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"Four hundred pieces are really cheap" Zhuo Qiang estimated in his heart how many energy points a piece of wood could be converted into.

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The song rushed to say, "Yes, I lost money when I sold it. I was going to sell 450 parties, but now I am content to sell 410 parties. I will be grateful if I can sell it quickly."
What he said is true. If the wood falls into the hands of boss Zhao, it is likely that he will not get even a dime in the end, and he will have to pay extra for his fortune.
"I won’t take advantage of you, so I’ll take it at your original price of four hundred and fifty." Zhuo Qiang considered that if four hundred and one party really bought these Woods, he was afraid that Xiao Pang would never transport them to Nanxi again.
This poplar is cheap enough for Long Yun to absorb energy. Its wood is like pine, and everything is thousands of dollars. The price of this poplar is not three to five times more expensive than this one.
If we can let this chubby transport wood for ourselves for a long time, the Long Yun will not worry about insufficient energy points.
"Really? Boss Zhuo, you are really a kind man. "Song is grateful for not calling Zhuo’s powerful benefactor.
"A total of 1000 square meters have been delivered this time. Do you really want it?" Song can’t help but ask again
"One thousand cubic meters is too little, and I’ll get more for you. What do you think?" Zhuo Qiang expressed his long-term intention.
"Good, good" Ge Lian agreed that the most important thing at present is to get rid of this hot 1000-square-meter wood first, and then he will have to see the situation.
If that boss Zhao interfere forcibly, he won’t come to Nanxi again.
"Then it’s a deal. I want to make a deal tonight. Cash on delivery. This is the place of delivery. This is my company’s dock. This is my business card." Zhuo Qiang handed the business card of Long Yun Company to Song.
His name is the president of Long Yun company, and his father’s name is the chairman. This company can hold any title it wants.
The business card has the dock address, and then this chubby needs to unload the wood to the dock.
By midnight, the Long Yun had almost returned to the dock.
As there are other workers at the dock, let these workers go home after unloading the wood, and then let the Long Yun dock and let Liu Xiaolei and others reload the wood into the Long Yun.
Because there are special machinery for loading and unloading goods, it is enough to have a few of them without too many people.
When everything was discussed properly, Zhuo Qiang got up and prepared to check out. Suddenly, a large group of people came from outside the hotel, and a dozen of them surrounded Zhuo Qiang’s office.
"Six elder brothers are them." Boss Zhao pointed to Zhuo Qiang and others with one hand covering her mouth and said to a bald young man in black.
The bald young man, known as Brother Six, said to the single door, "Did you just hit Lao Zhao?"
Zhuo Qiang didn’t want to deal with them. He took out his mobile phone and dialed the Zhang Junjie dialect. "Hey, it’s me. There’s a misunderstanding between my famous vegetable garden and several brothers here. I don’t know who it is. I’m afraid that if I hurt my own people, I’ll ask you. Is there anyone around here?"
Brother Liu looked at Zhuo Qiang calmly and freely, but he didn’t know the depth of this person. He also dared not fool around and watched Zhuo Qiang coldly to see if he was 13 or really small.
"Brother Liu, you must help the younger brother me." Boss Zhao saw that the bald head was frightened by Zhuo Qiang’s words and secretly lamented and added a fire.
"Go away and I will do things in a measured way." Brother Liu replied with a frown.
Boss Zhao saw six elder brothers burying his face in a passive manner with a straight face.
"Where are brothers?" Brother Liu turned to ask Zhuo Qiang inside. He saw this young man as the master here.
Zhuo Qiang laughed. "I don’t mix anywhere and I didn’t want to mix."
After touching a soft nail, Brother Liu’s face was a bit awkward, but when he was pushed back by others, he felt humiliated. He fought back the evil fire in his heart and said slowly, "I don’t care if you don’t mix it up. You have done a good job today, and your hand is a little long. Don’t you know that Lao Zhao is my old six hood?"
"Who is Chen? Who is the old six? " Zhuo Qiang seems to recall hearing the names of these two people.
"Who covers who? Do you know that the whole Nanxi is covered by my boss?" Ye Chuchu suddenly said a word next to the old six and boss Zhao almost amused.
It is said that a woman’s chest and brain seem to be so. This looks more attractive than a beautiful woman, and her five qualities are exposed as soon as she speaks.
The whole Nanxi? Does she think Nanxi is a small place and there are no people in Nanxi?
She has no idea how deep the water in Nanxi is.
The organizations in Nanxi, a medium-sized city in the southern part of the land and water, are well-known and the fastest to get money. Smuggling, drug trafficking and black money in various industries are not inferior to some big cities.
It turns out that Hu Yonghua, the boss of Nanxi, can sit on hundreds of millions of assets after ten years of running a gang. This is proof.
In front of this woman, I dare to say that her boss can cover the Nanxi gang. Isn’t this a big joke?
ZhuoJiang at this time is like cotton to make fun of Ye Chuchu "I said how many times you just don’t have the memory to keep a low profile, you know? Although I have this ability, I don’t just hang up. Do you want the whole Nanxi people to know that I, Zhuoqiang, have the power to unify the Nanxi underworld? "
Ye Chuchu bowed her head and repeatedly said that she put away her sharp claws like a docile kitten.
Looking at these two men, they were so ashamed that echo each other seemed to have accepted all the gangsters in Nanxi, Lao Liu and Boss Zhao, in distress situation.
Just now, they were afraid of these people, but now they will never take them seriously again. They are just a few cowboys.
Not only are they even wondering Wang Dapeng how Zhuoqiang suddenly changed today, but aren’t you afraid of provoking these gangsters with such jokes in this situation?
But the song is sinking deeper and deeper, sighing that when you meet someone, you meet a hero who can save yourself from the fire, but who knows that it is a clown pretending to be disheartened for a while.
After dispelling concerns, Lao Liu’s face suddenly sank and said, "Well, Mr. Nanxi, the boss, today, give us younger brothers a hand over to treat whether it’s to break the bank or to survive with a broken arm. You choose."
Zhuo Qiang stretched his arm forward. "Come and take the words if you can."
His hob-like appearance not only frightened Wang Dapeng and Xiao Pangge, but also blocked Lao Liu.
Originally, according to his intention, let these men pay some money to let these brothers get some sweetness, and by the way, they solved the problem of Lao Zhao, which is to find the compensation for his mouth. Naturally, the medicine will fall into the pocket of Lao Liu, and he is very considerate in these three beautiful things.