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The office is lobbying Anguo to wait for Su Peng.

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At this time, Su Wan went back to the office.
Ji Zhong’s front door was called Anguohou. Su Peng heard it and immediately breathed a sigh of relief.
And the old lady shivered directly and turned white.
She did it by taking advantage of Su Wan’s incompetence, but she felt guilty at the thought of the little witch coming back.
As if guilty as if he had done something bad.
The old lady’s face is not good, and the doctor’s face is not very good, because everyone is afraid of the little witch.
There is a letter waiting for the second lady’s face, wondering how a sister came back so scared.
At this time, Su Wan followed Jizhong all the way up behind him and waited for no one to report directly to lead people into the main hall from the outside.
It’s the same charming person who used to be, but he was full of Shaqi chill, and his eyebrows seemed to be closed like the coldest frost in winter, and his eyes were even more gloomy.
Anguohou Su Peng got up early and got excited to meet a face of smile and said, "Wan son, you are back and want to die."
He stretched out his arms to give Su Wan a hug, but Su Wan directly raised his hand and pushed him straight into it.
An Guohou froze a daughter. What’s going on? My face is so cold, my eyes are even colder, and I refuse people to stay away.
What’s wrong with her
Anguohou didn’t dare to say anything, but he stuck his head out and looked out. Where’s Bai Qin?
Didn’t you see that it’s cool in your heart? Isn’t Bai Qin coming back so miserable?
Anguohou Su Peng looked a little white and walked beside Su Wan. He looked at Su Wan carefully. The more he looked, the more he felt that his daughter seemed to have changed her face. Her eyes were so scary that he dared not open his mouth to ask.
Su Wan didn’t pay attention to anyone. She looked up and glanced at the people in the drawing room and smiled. "What is this for? It’s so lively."
No one dared to speak and no one dared to interface and looked at Zhao, the second lady of Wenxin Houfu.
Scott didn’t look at Su Wan. Although it’s a little cold, how can a little girl hear that it’s still the country of Qing Xiao Zhao Hua?
But so what? It’s not her business if it rains and dad wants to marry someone.
Scott thought with a big smile and said, "Well, isn’t it a long time since Mrs. Hou died? There isn’t a hostess running the house in Nuoda Houfu. I think we just have a school-age girl coming to discuss with the old lady."
As soon as Su Wan heard the Jiang girl, she immediately laughed and looked at Scott sarcastically. "You Jiang girl are not wanted?"
Scott froze. Did this come from a girl’s mouth?
"You 111"
"What are you, you, you, our Anguo Houfu is Tom, dick and Harry who want to marry? I really don’t know the so-called "
Su Wan finished without looking at Scott. She was not interested in Scott.
"Somebody beat this woman out."
Scott’s eyes are all round, even if Sue doesn’t agree, but isn’t it too natural for them to play out? They are literate and waiting for the government, but Scott didn’t think about it. Purple jade and others have already flicker and come over.
Recently, the princess was in a bad mood, so they didn’t dare to recruit her. As soon as she listened to her order, she flashed over and walked to the door, then threw Zhao out and followed the two little maids to beat Zhao out all the way.
Really is to play out when Scott is out of the Anguo Houfu, which is already black and blue. He jumped out of the house and scolded two sentences, afraid to stay again for fear that the woman would make people beat her again.
Anguo Hou fu Zheng ting Li
The old lady and the big house were so scared that they couldn’t help shaking up and watching Scott being beaten out.
The old lady and Mrs. Su got up carefully and walked softly all the way to the main hall door, muttering to themselves that they could not see me, they could not see me.
It’s a pity that Su Wan coldly said behind him, "Where are you going?"
The old lady, the big lady and the’m shook one or more people in unison and turned to Su Wan to squeeze out a smile and said, "It’s none of our business. We just came to see it."
Su Wan ha ha sneer and then coldly said, "I thought I said, don’t mix things here in Dongfu, or move out immediately."