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"Yesterday, I saw those families choose some suitable gifts to send home. If you have children, you should also prepare a few pieces to send to the specific place, and ask Fang Mammy to watch and prepare." After eating breakfast, Su Mian said

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The handmaiden were busy and went to settle down.
In less than noon, Yancheng families received gifts from Liewang Palace.
Yesterday, Princess Lielie left a little early, and they were uneasy. When they met her, they were relieved to send gifts.
I can’t help but admire that the Su family was born badly, and now it seems that they are very savvy. They were not arrogant yesterday. They were all ready yesterday. What if this fierce princess has a bad temper? Don’t we all have to suffer? Today’s reply is also very reasonable and well-founded.
At that time, after you spread the fierce princess Su, Yancheng soon had a good name of kindness and courtesy, which was not expected. Chapter 85 It was not until outsiders went to know.
It’s getting brighter and the snow is getting heavier.
Mu Wanting sat by the window, and the guards were waiting to send her back to Mu’s house.
A little while later, a little eunuch came in and said, "Lord … Mammy Liu, she … she …"
"Say" MuWanting looked back at the eunuch.
"It’s her … she hanged herself and died …" The little eunuch said uneasily that Mammy Liu was the main confidant.
Mu Wanting paused and smiled "Oh"
Not one extra word, hanging beam, killing himself? How could it be that the temple forbade her to live any longer?
Little eunuch gawk just one word? Is it like handling?
But Mu Wanting won’t talk again. She’s too lazy to say that everyone has gone. Left and right, they won’t watch Mammy Liu rot in the house and always get it out.
The clouds and the moon are silent, and their hearts are uneasy and sad. Mammy Liu has served the Lord for twenty years and ended up in such a place. What about them? Where is their future?
Now they envy those handmaiden who can follow the Lord to the northwest, but they have no chance.
"They are out of the city in the main hall." Another eunuch came in.
"Well, I want to walk around." Mu Wanting got up and walked out.
Thin cloud busy will give her a red cloak to hold her.
Although the two guards were ordered to escort her back to Mu’s house, it was not that she was not allowed to walk around. At this time, the main house was gone, and she thought that everything was fine.
Mu Wanting first walked around the familiar place in her own courtyard, but she felt strange. Is there any chance to come back after leaving today?
She still remembers seeing this hospital for the first time on her wedding day. It was very satisfying and luxurious, and there were wives, honorable and decent everywhere, but it became a cold cage when I didn’t know it.
It turns out that luxury, dignity and dignity after that man doesn’t come are all floating clouds?
She took a deep breath in the heavy snow and stepped out with a cold breath.
Holding the umbrella on the moon is busier than holding the thin cloud.
She strolled into the garden, where the flowers and trees were dying, and the little eunuchs protected the flowers and trees, where they were tied with straw mats and wrapped in cloth
Sue’s side princess likes that bunch of roses and is protected by a small thatched cottage built by little eunuchs for fear that the snow will destroy the branches and will not spend them next year.
Mu Wanting smiled bitterly and turned a blind eye to her. This house has long been her Su family. How can she plant a flower and a tree in such a big garden?
Mu Wanting looked up at the plaque at the door. It was a temple font. She remembered that it was not this plaque when Su had not entered the house. It was a temple to please his beloved woman.
See MuWanting want to go in thin cloud called a.
"I can’t go in and have a look? Door "MuWanting dismissive way
Shiva is guarding the courtyard today, and she dare not stop and push the gate at this time.
Hatsune Hatsune, as usual, saw the garden as soon as you entered. The thatched hut was also protected by a bunch of roses, but it was specially transplanted from the south.
Mu Wanting ignored the dazzling things and wandered in.
The carved cloisters are lifelike, and the red lacquer columns are not dimmed at all because of the owner’s departure. The green railings are wide and neat, or they are solid and good wood when sitting or decorating.
When I entered the room, I felt a bleak feeling. I don’t know how long it took for things to be taken away naturally.
In the main room, a three-legged copper incense burner has a faint fragrance, but it is familiar with it but hates it.
So precious spices she mixed with miscellaneous incense burning to play or temple to see her so can’t burn a good fragrance to specially ask the government to develop a special burning cloud sandalwood with her.
Mu Wanting became more and more pale, but her lips became more and more smiling.