will destroy all objects around 10 meters … including a machine tool connected to the armor assembly line.
I have to say that the technology of Iron Blood Warrior is superb, and the equipment made by this race who is good at close combat is also extremely rigorous and wear-resistant. Even if the lathe at the end of the assembly line is destroyed, the whole assembly line will continue as if nothing had happened.
After landing, zhaojie carefully guarded him against this attack, even if he hit Sheila head-on, he decided to kill it. What’s worse, this iron warrior is still famous for his agility.
Sure enough, before the explosion flame rose, zhaojie felt that the wind was surging behind him, and he was lazy to roll and hide to one side. When he rolled on the ground, he saw Sheila attacking with a spear in the middle.
Seeing zhaojie hiding from Sheila, his feet trembled and he turned straight at zhaojie’s spear and stabbed zhaojie on the forehead.
Zhaojie cold hum half knelt on the ground and leaned back. When Sheila arrived, his right knee kicked straight into Sheila’s abdomen, but at the same time Sheila was holding his left hand and drawing two saw-shaped arm blades to swing out the hard arm armor. Suddenly, two deep bone wounds were drawn on zhaojie’s chest, but he was also kicked by zhaojie instantly.
At the moment, the physical defense strength of various equipment in zhaojie has reached the limit of 235 points, which is even more resistant than the high-grade meat shield and can offset the physical damage by 44 points, but even so, it still caused 72 points of damage to zhaojie, which means that the strength value of the agile iron warrior elder has reached a point, which is still higher than Leona.
At the moment, zhaojie’s strength value is only 556 points, and the strength gap is as high as 664 points, which makes zhaojie’s melee suppression skills such as sprinting and shooting have a suppression effect.
Thought of here, zhaojie did not consider nausea. The ghost vine will be pulled to the rear, and at the same time, a handful of mushrooms will be summoned from the individual and he will eat it willy-nilly.
After a night’s research in zhaojie, the mushroom effect produced by the mushroom planter is cool, but it can’t be superimposed, that is to say, if you eat two hot-blooded mushrooms in one bite, the strength will still increase by 3.
However, this is enough. In addition to reducing and controlling rigid mushrooms and mushrooms that don’t know bad luck or lucky fate, zhaojie has added all mushroom attributes. Of course, because of the call, some mushrooms are relatively waved, but the situation is so urgent that agility is higher than Sheila zhaojie’s. You can’t relax your vigilance at all times.
Sheila’s blood is also reduced after flying, but it seems that this fellow has at least about 30 thousand physical strength, so there is no need to worry about zhaojie’s weak attack
Zhaojie obviously thought of this, and the dark wings suddenly unfolded behind him and pulled him into the middle hand. The arbiter kept pulling the trigger on Sheila.
In fact, this is zhaojie’s self-deprecation. He has been busy calculating others or relying too much on plant attacks since he entered the plane, and he has not fully understood the calculation method of skills in this world.
For example.
1 Adjudicator Attribute Adjudicator 1 Rifle Physical Damage 635~65775 Basic Attack Magic Damage 612~63375 Basic Spiritual Power 23 Spiritual 31 Physical Crit Rate 2 Hit Rate 3 Additional Attribute 1 Physical Crit Chance Increases 25 Additional Attribute 2 There are 3 additional chances to increase real damage when attacking the enemy. From the physical attack point of view, the arbiter can cause an average of 6,475 × [556 Strength 7 Mushroom Bonus] 2 physical damage to the enemy with each shot.
In his skill, LV3 cases of instant kick were moved to the range of 10 meters, which meant that the enemy immediately sent a quick kick attack, causing 351 basic damage and physical attack. Here, the basic damage plus achievement is not the pure strength value, but the damage that can be caused after the weapon is equipped to calculate the physical damage that can cause 351×21532 points.
This damage calculation model seems horrible, but it can be said that zhaojie’s wisdom makes him strong. Which gunner class can have 556 power points in the sixth order? Which gunner class has a bonus 3 power auxiliary medicine and can be as generous as eating beans? Which gunner class can own a pole weapon? It’s thankfully that a normal gunman can hit 300 to 400 points when he reaches the sixth order. Who dares to expect a normal attack to kill a low-defense passer with three or four shots? It turns out that all strength is not accidental. If you don’t work hard, you can always enjoy the ordinary.
On the contrary, Zhao Jie didn’t notice this problem, not because he was careless. In vulgarization, a man as cautious as he is has to calculate how many calories he has consumed and get confused about such a key thing. It’s true that the enemy’s defensive ability and the low body strength have always caused him this misunderstanding, but when he has the decider, he has the sun cannon and the deadly golden lotus, which are fireflies that bombard the underworld plants in the dark, and he is used to the low attack power, so he didn’t pay special attention to it.
Zhaojie is very strong, but all his companions attribute his strength to the endless control ability, which is incomparable to the team’s control ability and layout puzzle solving ability. On the contrary, everyone, including him, almost forgot that he once frightened the enemy.
Zhaojie’s strength was actually only a few tens of seconds later, when his referee’s bullet hit Sheila’s body, causing 35 chances to penetrate the opponent’s defense and causing 3 seconds of corrosion damage to the opponent’s wound. After his accidental attack, Sheila’s head blood strip suddenly dropped a small piece, which made him more responsive. After throwing grenades, the speed of flying kites increased steadily, making him fly like a black angel, drawing a series of shadows in the middle.
