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Fang Heng kotow "grandpa four-"

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Xiao Liancheng just wanted to talk when Xiao Linchu pushed Xiao Linchu away behind him. "What happened to your mother?"
Fang Heng pursed her lips and was thinking that if she reported the matter to Xiao Linchu alone, Feng Dan’s balls had spoken again. "Uncle Xiaochu, help your mother. Her mother will be killed by Feng Xianglian!"
Xiao Linchu eyebrows a wrinkly fly away toward the outside without saying a word.
Xiao Liancheng smiles enchanting and leans on Fang Heng’s shoulder. "Laos, you say who is so bold to protect Xiao’s hands … Chapter 54 Who is your mother?
Chapter 54 Who is your mother?
Fang Heng bowed his head "I don’t know!"
Xiao Liancheng is quite rhythmic and shaking his legs. "Third brother is also in such a hurry. What do you do? Send someone directly to copy the Feng family to make them awake. This little girl will naturally be fine!"
Fang Hengyu: "Grandpa Four has not exposed his identity in Ancheng at present!"
Xiao Liancheng’s bowl "Your family’s three birds and beasts are bad at this point, and they have to set up chastity archways to rape, rape and plunder girls, and now they have five people and six people to install elephants …"
Fang Heng "…"
Mammy "…"
Behind Xiao Liancheng, everyone "…"
Xiao Liancheng plays around and walks to the front of chicken balls. "Pa" opens the folding fan. "Who is your mother? What are the three birds and beasts in our family? "
Feng Dan took a look at Xiao Liancheng and answered clearly, "My mother’s name is Feng Yunqing and she is uncle Chu’s wife!"
Xiao Liancheng’s hand fan fell to the ground and albert nobbs’s face was full of shock.
He looked at Feng Dan’s balls with his mouth open and whispered, "Your mother is Feng Yunqing, who said that she was ugly, uneducated and pregnant before she got married?"
Chicken balls frown and nod although they don’t agree with Xiao Liancheng’s words
Xiao Liancheng turned back to his attendants and said, "The three birds and beasts have already taken the lead. We must find Fengyunqiang as soon as possible!"
The people behind him nodded with certainty, and five people flew away from five directions.
Fang Heng’s face was heavy, and Feng Dan’s balls were confused. Mammy sighed, "Do they know that their brothers are fighting for their mother like this?"
Fang Heng shook his head. "I’m afraid I don’t know if I knew Grandpa Four, I wouldn’t be here!"
Xiao Linchu searched the whole Ancheng Department again, but there was no phoenix cloud and light shadow.
He is worried that Feng Xianglian will catch Feng Yunqing into the secretariat office and break into the secretariat office alone. Finally, he will upset the whole secretariat office and still can’t find Feng Yunqing.
Seeing that it was already dark, he was worried. It would be more dangerous to find Fengyun later.
His face is as heavy as water, knowing that he can’t hide his identity, he plans to go to the government to mobilize troops to search the city on a large scale.
Just got back to the clause and prepared to let Fang Heng swing his car and stab a sword with cold light.
Xiao Linchu retreated and evaded the sword, but there was still a strand of hair that could not be fortunate.
He shot like the wind, and his two fingers caught the sword.
The sword stopped a hair in front of his nose.
He squinted at Xiao Liancheng, the owner of the sword, and went on the rampage with the sword. "Xiao Linchu, you bastard, you have married Feng Yunqing. What do you mean?"
Xiao Linchu’s facial expression has beautiful eyes flashing with sharp brilliance. He said slowly, "It’s so light that Xiao Liancheng should know that the position belongs to me. Chapter 55 My Xiao Liancheng is good at hooking and attracting couples.
Chapter 55 My best skill in Xiao Liancheng is to hook and lead couples.
Xiao Liancheng gnashed her teeth. "Let your mother’s bullshit father say let me come to the city to find Fengyun light!"
Xiao Linchu sneered, "My mother is also your mother, and a few days ago, I told the capital that I was married to Yunqing. Get out of Ancheng!"
With a sword between his fingers, he suddenly stepped back and stared at Xiao Linchu with his face pale.
When the house heard the noise, Mammy ran out and saw that the two brothers were at loggerheads. "Little Chuncheng, what are you doing?" If the imperial concubine knows that you are brothers and sisters, I am afraid I will be angry again! "
Xiao Liancheng turned around and glared at Mammy with a cold hum. "My mother has long known that three birds and beasts came to the city to marry Feng Yunqing?"
Mammy nai nodded and Xiao Liancheng was even more angry. She sighed and said, "Chengcheng didn’t refuse to come to Ancheng at that time because you abandoned Fengyun’s lightness and ugliness?" Why have you changed your mind now? "
Xiao Liancheng gritted his teeth and stared at Xiao Linchu. Xiao Linchu’s expression regarded Xiao Liancheng’s murder in his eyes.
Xiao Liancheng snorted coldly. "Three birds and beasts, wait for me. Don’t you marry Fengyun, and the rest will be assured. What Xiao Liancheng is good at is hooking up and attracting couples!"
Xiao Linchu gave him a contemptuous look, which seemed to say that I have despised you for many years.
He turned to look at Mammy. "Where’s Fang Heng?"
Mammy shook her head. "I’ve gone to the Secretariat House with Feng Dan. I guess I’ll make a chicken fly a dog to jump!"
Xiao Linchu nodded. "See Fang Heng and let him go directly to the general office to find me-"
He turned and left before Mammy. "Xiao Chu, are you going to transfer troops to the general’s office?"
Xiao Linchu nodded again. What else can we do in this situation except to turn the whole Ancheng upside down?
Mammy is a little difficult. "Isn’t it a bit of a fuss to mobilize the whole army in order to find Fengyun?"
"Aunt, what do you know about that ugly monster? It’s a big plan for the three birds and beasts, not to mention the transfer of troops. Even if you kill the king and usurp the throne, you won’t hesitate to do it!" Xiao Liancheng beside radical said
Mammy’s face has turned white, but Xiao Linchu’s look has not changed. In the face of Xiao Liancheng’s ridicule of deep and remote cold eyes and calm waves.