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Xiaoli didn’t dare to say anything when he saw it. At this time, he couldn’t help but give birth to an idea. From then on, no matter what, he must do everything he can to accompany his master, help him well and love him!

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But now it is impossible for her to transform into a human unless she practices by herself, which also makes her suffer greatly. However, if you think about it again, she will only do so to help her master, and she will complain again.
Both sides have their own worries, but they don’t know each other already. Xiaoli saw Ye Han’s thoughts and Ye Han had already seen Xiaoli’s thoughts. They looked at each other casually, feeling a lot, but eventually these feelings turned into a knowing smile.
After a while, Ye Han sighed lightly, "Well, I’ve lost everything before. From now on, Ye Han is no longer the old Ye Han, and I will definitely return to this world!"
Say that finish to see him put Xiaoli to the ground and then put his hands together in the palm, each containing a strong vitality. As he drank two vitality, he suddenly slammed into the mountain.
There was a loud noise and the cave suddenly shook, followed by the whole cave shaking violently. The protruding mountain wall suddenly cracked in front of me and suddenly shot a light blue light.
Seeing this light, Ye Han’s face looked dignified and busy, so he put his palms together in one place, followed by his palms and suddenly gave birth to a more majestic vitality. Seeing that the blue light was rapidly approaching him, he also dared not neglect to play the palm vitality towards the blue light.
"Boom!" There was another loud noise, and Ye Han’s figure suddenly went backwards for several steps before he stopped. Then he listened to him with a wry smile. "It seems that my training is still too low. This simple seal that Qingyun put on a hundred years ago has now almost caused me serious injuries!"
Fox heard that he was worried, but he said with a smile, "The master can take a long-term view without worrying about repairs. Xiaoli believes that it won’t be long before the master can own all the repairs of Qingyun master!"
"Ha ha Xiaoli, you don’t flatter me too much. Can you still not understand my own situation? It’s too early to have Qingyun as a repair! " Ye Han smell speech busy shook his head wry smile way
Smell speech Xiaoli also really no longer said that touted Ye Han looked at him and said no more. He looked at the broken mountain again in an instant, hesitated for a moment and then headed for the mountain again.
Solving the previous blue light is to solve the problem of protecting the mountain wall. At this time, Ye Han lost her pressure and her mind relaxed a lot. When she came to the mountain wall and looked down the mountain crack, her face soon showed a gratified smile!
Looking around, there is a tiny machine in the mountain wall. Ye Han’s finger slowly leaned to the machine and gently pressed it to hear a tiny sound. Then a small box appeared at the machine.
Look closely at this small box, which is obviously carved from a huge stone. Although the workmanship is not fine, it is also smooth, which is rare in the world. Not only that, this box is also filled with a strong vitality, which makes Ye Han feel suffocated in close quarters. This shows how powerful it is
[45] 【 Leave with a sword 】
See this vitality is so strong Ye Han also dare not careless at the moment to take out the nine planets comic book in Yu Pei and get Qingyun memory. He already knows the nine handle Xingyuan Jian nine planets Lian, so he is also white now. He can restrain this vitality by using the nine planets comic book to take out the nine handle Excalibur.
Take out the nine planets comic book, Ye Han is busy giving a seal to inject it into the comic book, give it to Kai with the help of the seal, and then throw it out and put it in the stone box.
The nine planets comic book just came to the stone box and suddenly exuded a strong vitality. The square stone box has also changed, and the powerful vitality gradually emanated from it and was diluted by the energy of the stars.
Seeing this scene, Ye Han also dare not neglect his hands and throw them out. He will have already condensed out two vitality and suddenly hit at the stone box enveloped by nine planets’s comic book.
The energy of the stone box was suppressed by the nine planets comic chart, but Ye Han’s vitality was not equally affected. This blow Ye Han obviously occupied great benefits, and finally the stone box cover was suddenly lifted.
Cover a lift the suspended nine planets comic book and then suddenly rushed up to stay up to half a foot away from the ceiling, and then rolled into a scroll, and then suddenly flashed in front of Ye Han, who was a one-handed recruit, and the nine planets comic book automatically returned to the other Yu Pei.
Ye Han took a deep breath and nodded at the fox in an instant, then came to the stone wall crack again and took out the stone box and stepped back.
Waiting for Ye Han to retreat a few steps, the original cracked rock wall slowly moved closer, and soon the crack disappeared and the whole rock wall was completely restored.
Ye Han looked at him and smiled lightly. Then he turned his eyes to the stone box. In the stone box, he saw nine handles lying still, with similar appearance, but five yellow, four blue and two colors. Xing Yuan Jian’s face showed a touch of joy from time to time.
"Congratulations to the master for finally getting all the nine Xingyuan swords!" Ye Han is delighted, but Xiaoli is equally delighted and laughs first.
Smell speech Ye Han also smiled and didn’t say much. Then he glanced at his nine-handle Xingyuan sword. After a little hesitation, he threw it into the Yu Pei along with the stone box.
"Let’s go, these nine swords are not needed now. Let’s leave here first!" After these Ye Han eyes fell into the cave and were silent for a while before laughing and laughing.
Listen to Ye Han, so the fox should have a look at Ye Han slowly, and she didn’t hesitate to follow him slowly.
One man and one fox left the cave and wandered in the pool for a while, and then returned to the pool before the waterfall, and the stone wall on the edge of the pool stood firm.
Looking at the waterfall in front of me, Ye Han hesitated again. After a long time, seeing that it was already bright, he sighed lightly, "Don’t worry, we will definitely come back in the near future. Now we have important things to do!"
This is obviously said to Fox, but Fox seems that the first half of the sentence is not for him, but for the waterfall, perhaps the cave in the waterfall, or perhaps for the whole misty land.
But it doesn’t matter who it is now. As soon as Ye Han’s words fell, he turned his back on the waterfall and headed for the distant grassland. Fox saw it and followed it slowly …
After a long journey, one person and one fox in the misty cloud land finally came to the misty cloud land. Because the entrance and exit were changed by the little fox, the original mountain top exit has now set up a mountain.