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When they arrive at the stairs, Yalai and the four girls will carry the water together, but the result is not the case.

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In m-girls, a girl dressed in a neutral dress leans over her waist and directly lifts the bucket!
Handsome and elegant because of the bucket, the other party nodded a compliment in my heart, saying that this is a real woman!
Zhao Tiantian, that’s a myth!
But the girl picked up the bucket and said, "play music!" at the three little friends around her.
Hearing these two words, Ya feels awkward, but the three friends over there have already sang "Set Mahan, you are mighty and magnificent …"
Ya "…! ! !”
Can you still play like this?
And Zhang Liru looked at it in wait for a while for a long time before he smoked his lips and said shyly, "You city people really know how to play."
If this is changed to Zhao Tiantian Ya, it is definitely more than your fellow villager’s words.
But at this time, I was surrounded by Zhang Liru and Zhang Liru’s hometown seemed to be really homesick, and I didn’t say anything, but I smiled awkwardly.
After returning to the dormitory, Ya will directly beat his brain and take out his notes from the closet.
Hanging the No.1 trumpet on the surface to grow cotton, the income of the 25-level daily necessities is still good, and it is worth sacrificing a number to farm.
Yu Xiaoer No.2 was hung on the bench and continued to be thrown into the wild to collect herbs.
However, Fu Su, a large elegant mountain, didn’t rush to do anything else after logging in, but hit the camp rankings
There are two camps in the comparison ranking.
The first place in the ranking list is still too long, while the first place in Long Xing is not a mountain with Qiao Song.
The two camps need players to meet level 5 before they can send Taixu Dreamland through the media location-Lanling, and then camp pk can be carried out there.
Camp pk will not add murderous look, but it will drop objects, and it is a terrible setting to drop objects by one third!
However, according to official website, the dreamland is a terrible scene, but at the same time, its resources are extremely rich!
However, after meeting the level, players can come to the other camp through the illusory world, but it is only limited to intermediate scenes.
After all, the game still needs to protect those low-level friends!
After looking at the ranking list, Ya suddenly looked forward to the arrival of level 5, and Lang was so clever that he was willing to take a good look at the ranking list of one or two camps, which was definitely better than finding himself.
After all, it was two people who had agreed on a good name, and Lang wanted to come or remember it.
Then after the player meets level 5, those friends who pour dirty water on Yashen must be trembling every day!
Ya doesn’t bother to use other people’s strength to vent his anger, but Lang is different. That’s what your own brother should not use carelessly!
After looking at the leaderboard, I thought about my previous adventure and decided to go to the other three primary scenes to find the card corner to see if I could have the same adventure.
But before the characters left Chang ‘an, they saw their private chat channels flashing.
Now that my shop has opened, my friends can go and see for themselves if they need anything.
I don’t bargain myself. I often have contacts with my friends. My friends know that even if I talk privately, I don’t!
And a marshal, they just took the intermediate medicine from their own hands, and they don’t want to consume it so fast. But who will they be when they talk privately?
Ya ordered her private chat channel with some doubts. It was a mess in the wind when she saw it clearly!
Words … Is the whole world a fantasy?
Or ….. Who stole this one?
I feel that the painting style is too strange and elegant. I think I must have opened my eyes in the wrong way. I can’t help but close my eyes and open them again, but everything is still there! ! !
Thank you, city friends, for a long time. Liao Xiao has forgotten the string. Who listens to the tail ring and rewards?
Thank you, my friend, for voting for five monthly tickets (there are five more to go).
This is the fifth more normal situation today and the last night today. Of course, if the monthly ticket is 9, there will be another one. It’s more important to watch the mud sprout ~ L
☆ Chapter 15 Accident (6 more powder 9+)
[Private chat] Is Taichangqin honest with you?
It’s a simple word, but it’s elegant!
By the way, this one isn’t really stolen, is it?
This simple and rude words are replaced by a male god who is extremely cold in the eyes of his friends. This picture is too inconsistent!
Besides, Ya actually thinks that this discussion is really great. Anyway, they are all wronged. Why don’t they sit down and make a mistake and then play games together?
Ya thinks the proposal that the piano is too long is really to her liking, but what if it is too long and she is pregnant with other thoughts?
Isn’t it nice to come directly and cheerfully?