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It’s anger to see this fool raise his sword and the mushroom head has completely fallen into madness!

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"The sun, the moon and the stars!" A killing god spit out four words from his mouth.
"Old to spell! ‘
Seeing each other is still pretending to be a mushroom head, which is about to collapse, but it is too low and pitiful to cause harm to each other by yourself.
When the word "sword" is uttered, the sword in his hand immediately shines brightly!
The players made a sensation of this momentum, this king was domineering, and this light blew up the sky! ?
When killing and shouting the word’ death’, the sword in your hand is cut from the top of the mushroom head. If it is not in the game, the mushroom head is estimated to be split in half.
—221321 (Critical Strike) (Breaking Strike)
When this injury went crazy, all the players went crazy.
How is 202 million possible? Players can play this damage is definitely a plug-in! No, the plug-in is not hanging like this!
The mushroom head just disappeared into the ring. He never dreamed that he would be killed for a day!
There was a disdainful smile at the corner of his mouth, and then two words came out of his head!
This scene shook again, but everyone was a little relieved. Who is it? It’s strange that God killed more than 20 thousand people. Is it not strange at all?
After the first world war, 20 thousand injuries caused by killing God with one sword swept across China like waves. After all, it was terrible.
More than 20 thousand, if the player will be knocked off by him.
A word came out inexplicably because of hurting off the charts by killing God.
A sword kills God, Wan Jianchen!
Therefore, the names of the four heavenly kings of the Alliance for Covering the Heaven have reached the peak.
The ice emperor is thousands of miles away, frozen and snowy!
Emperor Yan burned the sky with flames!
Kill god with one sword, kill god with ten thousand swords!
Knife king, dragon shadow, dragon roar!
The four kings of the Alliance for Covering the Sky are all hot, and they are almost one, because in the eyes of players, these four are too strong, and no player can compete.
But everyone is curious about who is the strongest of these four people.
Can’t help but the players can’t wait for the game to progress quickly. Look at these four people. Who is the strongest?
Because these four people are so hot, Chu Yun is curious to see the video of these four people fighting. I don’t know if I can watch it. It’s a shock.
Let’s talk about the ice emperor. His staff in his hand is his own destiny. He got the ice staff.
Besides, Emperor Yan’s staff exploded when he killed Yan Ling.
Then there is the killing of God. He is a sword named Riyue star saber, and he got it himself from the wheel of destiny.
Finally, the sword king is flying all over the sky, and the dragon shadow is shocking. Are these two things originally their own?
For Chu Yun, these four people actually took their own auction equipment to force them to this point, which is definitely called the former ancients and latecomers.
"Ice emperor thousands of miles of frozen snow gone with the wind! Emperor Yan burned the sky with flames! Kill god with one sword, kill god with ten thousand swords! The sword king is full of dragons and shadows! " Chu Yun read this sentence again and thought, I don’t know if people are talking about God.
But I can’t help but say that these four people are quite strong, especially the killing god. Although it is a crit plus a smash, 20,000 injuries are no joke.
Chu Yun has some headaches. If he is attacked, he will definitely be killed. Fortunately, five lives are not afraid of being killed.
And the fairy hit more than 60 thousand damage at will. If she attacks hard, the damage is not off the charts.
And her time when the seven obsidian sky broke Chu Yun, I couldn’t help shivering at the thought of this skill, which was terrible.
Chapter 313 Crying girl!
The magic martial arts competition continues, and the excitement of the competition is by no means comparable to that of the martial arts conference.
There are three heavenly kings in the alliance of the martial arts association who are far from being famous now, and now the whole China is going crazy
Chen Mengyao received the news of the ice and blue competition. Naturally, Chu Yun and Lin Weiwei went to watch it.
The three people guess that the hidden occupation of Bing Lan is purple inflammation and the beautiful appearance will definitely cause a lot of screaming.
At that time, Bing Lan’s opponent was already in the ring. When she saw Bing Lan’s opponent, Chu Yun pulled Lin Weiwei. "Isn’t he your cousin?"
Lin Weiwei rolled their eyes. "My cousin is dead."
Yes, it’s Lin Zhi against Bing Lan, but in Chu Yunlin Weiwei’s view, Lin Zhi is dead.
"Beauty, leave a message number." Lin Zhi laughed at the sight that his opponent was a big beauty.
Binglan’s personality belongs to the cold type and ignores the shameless man opposite.
"Beauty, say something, okay, brother, but Yushu’s jade tree is popular, and Lolita’s little brother Wang Shuai" said Lin Zhi and showed his game name.
I regret seeing a man with such a face. If I had known, I should have put on my veil.
The name of the game is handsome brother!
Seeing these three literal players shouting, laughing and laughing, it’s all right if Lin is straight and handsome, but the problem is that the other player is not handsome at all and it’s dark.
"This idiot!" Lin Weiwei blushes for each other.
When the game was played, Lin Zhi said to Bing Lan instead of attacking, "Beauty, I won’t attack you to let me die in peony flowers."
Say that finish Lin Zhi step forward closed his eyes a pair of death.