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Who also dare not nonsense quickly to physician.

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Physicians are still modest. It’s called the empress waking up. The way is for Dr. Xue to figure it out. This will ask her to go first.
Xue Dafu felt Su Mian’s pulse for a long time before saying, "Empress won’t be in a coma again, but Empress’s body is very empty. This poison must be called Empress’s lethargy. People can’t eat or drink when they are asleep … People will dry up and die. It will be fine if they wake up. Please ask Empress to allow me to take some blood from Empress. Chapter 711 How vicious.
See yan to oppose Sue cotton busy way "if you don’t take how do you know what poison is? How do you know I won’t repeat it? But it doesn’t matter if you take a little blood. "
Yan Gui sighed. She’s already weak, so it’s not snow and frost to take blood again. But she’s right. What if she’s poisoned?
Qingmo brought a small bottle of white porcelain and a dagger. "The dagger of Empress Wang is called Liang Physician, and it will not infect the wound of Empress Wang."
Su Mian laughed. "I don’t want to do it. Why don’t I do it myself?"
"Back to the empress, my wife Xue Shi" Xue Dafu said
"How much do I want?" Will Yan Gui rest assured that someone will move a knife on Su Mian? I’d rather come by myself
"This … this is always half a bottle." This bottle is very small.
But Yan returned it with a frown.
"I wish I had cut my palm. It’s not ugly to leave a scar here." Su Mian laughed.
Leave a scar on your hand as a palm print.
Yan Gui sighed again and handed the porcelain bottle to Doctor Xue.
Soon Su Mian drew a line in her hand that was not long and a little deep.
"Ah ….." Sue cotton pain call yan has thrown a knife around her.
After a few minutes, Su Mian’s palm has already coagulated by herself, and half a bottle of blood has been found.
"I bandaged the empress." Liang’s physician took out the powder and sprinkled Su Mian’s hand to bandage her up.
But it won’t hurt much for a while.
"Well, take it and study it slowly. Don’t worry," Su Miandao said.
Seeing that she is really weak, Yan Gui waved everyone out without thinking of anything.
"Is Mianmian hungry?" He held her and asked.
"Ou should be hungry, but I’ve lost my appetite these days, so I don’t feel hungry, or what has become of me?" Su Mian raised her hand and gently touched Yan Gui’s gaunt face and stubble.
"Good" Yan Gui grabbed her hand and said a meal.
After a while, a light table was set, and now both the ladies and the empress should eat light food.
Yan Gui fed Su Mian with a small bowl of millet porridge regardless of her own requirements.
I drank a small bowl with pickles.
"If you can’t drink badly, you always have to raise a few * * * appetites to come back and eat too much at a time." Su Mian saw Yan Gui worried and looked at her and laughed.
"Well, don’t worry about me after suffering so much." Yan is distressed.
"That position is almost full. Hold me and have a good sleep. During this period, I was in a coma, but the conscious person was very tired. It was not sleep." Su Mian said.
Yan GUI bowed his head and, um, went to eat.
She didn’t want to look up. He was afraid that his anger would scare her so viciously.
It’s not the blood that seals his throat, but it’s enough to torture his heart
You can’t wake up if you don’t sleep! This is to let her know clearly that she is dying?
His hands were all white with chopsticks.
"Why don’t you ask the children to come and see you when you are full and then go to bed?" Su Mianru doesn’t know his mood? But now I’m really tired and don’t want to think about anything for a while
Yan to well a secret strengths to eat in one breath.
After a simple wash, Yan Gui will hold Su Mian down first. Call the children.
That is, Ming An Ming Shou and the other two are too small.
"Mother …"
The two children cried and threw themselves on the couch.
"Don’t cry, your mother. Isn’t this good? She is very weak now. If you cry, her love will get worse and worse. "Yan Gui sat down and looked at the mother’s three tears, and the hatred in her heart grew higher and higher.
"Mom … why don’t you wake up and you won’t get up and meow … Ann is afraid of meow …" Ming ‘an hugged Su Mian, er neck, crying regardless of climbing the collapsed shoes.
He’s been scared for ten days, and he’s afraid that his mother will never wake up, and neither will his father.
"Lovely … mother … mother is all right" Su Mian couldn’t hold him and was overwhelmed by Ming An.
Ming Ann was stuck to stop crying and watched Su Mian.
"Silly child still see? Niang now don’t have the strength to ask you to push the "Sue cotton touch his face.