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Ma Liang is a little strange. It seems that Qin Ningxian knows Su Yuyao very well.

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"Are you going to the Grand Hyatt Hotel?" She was just about to say what a coincidence. It seems that she remembered that she was here and changed her mind. "It’s nice to say that the specialties there are good. You have to make an appointment to eat them."
"Well, I’ll keep an eye on Yuqi. I’ll go shopping after dinner with her." She didn’t forget to drink a mouthful of soup when she talked, which shows that she loves it.
"Aunt, when I see you again, I will come with Yuqi to see Sister Yu Yao," she replied cleverly and hung up.
"They are here, too." Su Yuqi asked with a cold frown.
"Yeah, it’s a good thing I didn’t say we were there. It seems that there are still some people having dinner together." Qin Ningxian was relieved.
"Then should we go first?" Ma Liang was worried about how he should explain himself when he met Su Yuyao.
"No, we’re in the box, and isn’t this hotel equipped with rooms? We’ll sleep here after shopping." Su Yuqi had already made arrangements.
"Do you really want to sleep together?" Qin Ningxian’s mouth is open or Su Yuqi’s joke is obviously serious now.
"It’s not what you think." Although Su Yuqi said boldly, she was still blushing at being stared at.
"I pay you back just to find a place for me to punish this pig," said Qin Ningxian, but he hesitated. "Yuqi, you’d better go home and sleep with me."
"I’ll think about this. I also think it’s too cheap for someone." Su Yuqi’s eyes are going round and round and I don’t know what the idea is. Anyway, Ma Liang is constant and should change.
After eating for about half an hour, Qin Ningxian ate slowly like a little ant moving food. Ma Liang got up when he wanted to go to the toilet.
"I’ll go, too." Su Yuqi also stretched himself and pulled Ma Liang to go.
"I’m warning you, pig head, don’t run away, or I’ll spare you." Qin Ningxian waved his fist before they left and was slowly sucking with a fan.
Su Yuqi first probed out to see if there were any known talents, holding Ma Liang’s hand and walking towards washing hands. Two lovely ponytails were lively and smart, and they were the focus of attention.
When she washed her hands outside, she let go and gave Ma Liang a smile. "The big bad guy is not allowed to sneak in and watch."
Ma Liang certainly didn’t dare to do that. He went to the man’s side by himself.
Su Yuqi was already washing her hands when she came out. She dumped water on Ma Liang, and then she was proud to wipe all the water off him.
Ma Liang naturally won’t do this, but she smiled. In fact, being together always feels a lot to say, but she feels unable to say it.
When they were ready to go back to the box, the original Su Yuqi pulled hands and suddenly loose Ma Liang felt a little bad. Looking up at the past, his heart suddenly stopped.
It was Su Yuyao, and at that time she seemed to have just left a balcony door.
Moreover, she changed her clothes into a refreshing and simple pure white lady’s shirt, which showed that she had the unique charm of Jing Ya’s fragrance. The cuffs were tied up with slender jade arms, white and symmetrical, but the waist was round and beautiful. The black intellectual slim trousers were tilted with black high heels, but they were more concise, which made people feel the temptation of those amazing legs.
And behind her came a tall and handsome man, with a decent suit and wrist shining with metal reflection. It was probably a watch, very gentlemanly, and it looked like a good match with Su Yuyao.
At this time, Su Yuyao was completely different from when she was in the village, as if she were in a different world from Ma Liang, and she could look up to her herself.
Su Yu Yao turned around and saw Ma Liang’s eyes flashed a little surprised at the first sight, and then saw Su Yu Qi not far behind him. She suddenly knew what her eyes were cold and coming towards this side.
"Yu Qi’s incident was really an accident. It wasn’t what you thought, and you don’t want to listen to their nonsense. After all, everyone knows that you are the most beautiful. I don’t want to find someone who is not as beautiful as you." What is the man explaining? Is this her ex-boyfriend really better than himself? Ma Liang thought of all kinds of tastes in his heart. I didn’t expect everyone to meet in such a situation.
"You really want me to forgive you," Su Yuyao asked, and the man walked briskly side by side:
Chapter 352 Su Yu Yao mother
"Of course, Xiaowen and I really didn’t have anything to do. I promised to take her on a trip once. I always had to keep my promise and take her to Yuyao. I really liked you. I was a little dizzy at that time, so I didn’t go to you immediately and I couldn’t find it if I wanted to." The man’s face lit up and explained.
Ma Liang looked at the two people getting closer and closer and hesitated whether to say hello, but he still didn’t move. After all, the man might have a bad influence.
"Well, I forgive you, but I don’t immediately restore my boyfriend and girlfriend, but give you a chance to pursue me again." Su Yuyao didn’t seem to see Ma Liang, and the two of them passed by and spoke a word. A word fell into Ma Liang’s ear clearly
"Sister" Su Yuqi called.
"Yu Qi, why are you here?" This time it was the man.
"I’m having dinner with my classmates," Su Yuqi said guiltily.
And behind this sound Ma Liang is just like not hearing it.
Ma Liang feels the same pain in his heart. Give him a chance? Does Su Yuyao have to face this man’s pursuit again? All this Ma Liang is not qualified to be angry because Su Yuyao is the biggest victim. Maybe he is suffering from the feeling in his heart now and she was suffering from Xia Xue before.
Ma Liang walked slowly to the box and then sat in a daze, even without hearing anything Qin Ningxian said.
"Where’s Yu Qi, the big pig head?"
Ma Liang shook his head and said nothing. Looking at the champagne, he directly picked up the bottle and looked up and drank it. He felt that he needed to be numb.
"Hey, don’t drink so dirty, I still want to drink." Qin Ningxian shouted and finally didn’t move, frowning, because it was a little strange to detect it.
A bottle was quickly finished. Ma Liang pressed the call button and a waiter came soon.
"What can I do for you, sir?"
"Is there any white wine?" Ma Liang suddenly said.
"Yes, what do you want?" The clerk was startled and said quickly.
"I don’t know if you can get some casually." Ma Liang also felt that his reaction was too big and too small
Member followed out.
"Pig head, what’s wrong with you?" Qin Ningxian asked. "Yuqi is in trouble with you."
"No" Ma Liang shook his head.
Qin Ningxian didn’t ask much, and continued to nibble.
After a long time, Su Yuqi came in. She was relieved and sat down.
"What bad luck!" She took a sip of champagne.