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Qian Zisui looked at them blankly and could not help but doubt that they were holding hands! Every time she and Ouyang Dongjie took the initiative to hold Ouyang Dongjie’s hand, when did he take the initiative to hold her hand?

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What is it that she doesn’t know but they know? They hide what they are! Seed ear, she really wants to know.
Attachment wants to dump Ouyang Dongjie’s hand. It’s a boy’s strength. After all, it’s bigger than a girl’s attachment. He can’t dump Ouyang Dongjie’s hand, so he leads him to the outside.
Don’t forget to tell Seed Spike to stay in the classroom first before leaving.
"Qian seed spike, the more you know, the more you are injured. It’s best not to know." Yuan Xuan looked at her coldly and woke up.
This makes the seed ear want to know more!
Seed spike, she’s not stupid. She knows that she can see that Ouyang Dongjie and that group of people have something to hide from her, and they all know that they are the only ones who don’t know Winter, and they still don’t want to let themselves know.
Seed ear followed.
I have also been trained as a killer before the ear of the seed, and I am also a killer with not very bad skills in the foam gang.
It is not difficult for her to walk almost soundlessly.
Ouyang Dongjie and Ouyang Yi are holding hands until they reach the back garden of the school.
After confirming that there was no one around, Ouyang Dongjie let go of Ouyang’s attachment hand.
"Ouyang attachment! What the hell do you want! Must you ruin my plan? Make the seeds and ears suspicious! What are you trying to do? Don’t try to stop me! " Dong-jie ouyang asked with anger
"Ha ha, you said you don’t know whether Jingxue is alive or not. How can you find a new lover so quickly! Are you worthy of Jing Xue! I just want to ruin your plan! Wouldn’t it be better if the seed ear knew? Ha ha "attachment sneer at a way she unwilling static snow feel unwilling!
"Don’t live up to your root to assess! Jing Xue wants me to have a good life! Jing Xue wants me to find someone who loves me! The man ….. "Dong-jie ouyang argued that real also didn’t say wrong.
"Really?" Ouyang Yilian looked at Ouyang Dongjie sarcastically. "Is the person you mean to love you your sister Qian Zisui?"
"Jing Xue knows that Seed Ear is my sister. No, she didn’t know it until she died." Ouyang Dongjie said with a smile as if it were not for all this.
"So the seed ear doesn’t know?" Ouyang asked attachment concerns.
"Of course I don’t know if she knew will be with me? She is so stupid, so simple, so gullible. Being a little gentle and close to her will make her heart cling to me. I like her. Dream! " Ouyang Dongjie looked at attachment funny as if he had heard a big joke.
Qian Zisui behind the fake stone was shocked.
Sister …
She is Ouyang Dongjie’s sister …
That’ll be the day! That’ll be the day! Ouyang Dongjie is so kind and spoiled to her.
She has always liked Ouyang Dongjie sincerely, and even if she doesn’t like him, she will gradually like her.
I didn’t expect …
Ouyang Dongjie said that Zisui is my sister.
It’s his sister
Don’t like her yet! Said she was dreaming. She would rather not wake up and indulge in his dreams and regret it.
This sentence is enough to make her heart to pieces, and the words echoed in her ears and never dispersed.
It seems that the two of them talked to her later.
She doesn’t want to listen any more.
turn back
People in the aisle are clumsy and slow to move.
Qian Zisui is driven out of his mind. There are some embarrassing things that make a group of people who are doing everything watch.
There is a steady stream of arguments.
"You see that’s not our seed ear princess? How come you’re so lost? " Without the slightest indifference and ridicule
"Hey hey, I think it was abandoned by Ouyang Wang." Everyone is like that.
"I think it’s what I heard. Ouyang wang qian has never been devoted to a person. Of course, it is impossible to be devoted."
"No, didn’t the former Ouyang Wang spend a long time with a woman named Qian Jingxue or something?"
"I don’t know, seems to be alas, isn’t there an attachment to the princess? Before and Ouyang Wang together for a long time "
Seed ear, she doesn’t care now, it doesn’t matter what they talk about.
Talk about it as you like.
She felt heartbroken when she saw through the world of mortals.
The debris pattered to the ground with pain that she could see and others could not understand.
If this happened before …
Seed ear will … Will fight with Ouyang Dongjie like yourself and then arrogantly shout that they all shut up like a bitch.
Or she will make a big deal out of it and let the winter world know before pretending to be pathetic, like a lovable doll at that time.