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He is in shock, flapping his chest and looking up, nine emperors are still in the same place somehow. It is a figure. He doesn’t even have a move, but somehow he feels that the temperature is several degrees lower than usual.

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In fact, in front of Zhu’s door, she was scared just now, and now she is in danger. She is holding her back against the door in shock, clutching her chest and panting heavily.
It’s like seeing something terrible, and my face is pale, as if I’m going to die in the west at once
Colchicine heard the courtyard ringing and hurried out of the house to see this scene.
Before she hurriedly took danger eucalyptus hand put her cold hand in his own hands "miss, what’s going on? Did you just go out? Why do you get up so early today? "
Eucalyptus Yu likes to stay in bed. When it’s okay, she must sleep until three o’clock every day. Sometimes it’s too much to sleep directly until nearly noon. It’s impossible for her to get up before she gets up.
Colchicine some worry looking at danger eucalyptus.
In the eyes of eucalyptus at the age of danger, there is a dead body and a warm cloak, which will keep her whole person tight and still have the temperature of the person.
Danger at the age of eucalyptus suddenly curled his lips and put out his hand and hugged the autumn water. "Autumn water is over. This time it’s really over. You may burn paper for me in Muslim …"
After she woke up yesterday, she felt sad and regretted for a whole day, and even she couldn’t sleep at night. Even her dream was a picture of two people kissing in a brothel, but the color was no longer color, but it was filtered into black and white. This scene showed the crime of eucalyptus in danger.
She guessed that in the end, she should not be beheaded, but it is best not to ask after the autumn.
So after tossing and turning all night, she stared at the huge dark circles, and somehow got up and went to Yuheng’s residence, which is the residence of eucalyptus at the age of danger, but it took two steps.
Chapter 4. Chapter 4
"But you yourself said just now that the state treasury is empty and tight. If the city is going to build such a large-scale construction and start spending a lot, where should it come from?"
The emperor, asking Yu Heng why.
"I think," Yu Heng thought for a moment, "the money built in previous lives can be raised by fundraising."
Yu Heng said "Yes"
"There are many temples in the world, many of which are now famous for their incense. In those days, they were also poor and poor. For example, Lin’ an Temple in Zhongnanshan was built by the lobbying of mirror masters and the fundraising of local wealthy businessmen."
"I think … since this method is feasible in temples, in Beijing, the construction of civil reinforcement walls is a matter for the benefit of the people. When the crisis comes, it must be that your wealthy businessmen in Beijing want Zhongnanshan people to be more reasonable and the people will not stand by and collect money."
In fact, there will not stand by and watch, but it will not be said because of the face.
Yu Heng thinks so.
Is the emperor suddenly got up from his seat, turned and walked out of the table, walked to the front of Yuheng.
He looked at Yuheng and made his similar outline with him. In a trance, he remembered that absolute beauty girl Yan was dazzled for a while when she was in Jiangnan.
"Yuheng, I didn’t expect you to be so good." At such a big age, I have already seen the problem very thoroughly. The emperor is mumbling, saying that he should stop lifting and fall towards Yuheng’s shoulder.
Yuheng, on the other hand, did not move, bent down to salute and missed bending over when the palm of Emperor Zheng fell on his shoulder.
"I am afraid."
The emperor’s hand was awkward and crystal-clear, and he paused and then took it back.
"Since this method is made by you, Yu Heng, although you are still young, I also want to give you this opportunity."
"The refugees outside the city are resettled in the city, and the construction of civil engineering is expensive and wealthy."
"Will you do it if you leave it to yourself?"
As soon as this statement came out, the two teenagers were all shocked, but Gu Chengyun moved more. This is the main reason why he cooked the duck in his mouth today and suddenly entered someone else’s bowl.
"Nine younger brother, you are still young and have no experience for the first time. Otherwise, let the third brother come to this resettlement? You first follow the third brother in the side looking at the third brother to teach you "Gu Chengyun unwilling way.
He’s luring Yu Heng to hand over the matter. If it really falls into his hands, hum … then everything is up to him.
Emperor Xuanzheng Hall and Gu Chengyun are both looking forward to looking at the tall and straight young man, and they are watching him slowly in their anxious eyes.
"I promise"
"… Father"
When Yu Heng came back from Xuanzheng Hall, it happened that Mao Shi had just arrived. Mao Shi was the last time he guessed that we met with the matter of resettling refugees, which surprised him even more. I didn’t expect the emperor to hand it over to him.
Therefore, he stayed in Xuanzheng Hall for a moment to discuss more trivial matters.
As soon as he entered the hospital, he was greeted by them, and they walked into Fubian in the direction of the room and said
"I told Sima Fu to ask for leave when he came to the Ninth Hall just now. He didn’t say much and has been waiting for the temple for half an hour."
Yuheng smell speech steps to speed up, and there is not much distance from the courtyard to the room. He stood at the door of the room in a few quick steps.
He pushed the door open, crossed the threshold and walked in. "Sorry I’m late."
Sima Qiu, who was really sitting in the plush chair, looked up and saw that he had come back and said "things" and then put his hand in "We are going to talk about the Art of War of the Four Kingdoms today"
Yuheng was walking towards his desk. When he heard Sima Qiu’s words, he was invisible and paused, and then sat down in his seat as if nothing had happened.