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But even if it’s a shield guard, it’s a hidden profession after all. No one can’t help it!

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Requirements: The first-level introduction comes from human beings a year ago. If this is a shield guard with both offensive and defensive functions, it is not a problem to deal with the enemy alone.
After reading the introduction, Chu Yun feels that this is not a good career. In his eyes, the shield guard is to defend, but this shield guard has both offensive and defensive skills? !
Is it a shield guard or a shield guard?
"Is this hidden profession rubbish?" Chu Yun mumbles that there are strong and weak points in the hidden profession. If it is strong, how can it be auctioned?
Moreover, this hidden professional lottery must come from the duke’s house. If the player will definitely change his job or set up an auction house instead of auctioning here.
Chu Yun thought a lot about this hidden career. It is impossible to draw hundreds of thousands, so he decided not to auction. Anyway, he already has hundreds of thousands of gold coins, but he can do a lot of things.
See shield guard Lin Weiwei interest a didn’t let such a lovely girl with a big shield to resist strange?
However, this is a hidden profession after all. Although the interest is gone, there is still vanity.
If you hide your career and then take your guild sisters to paint pictures, it is definitely a very proud thing.
"Chu Yun, you must help me with the auction." Lin Weiwei begged a little. Looking at Chu Yun, his eyes were shining and lovely.
"You’re a swordsman with a gold suit …" Chu Yun’s wake-up shield armor is plate armor, but the extra attributes are gone.
With such a wake-up, Lin Weiwei suddenly realized that if he changed his job, the hidden profession seemed to be very deficient.
"Sister Rose is a shield guard. Why don’t you auction it for her …" Lin Weiwei stared at Chu Yun with big eyes.
Rose is a powerful shield girl in the trade union. Lin Weiwei is better, otherwise she wouldn’t help her.
"Do you think the shield guard has become a career with both offensive and defensive skills or a good career?" Chu Yun asked that he was completely sure that this hidden profession was definitely not strong, otherwise the fool would auction it.
Is the duke a fool?
Chapter 137 Moon Wish!
"But this is a hidden career! ?” Lin Weiwei said that because the occupation is hidden in the eyes of players, it’s too powerful to meet!
"That’s right!" Chu Yun suddenly thought, "Don’t you have a hidden career?"
Chu Yunke still remembers that it seems that it’s time for the career of Streamer Sword God to break through.
"Wei Wei will give you a surprise before the martial arts meeting!"
Chu Yun grabbed Lin Weiwei by the shoulder. If Lin Weiwei gets a swordsmen’s hidden career, she will marry herself.
"What surprise?" Lin Weiwei was immediately attracted to it.
"Surprise is mysterious, of course." I’m very sure about testing Chu Yun, not to mention that I’m pregnant with two hidden occupations, and even worse, a mount and a pet!
"Then am I surprised?" See two people chatting sentence by sentence Chen Mengyao gather together to hug Chu Yun arm with a smile.
"Of course …" Chu Yun said in a weak voice that it was so strange to surprise another girl in front of his girlfriend! ?
"It’s good to have it, then I’ll wait." Chen Mengyao secretly pinched a handful of Chu Yun and didn’t surprise himself until he met him, but now he surprises other girls first! ?
Chu Yun eats pain but his face is stiff with a smile …
"Sister Yaoyao is jealous?" Lin Weiwei is not stupid. You can hear some changes in the tone of your best friend more or less.
"No!" Chen Mengyao won’t admit it.
Chu Yun cold sweat straight drop, she is worried that two close friends than sisters will turn against each other when the time comes? !
After all, this kind of thing is played too much in the TV play!
At this time, the auction has been started because of the hidden professional volume, and the scene has never been boiling.
In a short time, things have risen to 50 thousand gold coins
King Qingguang was very excited. Fortunately, he didn’t compete with that woman for the imperial pet fairy rope before. Otherwise, how could he have the strength to seize this hidden career?
To be honest, Chu Yun was hesitant. Although he knew that this hidden profession was rubbish, what if it was strong? Wouldn’t it be a waste of good things?
"Do you want Meng Yao?" Chu Yun is going to let Meng Yao make the decision. If she wants it, she will. If she doesn’t want it, don’t!
"I think forget it." Chen Mengyao shook his head. "You were right before. Shield guard has become a career with both offensive and defensive skills, so it is not a good career."
Chen Mengyao and Chu Yun think that the shield guard is a meat shield. If the value of the meat shield is lost, is the shield guard still a shield guard?
"Well," Chu Yun nodded. Since Meng Yao said so, then don’t. If the auction goes back, it will be a chicken rib hidden career, then it will be a loss.
"60 thousand!" Taiichi Qingguang got up from his seat and he trembled with excitement.
He was glad that his father didn’t auction the guild token, otherwise there would be no money to auction it.
King Qingguang seems to see that everyone’s eyes have noticed his body. He can’t help turning his head to look at the woman in white, but it is cruel to expect a beautiful reality.
She just stood there quietly, not to mention not moving!
King Qingguang’s heart is very painful. If she is willing to take a look at herself, she will die!
But this is a feeling. How is it possible to let him die? !
"60 thousand! Is there anyone else? " Su Ya looked around the field. If it is a powerful hidden profession, even if it is 100 billion, you can’t buy it, but it is quite high for this hidden profession of 60,000.
Black Dragon is too proud to see King Qingguang. "It must be a garbage hiding profession!"
Chu Yun’s mind is shared by many people, but they all want to fight for it. What if this profession is very powerful? Because of the limited number of gold coins, they can’t fight for it!
Hearing Yin Qingguang Wang was very angry and said, "You are jealous that I have a hidden career!"
"Hum!" The black dragon is too cold to care! It is true that he is jealous, otherwise he would not speak.
"I counted, if there is no one, then this hidden career will belong to this public." Su Ya smiled at King Qingguang as if she saw the God of Wealth.
No one speaks, not because they don’t want to say it, but because they can’t spell it!
“1、2、3! Deal! " Su Yaxiao remains the same.
King Qingguang trembled and hid his career. I couldn’t help laughing in my heart!
"Next is the last thing in our auction house, which is also the most precious, but the last thing is prepared by our women, but I believe that both men and women will love it at first sight." Su Ya introduced the introduction and her eyes could not help but show a slight turmoil
The most precious!
Hearing these four words, the players’ interest was aroused. Since the beauty auctioneer said so, the last one is definitely more precious than the guild token hidden professional lottery!