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After everything is on track; If there is no change, then according to the current collection speed of Sunday; Just give Sunday a hundred years or so; Sunday dare to say for sure; At that time, I will be able to collect enough merits needed to break through Xuangong, and a hundred years later; You can return to the celestial world again as a saint.

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But obviously; Some things don’t develop how they want on Sunday. The collection of merits here on Sunday has just entered the right track, and now the world; It was at that time that there was a sudden change, which inevitably had a certain impact on Sunday’s plan. At the same time; This situation also aroused Sunday’s vigilance, making Sunday have to speed up his plan to avoid accidents.
I don’t know for what reason; All of a sudden, those demons seem to be crazy and start killing a lot of Terran forces. On Sunday, because it is located in Alice’s territory, there has never been any danger, but there have been a lot of wars between people and demons in other places, even under the strong attack of the demon clan; One of the few kingdoms on the Terran side was captured by the Demons.
On Sunday, I didn’t know the purpose of the demon clan’s action; However, Sunday’s heart has a bad feeling. Because of that feeling, Sunday decided to improve his self-cultivation, in order to avoid being unable to take out the strength of resistance in the face of a sudden crisis.

Chapter two hundred and eighty-six A successful breakthrough
Chapter two hundred and eighty A successful breakthrough
After nearly a period of hard work, Sunday has not broken through the original realm at this time, but after harvesting a lot of merits, Sunday’s progress is also visible. Although it is still in the realm of five turns, it is only the last half step away from the turning state of Xuangong on Sunday, as long as it makes a little progress; On Sunday, I felt that I was going to break through to the realm of turning Xuangong; It should be a sure thing.
The last level is often the most difficult to break through, and Sunday clearly knows it; If you want to make a breakthrough, then the number of merits needed for the final breakthrough will be absolutely amazing. And according to Sunday’s current harvest method; Although there are a lot of merits, I still don’t know how long it will take to collect enough merits. Under the condition of sensing an unknown crisis, it is naturally impossible for Sunday to honestly collect merit breakthroughs in a normal way.
In urgent need of a lot of merits; Sunday can’t rob the merits of those monks under his command, and Sunday is estimated to come out at the same time; The hands of the monks under his command also don’t have much merit to grab. Since his monks can’t get anything there, Sunday naturally focused on Alice at that time.
One is to go to Alice to reap the merits, and the other is; Now Sunday knows that the unknown crisis is definitely coming from the demon clan. In such a case; The information that can’t be collected by ordinary channels on Sunday can definitely be inquired about by Alice. Know yourself and know yourself; Since the crisis is sensed, it is naturally necessary to know about the enemy’s information at that time on Sunday, in such a case; No matter in what way; It is absolutely necessary to meet Alice on Sunday.
After the heart has that idea; On Sunday, after throwing all the things in Tianshan City to Ximenfeng, he quietly went out of the city directly and headed for the devil’s territory …
A black robe; Holding Alice’s token, with such a dress, Sunday can be said to be unimpeded within Alice’s territory. Even if Sunday’s dress is enough to arouse the vigilance of many demons, with the help of Alice’s token, all the way into Alice’s Lord’s Mansion, Sunday arrived without any accident, and after getting familiar with it, she entered Alice’s Lord’s Mansion. Sunday is not immediately in a hurry to see Alice; Instead, I went to live in a small courtyard arranged by Alice for Sunday.
It is said that the relationship between Sunday and Alice is quite complicated, although nominally Alice surrendered to Sunday’s account. However, there are no restrictions on Alice on Sunday, and Alice has no consciousness as a subordinate. The relationship between the two sides is more like a lover than a superior.
If you have something to do on Sunday at ordinary times; I will inevitably bother Alice, and Alice’s words; It is also like treating Sunday as a sexual partner. Usually, as long as there is a need in that respect, I will go to Sunday. According to the strength of the two’ people’, it is far beyond the strength of others. The two sides clearly belong to the rulers of different camps, but the relationship under S and is better than anyone can think of.
At the beginning, in order to prevent their relationship from being discovered by others, although they were able to move freely on each other’s territory. However, they generally don’t take the initiative to find each other, but they arrange rooms for each other in their own homes, and they will be known when someone checks in; And then after dealing with their own things, meet again under s and.
Such a s: and will, although according to the identity of Sunday and Alice to do such a thing if let outsiders know is definitely a great fun. But according to the identity between the two sides; The two sides get along but have to use this way.
In general; As long as it is Sunday to his palace; Most of Alice will come to you soon. But I don’t know what’s going on this time. It’s been a while since I arrived at Alice on Sunday. Alice has never appeared, although she is not in a hurry to see Alice on Sunday, but now Alice’s performance; However, it has already attracted the attention of Sunday, which makes Sunday have all kinds of speculations.
On Sunday, I wondered why Alice had delayed coming to see herself, but it was not until Sunday that Alice sat for nearly a day that she opened the yard where Sunday was, and came in from the outside with a very tired modality.
