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"When you save my life," said Song Ning Frost lightly.

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"Don’t look at the husband and wife in the dew?" Every time I see Song Ning Frost’s high expression, Chu Yun can’t help teasing and pulling her into people.
Song Qing closed his eyes directly. How dare this guy say anything?
"If you think so, consider it as right." Song Ning Frost said without refuting.
"By the way, why is your career so against the sky?" Chu Yun asked the heart has been confused.
"Good luck," said Song Ningshuang.
"What, I don’t have your career?" Chu Yun don’t think white said.
"You are not good," said Song Ning Frost gently, with a smile on her mouth.
Seeing Song Ningshuang smile, Chu Yun couldn’t help but stay a little, but soon he shook his head and said, "Who does your job come from?"
"Seven Obsidian Goddess" Song Ning Frost said directly without hiding anything.
"Who is the Seven Obsidian Goddess?" Chu Yun thinks this name sounds awesome.
"The ancient goddess has seven sources, that is, light, darkness, wind, fire, thunder, earth and water," said Song Ningshuang.
"Seven sources of power, no wonder you put ice and set fire." Chu Yun envied why he didn’t have such a awesome career
Chu Yun told Song Ningshuang several words before leaving.
This is a cold woman. Chu Yun feels that there is no common language.
When I came to the hospital, Koizumi Yuxu was not here, or she was not here when Chu Yun came for the first time.
"Sister Shen’s things are done, but it will take three days." Chu Yun sat down in the heart of the bed and said.
When I heard Shen Wan smile, my eyes turned red and turned into crying and laughing.
"Sister Shen, don’t cry." Chu Yun can’t stand women crying.
Soon Shen Wan wiped her tears and said, "Thank you, thank you, Xiao Yun, you are really a good man …"
I’m a little embarrassed to be praised by Chu Yun.
"By the way, Sister Shen, when can you leave the hospital?" Chu Yun asked about Shen Wan’s good health.
"The day after tomorrow" Shen Wanxiao replied.
"Do you have any plans in the future?" Chu Yun couldn’t help but ask that the man ran away, perhaps because his mother was similar and Chu Yun was particularly sympathetic
Thinking of mom also reminds Chu Yun that the beast is not as good as his father, because mom never talks about his father, which makes him feel that his father must be a super enemy Chen Shimei and a super enemy bastard!
"I may go back to my parents and then find a job and live like this," said Shen Wan with some gloom.
"So simple?" Chu Yun stare big eyes curious said.
"What else can I do?" Shen wan wry smile
"Aren’t you going to get married and have a healthy baby, and your husband will be happy for a generation?" Chu Yun asked.
Shen wan shook his head with a wry smile and said "no"
"Sister Shen, can you tell me about your child’s father?" Chu Yun knew that the man who turned his back on Shen Wan must have become like this.
"I was so stupid that I was deceived by his sweet words …" Shen Wan covered her mouth and burst into tears.
Chu Yun advised and guided while listening to her, finally knowing what’s going on?
Shen Wan didn’t fall in love at school until she first entered social work when she met a gentle man who was not only elegant and handsome, but also attractive.
At that time, Shen Wan was still an ignorant little girl and was naturally attracted by it. Although he was attracted, he didn’t think too much, but the man took the initiative to pursue Shen Wan. At that time, Shen Wan didn’t understand anything and listened to each other’s rhetoric, so the two were so good.
Chapter 3 gun attack!
At that time, the two were not married and did not get a marriage certificate, so they lived together.
Soon after, Shen Wan became pregnant, but the man took away all his savings, including Shen Wan.
At that time, Shen Wan really realized that she had met a pig and dog who was not as good as a man.
Because the money was taken away, she could go to her home, but the family asked her to abort the child, but Shen Wan refused, so she fell out with her family and came out alone.
When I get out, I can find a light worker and help from several good roommates in college, so it’s consumed.
"Sister Shen told me that I found out that bastard man." Chu Yun hated this kind of cruel and heartless man most in his life.
"I don’t want to see him for the rest of my life." Shen Wan covered her mouth and began to cry. When she was pregnant, the other party took away all the money. Who accepted this for a woman?
"Sister Shen, don’t cry. There are many bad men and sisters in this world. She is still so young and beautiful that she will meet someone who really loves you and is good to you." Chu Yun comforted and hoped that she would think a little.
Shen Wan sobbed with Chu Yun, so she comforted him for so many days and had long regarded her as a good friend.
At noon, Chu Yun was eating in the hospital, so she stayed with Shen Wan. Then there was no one around her except the nurse.
At one o’clock in the afternoon, Koizumi Yuxu came in with a big bag of things, talking and laughing, and the three of them chatted into a ball.
It was not until dark that Chu Yun Koizumi and Yu Xu left together.
"Will you take me to play? I’m not very familiar with Huaxia Dragon City." Koizumi Yuxu said with a smile on his face.
"Where to play?" Chu Yun Dao couldn’t bear to refuse such a simple request from Chu Yun.
"Whatever," Koizumi said with a brilliant smile.
"Then I’ll take a tour guide." Chu Yun laughed.
"Thank you," Koizumi said happily.
To tell the truth, it’s actually not fun. Chu Yun just walked around with Koizumi Yuko and bought some barbecue things, but in this way Koizumi Yuko still had a good time, like a happy butterfly.
Chu Yun guessed that she should seldom come out before.
Let’s talk about it. After Chu Yun feels that he should be with her as little as possible, he can resist the temptation. But what if people look at him? Chu Yun, such a kind and naive girl, doesn’t want her to be trapped by love.
At this time, the two were sitting in a small noodle restaurant to eat noodles. Chu Yun felt that she was really stingy. She was also a billionaire and brought a girl to a place like this.
"Is it delicious? "Chu Yun saw that she ate with relish and knew nothing.
"Delicious! Your Chinese food is delicious," Koizumi Yuxu said while eating noodles.
And just then, a shot rang out inexplicably.
Hearing the gunshot, the passers-by who came and went immediately ran in a panic.
"Let’s go!" Chu Yun pushed Koizumi Yuxu because he felt that the bullet was passing by his shoulder. If he hadn’t noticed it before, he would have exploded a blood flower now.
Koizumi Yuxu was dumped by Chu Yun, but there was nothing they could do. Who asked them to target Chu Yun?
"Let’s go!" Chu Yun shouted at Koizumi that he might die because he was with himself.
Koizumi Yuxu fell to the ground and was completely stupid. Who expected this kind of thing to happen in this place?
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Chu Yun’s posture is flexible and his eyes are fast. He not only found the gun enemy in the chaotic crowd, but also successfully avoided these three bullets.