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Su Yi bowed her head and pouted her lips.

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"My mother spent more than 30 years without a father or a mother." Gu Jinxi bowed his head in a cold tone, as if telling that he had nothing to do. "Just after such a big change, he was forced by his adoptive parents to be" xianggong "and" good-bye "and it was difficult to find his own biological parents. When he had a place to rely on, he was accused by his sister-in-law and niece of wanting to climb high and covet other people’s money. Hehe, Mrs. Xie, if it was you, would you be able to stand it?"
Su Yi looked up at Gu Jinxi. It turned out that she was suffering in her heart. She could feel it. Is this the so-called mother-daughter connection?
"Mrs. Xie, I’m sorry!"
Mrs. Xie listened to the tears, but it was like bursting its banks. "Sorry, we are sorry for you and me …"
"Aunt, my eldest brother and sister are not doing the right thing. They are not sensible …" Xie Zhen’s mouth also wants to argue that even so, Gu Jin sunseeker’s sarcastic eyes are so small that he can’t say anything.
Gu Jin sunseeker smiled a bow "I said Xie Gu money we family won’t want you a cent; In this matter, I think Mrs. Xie should go back and discuss it with your sons and grandchildren. Just because our family doesn’t covet doesn’t guarantee that others don’t want it. "
Gengjia Linchuan is also a noble family, but this Geng Shi was not so good when he was in the boudoir.
"I heard that it’s been difficult for Geng Jiahe Heng Wu Chamber of Commerce Stuart’s family to withdraw funds at the same time." Gu Jin Sunseeker looked leisurely and turned to look outside.
Near dusk, the afterglow of the sunset silently seems to cover the whole cool capital in a hazy red cloud.
Geng Shi suddenly face changed turned to look at Gu Jin sunseeker eyes wide open "you you …"
"Young players don’t understand, please ask Miss Gu to show leniency and give Geng’s family an open hand." Xie Zhen’s eyes flashed almost quickly, and Gu Jin’s thoughts were white.
Heng Wu Yuan Heng Wu Chamber of Commerce!
Isn’t all this obvious? It’s just that they didn’t feel too bad in the past
"Xier?" Su Yi also some puzzled look at Gu Jin sunseeker.
"My young lady has always kept a boudoir without leaving the second door. She has never been to the place outside Liangdu since the Blue City returned to Liangdu in those years. The old slave" Master Zhen "may have mistaken me for someone else." Sue Mammy bowed her head and said it was not urgent or slow.
Xie Zhen smell speech face changed, family three young master from the commercial whole cool capital who knows who knows; Scholars, peasants, workers and businessmen prefer official career, which is not the right way, but it happened that they have to eat, wear, live and travel, which is the right way to get away from businessmen. It’s really a shallow eyelid and a slight frown. It’s so chic for Gu Jinxi to talk about businessmen’s unusual expression. Xie Zhen has come to calm the heart lake with a little light. Is on second thought of Geng Shi business situation these days, his heart sank again.
"Some time ago, the government had the man from Linchuan who went back. Miss Lin also just heard about it. On the contrary, Mrs. Xie Shaoshao’s reaction is a bit big. Is this Linchuan City news true? " Gu Jinxi was puzzled
Mrs. Xie looked at Su Yi with a twinkle in her eyes. "Can Yi Er really not forgive them?"
"Mrs Xie I …" Su Yi exactly hesitated.
As Ye Zhenniang said, the most hope for orphans and orphans like them since childhood is to find their own parents or ask something in person, so that they can see for themselves before they die, and they don’t even know what their own parents look like. They can find their own relatives like Su Yi, and they have never given up looking for themselves after all these years. She is lucky but unfortunate at the same time.
Some things are far from being as simple as imagined.
"It’s just" Mrs. Xie bowed her head. "This thing is really too sudden. What Xie Yu and Xie Qi did will make you sad, Niang … I also know that Yi Er has been awake for years. He has been paralyzed in a wheelchair but never gave up looking for his sister. If you have one, I wonder if you can go and see him."
Su Yibei’s teeth are light and her lips are red, and she can cry at any time. "It’s good that Xie Gong is awake."
"Escape son really wants to meet you" feels that Su Yi’s tone seems to be softer. Mrs. Xie immediately leaned forward and looked at Su Yi with a strong hope.
Gu Jin sunseeker bowed their heads to Xie Yi her heart is grateful; Now with such a layer in my heart, I am naturally worried.
"It’s too late today to take a rain check." Su Yi took a deep breath.
Mrs. Xie nodded. "It’s very sad to see you go. It’s getting late. I … We’ll go back first. You also have an early rest. Don’t be exhausted."
"Well," Su Yi nodded and turned to Sue Mammy and said, "Mammy Fujian."
"Zhen Niang also goes" Ye Zhenniang comes out at the same time.
There are two mothers and daughters left in the whole drawing room, and they are still holding their fingers in their infancy.
Su Yi bowed her head and sighed gently. "Isn’t Xi Er Niang very stupid?"
"In any case, the Xie Gu couple will always be your own parents." Gu Jinxi bowed his head and looked at each other. In this matter, even if he went to Su Yi’s position, he might not be able to do better than her. Whether there is Geng Shi Xie Gu is always a quagmire. "There are some things you should think about yourself."
"Five-year-old" Su Yi seems to be looking at Gu Jinxi with a sigh. "Remember that time when you disappeared when you were five years old? At that time, my mother was so scared that you were abducted and adopted like me, and then silently counted the dates and hoped that her biological parents would find themselves, but it was thirty years. "
I’ve never heard Su Yi talk about her childhood. Gu Jinxi leaned against a soft chair and held a teacup with her hands, but the drinker didn’t make a sound.
Su Yi’s eyes burst into tears. "Do you know how oversensitive Niang is when you finally come back? At that time, my mother was very grateful to Cang, even though my generation was doomed to never see my biological parents. I wanted you to be safe and contented. Since childhood, my mother didn’t know how to experience her biological parents. Since childhood, I have been white and different from Sue’s family. The adopted child is destined to grow up faster because I am not qualified to coquetry and enjoy these years. I have been living in fear and silently enduring Mrs. Gu’s picky and silently swallowing all the hardships, but I don’t want to hurt you. "
"Mother knows mother knows" Su Yi bowed her head and slipped into her skirt from tears down her eyes.
"…" Gu Jin sunseeker low head also eyes red nose sour.
Su Yi closed her eyes, took a deep breath and sipped her thin lips slightly. "Whether Xie Jia or Wang Jiachu’s family wants you to recognize your ancestors or not, it doesn’t matter if you are white?"
"Niang I …" Gu Jin sunseeker bit her lip tightly.
"Mom knows that you have a lot of things and secrets. Aunt Liu and Gu Jinlan …" Su Yi bowed her head. "Mom knows that Mom knows."
Gu Jin sunseeker suddenly stared at Su Yi with thick disbelief "Niang you …"
"No matter what, you are the meat that falls from your mother’s stomach. You have always been kind at heart; Although Niang doesn’t know what happened to make you so cold and resolute, I think maybe you are right. "Su Yi lowered her head and looked at Xiao An in her arms." Niang said these things to tell you that no matter what you did, she was on your side. "
Gu Jinxi heard that tears could no longer suppress "Niang!"
"Silly girl" Su Yi gently rubbed Gu Jinxi’s hair. Some things should have been done by her, but because of her cowardice and hesitation, she dared not finally let her daughter do it for her.