Sheila also quickly noticed that if she continued like this, she would soon be killed by flying a kite, so she quickly pressed her whole body on her arm to blink.
As soon as zhaojie was one leng, he recovered his dark wings and fell to the ground. He was covered with explosive robots and lightning mines around him quickly. Five ghost vines rushed out of his clothes like five tentacles and danced around quickly.
This way of defense can be said to be watertight. Sheila can instantly find out when she attacks from the direction … From the battle just now, he has been that the elder doesn’t like to attack with thermal weapons but prefers close combat. This seems to be the hobby of all agile characters. Even if zhaojie flies a kite for dozens of seconds, this fellow still tries to get close to zhaojie and tear him up.
After waiting for nearly a minute, Zhao Jie didn’t feel the movement around him. It wasn’t the noise of the surrounding machines that affected the senses or other reasons. Anyway, zhaojie made sure that Sheila was not away from this guy. She must be planning.
Sure enough, after waiting for a few minutes, Sheila finally emerged from invisibility and looked at zhaojie calmly.
Zhaojie’s pupil shrinks sharply. He shocked Sheila’s head. The physical strength value has actually returned to full. This is still the case that he has seen at present that there are few people who can return blood independently.
"I … like to tear up the enemy’s pleasure with my own hands," Sheila said flatly, but that doesn’t mean I’m not good at using thermal weapons.
In his instant zhaojie’s ear, he was keen to send out a kind of’ B B’ when the precision instrument started. The guard’s eyes quickly sent the surrounding information around him. The sound of walls and heavy lathes came from seven circular mine-like objects flashing red lights.
Zhaojie’s pupil shrank, and he remembered the plot in the only movie "Alien vs. Iron Warrior 2" that he had ever seen. This point is that the red laser emitted by the laser blockade instrument from this scene is the same as the zhaojie sun cannon. If the attack is to be hit, the body will be instantly penetrated. At the same time, once these lasers spread into a mesh, it is really possible to find a tailor to splice the body.
But when he thought of it, it was too late. Seven lasers were emitted from different angles and directions, blocking all his escape angles.
The laser is fast, but it is fast. With the angle of the eye of the reconnaissance guard, zhaojie found the hiding angle in an instant. His right leg was raised high and tilted backwards. At the same time, he kept a one-legged inverted vertical seven lasers passing through his crotch, back and chest respectively.
Although there are three ghost vines supporting his body, zhaojie still regrets his intestines
If you are not too confident and choose to go to Longtan alone, this situation may happen again? Now if Sheila starts the laser netting mode, then he will die.
"Don’t worry, I won’t let you die so happily. My habit is to … peel off the enemy’s skin and stick his head on the wall together." Sheila said slowly as she walked to zhaojie with the spear in her hand.
Zhaojie’s heart is in a hurry, or it will be killed immediately. Then there is a way.
His brain was spinning fast, and several solutions to the current predicament were dismissed as soon as they appeared. When Sheila sold the third step, zhaojie had thought of the only solution.
Seeing Sheila getting closer and closer, a touch of green brilliance flashed in zhaojie’s eyes, and the clothes on his body surface were broken and smooth, and his skin quickly became swollen. In the nominal name, green meridians were broken, and then pieces of green leaves grew out of his meridians and pierced his skin, turning him into a grass man.
"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah," zhaojie growled wildly. All the leaves that penetrated the skin and exposed half of them soared instantly. With a large amount of blood, they grew into huge fernlike thick plants. These plants were tough and smooth in appearance, reflecting the light like steel, as if the top military commanders in the Three Kingdoms period had made the long Dao sharp and thick.
This man actually detonated the scarlet dandelion in his blood.
As mentioned above, the leaves grown by scarlet dandelion are the hardest leaves in the underworld born out of zhaojie’s blood, and their hardness is far higher than that of steel institute. When zhaojie got up from the red laser blockade, seven lasers did not even cut off ten hard and wide leaves.
At the moment, there is blood flowing out of zhaojie’s eyes and stained with that beautiful but pale face. It seems that the most beautiful vampire in the world has a trace of sadness and sadness, which makes people feel distressed. This stunner is fatal, but they can’t help but get close to him. If you look at his body again, I’m afraid that the lecherous will immediately flee away.
At the moment, he is densely covered with dozens of blood-red blades. Except for the neck surface, there is almost no intact skin in his body. The blood of the blade keeps dripping on the ground and almost flows into a river. The whole person there seems to be out of Luo Cha in hell and like a battlefield immortal general. Although it is tragic, it is even more ferocious.
In this case, zhaojie was almost driven crazy by severe pain. He felt that his mind had been unable to think too many things, and his physical strength had been reduced to less than 5 points, and it continued to decrease. With a burst of dizziness, zhaojie could summon a mushroom to chew.
After eating mushrooms, zhaojie’s physical strength recovered in a flash. He ate mushrooms in a daze, which turned out to be the most test of people’s fate. Several good fortune recovered 5 physical strength.
However, the blood loss continued, and zhaojie’s thoughts were also closed. He felt that his whole body pain consciousness was gradually dissipating.
"…" Sheila cocked her head and looked at zhaojie along while wondering, Don’t you want to die in my hands? "Don’t jump word.