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Come and fight Yi Shixun, and they will be killed in an instant …

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They stare big eyes and slowly fall to the ground, and blood gushes from their chests …
They took the wind, but they didn’t know what went wrong.
Death is not terrible, but the most shameful thing for a killer is that he doesn’t know how he was killed until he dies.
Xu Han also easily solved the problem that a hand wiped his face with blood, and he also beat the last killer with his feet and stepped on him with a disdainful smile.
Everyone was shocked when they arrived.
In front of their eyes are littered corpses and three beautiful girls covered with blood.
"ah! ! !” Scream across the sky
Timid girls fainted to boys and retched.
"Miss, are you all right?" Chu Jing nervously asked him that he had no idea "damn it!"
As soon as the words sound just fell, a group of killers emerged in the long school road.
"run! All the departments ran out of school! Come on! ! !” Chu Jing shouted
Cried again ups and downs, everyone rushed to flee to the school gate quickly, and they were all afraid of being shot by strangers.
However, ChiYing Instant, Zuo Yunchen, and Hidden Blue all stayed, and Yan Hong Xin Yue also planned to stay, but was taken away by Wen Li’s hand.
"You all go, their target is us." Huan Yi dodged a shot and said coldly.
"It’s not good for you to get involved!" Shi Xun rolled over and picked up the glass wrist. The glass swept the three killers in one second, and the accuracy reached 100%!
Zuo Yunchen praised "tut tut true cow" and put down one.
"It’s fun" ChiYing instantaneous kick to the killer "yan hong an shallow you give me be careful! Don’t get hurt! "
ChiYing instant words attracted a few curious glance.
Hidden in the blue, one is pressed to the ground. "I can’t believe that even kallet’s anniversary dares to sabotage you! You are dead!" And then gave him a few punches.
"You didn’t tell me?" Jiing came to Xu Han at the beginning to help her knock down a side.
"I forgot!" A bad excuse was really glared at by Chujiing, and she vomitted to stick out her tongue wittily.
"Don’t move or I’ll kill him!"
The light clearly shows that a killer clamped Cang Naiteng’s shiny black pistol and reached his temple.
Cang Naiteng turned pale and his neck was flushed by the killer.
Xu Han eyes a tight damn how could he be here!
Trying to hide her panic. Is she going to lose her family again?
"Uncle! !” ChiYing instantaneous, ZuoYunChen, implicit blue a surprised.
Seeing through Xu Han’s mind, Shi Xun said, "I advise you not to act rashly or the consequences will be unimaginable!" "
"Hum, anyway, I’m the last one. It’s a big deal to end up with this man. Haha! !” Close to morbid laughter, but still an ultimatum "come and exchange if you want to save his life!" "
The killer pointed to the fog.
Wu Huan Yi nodded without hesitation "OK". She threw the gun in her hand and raised her hands horizontally.
"What’s wrong with you?" Hidden in the blue can not help but shout the tension ratio in my heart
Like I didn’t hear the blue words, like fog, I walked over with small steps.
Everything is planned.
"hey!" Yin Lan was eager to hold her, but Shi Xun stopped her.
ZuoYunChen also turned to the embalm "you are not friends? Just watch her die? "
"I believe her" Shi Xun unblinkingly looked at the front light "5" Chapter 24 to solve.
"What nonsense are you talking about?" ChiYing instantaneous also can’t help but frown.
Letter? Can you solve it with a letter?