When I saw Alice; Originally, my heart still had a lot of questions to ask Alice on Sunday, but it was hard to ask those questions to Alice. Hurriedly helped Alice into the yard and let her rest for a little time; On Sunday, I couldn’t help but be curious; At that time, he asked Alice, "What happened? How do you this … "
"Nothing; Just my territory to a guest, I … "
"What’s the matter?" Sunday didn’t believe Alice at all; Just like Alice interrupted him, in the case that Alice was halfway through, Sunday also rudely interrupted Alice’s words.
Get along for a long time; Both Sunday and Alice have a certain understanding of each other, so Sunday can see through Alice’s guilt when she said that and know that Alice’s words are untrue.
And Alice also seems to know that she can’t fool Sunday; After listening to Sunday’s words, he stayed for a while; Then, after sighing, it was at that time that he spoke to Sunday and replied, "The Devil of blood night came to my territory and asked me to hand over a million people to him within one month."
Listen to Alice; Sunday couldn’t help but spend a stay at that time. Alice’s words reminded Sunday of one thing. When I came to Alice here, there was something I wanted to ask Alice on Sunday. What’s wrong with the demon clan at the moment, since it will be so crazy to hunt Terrans.
At present, there is no question here on Sunday, but those words that Alice said were found in the invisible help Sunday.
"Millions of terrans; Who is that blood night demon king? What do you want to catch so many terrans for? "
Listen to the words of Sunday; Alice just hesitated for a moment, and finally she answered Sunday’s question.
"Lord blood night is one of the lords who arrived in this world, and at the same time, his strength has reached the peak of the Lord. Because of the help of the rules, I believe that it has made some progress in this period of time. Plus, it is a blood clan. Now it needs a lot of Terrans. It should be promoted to become a fiend through the blood of Terrans and the rules of killing people. "
"What?" Listen to Alice; Sunday was naturally startled. I never thought that what I heard from Alice would be such an answer. In this case; Sunday remembered the recent events again, but immediately asked Alice again, "Is that why our Terran side was attacked by you demons recently?"
After hesitating for a moment again; In the end, Alice still didn’t hide anything, just nodded; Then he nodded and replied: "That’s right; Except me, almost all the lords have received his orders, although they don’t know the specific situation; However, if your Terran is attacked, it should be related to him. "
"This is really …" After listening to Alice’s words; Zhou naive don’t know what to say, Terran encounter such a big change, almost all can be called the cause of the crisis of genocide, since it’s just because a demon king of the demon clan has a heart to try to break through.
At the same time, my heart felt unworthy for those dead terrans, and Zhou Tianxin was also tightened because of the information Alice said. Many thoughts flashed in my mind, but it was because of those words Alice said. And let Sunday passively have the idea of improving the overall strength of Terran.
Just because a demon king is about to break through and give an order, the terran in this world is facing the crisis of genocide, which is enough to explain many problems. Don’t say anything else; At present, the demon clan can almost not destroy the Terran for such a lame reason, so maybe in the future, for other reasons, maybe the Terran will really be destroyed by the demon clan.
If the Terran does not exist; Then it also means that the rules of this world are already different, so that; It is impossible for Sunday to gain merit by the current method. If you don’t want your previous efforts to be in vain, then Sunday must ensure that the Terran will not be so fragile and destroyed by the other party.
In the past, it was because the existence of Terran had great benefits for the demon clan, and at the same time, Terran had certain self-protection strength. So Sunday always thinks; Demons are not really serious about Terran, while Terran is facing Demons. It’s not completely defenseless.
But now the fact is proved; Sunday’s idea is wrong, Terran has a certain strength; But for the strength of the demon race; But it is far from strong enough to be able to protect itself as you think on Sunday. If you want the demon family to be serious, it depends on the fact that the demon family only has the action and will bring Terran B and this situation; Really want to be serious; If the demon clan wants to destroy the Terran, the Terran really has no ability to resist.
Meanwhile; The importance of Terran in the eyes of the demon clan is far less important than Sunday thought. A demon king promoted to fiend can make the demon clan do this. If there is any fiend who needs it at the time of breakthrough; It is estimated that the demon clan will directly sacrifice all the terrans in this world as sacrifices.
All kinds of situations show a fact; Terran’s current situation is very bad, although it hasn’t reached that point yet, but maybe when; Terran will really be destroyed for some inexplicable reason.
In order not to lose this opportunity to collect merits, Sunday naturally needs to enhance some strength for the Terran, not to say that the Terran in this world really has stronger strength than the demon clan. At least when the demon clan wants to start work on the Terran, Sunday still hopes that the Terran will have certain self-protection strength; It won’t be destroyed so easily by the other party.
Meanwhile; Eye of the week is a flash of cold light, and another idea comes to mind.
"I want to kill the blood night demon king; I don’t think you have that opinion. "
When Alice suddenly uttered such a sentence on Sunday, she couldn’t help but stay for a while, but then she seemed to have been pricked by a needle under her ass and jumped three feet high. Pointing directly at Sunday, he said, "You are crazy; The other party is the devil king, and it is going to be the devil king of the fiend. Although your strength is good; But at most, it is a little better than me, if you are on the other side according to your current cultivation; Maybe there won’t be a chance. "