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"No … not really. I … I’m just so excited … Xiao Xuan, can I ask you a question?" Qin Xiaowan wiped the corner of her eyes. She was so excited that she spilled tears and waved her hands quickly.

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"Well, you ask …" The little syren nodded at Qin Xiaowan.
"Are you … are you really not afraid that I will take Xiao Gan away from you?" Qin Xiaowan stared at the little witch’s eyes and asked word for word. Qin Xiaowan didn’t believe that such a generous woman in this world was willing to share her beloved man with others. What’s worse, she was still a real girlfriend.
"Ha ha, I’m afraid. How can I not be afraid? But I’m afraid of what I can do. Who made me love a lover? But I can give you an agreement, Sister Wan. Just because I don’t hinder you from pursuing my man doesn’t mean that I agree with you. Whether you can pursue it depends on your ability. After we meet, we are not only sisters but also competitors … "The little witch gave a wry smile.
"You … you are really great, Xiao Xuan. Don’t worry about whether that’ smelly man’ finally accepts me or not. We are both good sisters!" Qin Xiaowan listened to the little witch’s words, her eyes were red and her eyes were tearful and grateful. She held the little witch’s hand tightly.
"Then you can work hard. I can tell you that my man is not a smelly man who covets his women all day. If you don’t act quickly, you won’t have a share …" Although Qin Xiaowan is older than himself, the little witch has become an elder sister.
"That … what about you? Don’t you feel bad if Xiao Gan is really robbed? " Qin Xiaowan finally said the biggest question in her heart. She didn’t know what this woman who is two years younger than herself suddenly seems to be a different person. It’s almost like the little woman who blew her nose and stared at herself last night.
"You can’t take away my trust in my man, and I also believe in my eyes. He is the kind of woman who would rather abandon the whole world than his beloved woman, but you have to be his beloved woman first …" The little witch said confidently, as if thinking of something beautiful, and her mouth was smiling slightly.
"Ha ha, you are really a clever woman, Xiao Xuan. I, Qin Xiaowan, have never admired any woman except my mother, but you are a thank you, Xiao Xuan. Don’t worry, I will try my best to pursue whether it depends on my fate with him …" After listening to the little witch, I looked at her confidence and suddenly thought of a plan called "playing hard to get" from Qin Xiaowan.
"What? I’m still smart and stupid. I’m almost the same. My men have been seduced by you. I’m not only not angry, but also instigated you to continue to seduce others. It’s wronged …" The little witch left the pie mouth and pursed her mouth.
"Hey, hey, don’t worry, we are both enemies and friends now. If that’ smelly man’ attracts butterflies from the outside again, I will definitely be your solid backing behind you!" Qin Xiaowan got up early in the morning and was smashed in the head by such a surprise. Don’t care if the little witch is playing hard to get or what love is, she can’t show loyalty!
"good! Then we can be good sisters, Sister Xiaowan. After you are a policeman, keep an eye on him. Don’t let him mess with the little girl outside all day. He doesn’t even know how attractive he is! " Small syren to this effect took Qin Xiaowan hand and said
"Don’t worry, I’ll keep an eye on him after Xiao Xuan. If I dare to have any fancy again, I’ll cuff him and bring him to you directly!" Qin Xiaowan vowed that
Brother Gan, who was driving, suddenly sneezed and scolded, "Mom, who the fuck is cursing old!" I don’t know if these two women are talking, or if they don’t vomit blood, they will blame themselves for what they have. They are all very manly. For the little witch’s feelings, so many women have been sticking to themselves all day. If they were ordinary men, they would have lost their fucking mind!
"Oh, hurry up, hurry up, I have to work today! It’s almost 7: 30 … "Qin Xiaowan suddenly raised his wrist and looked at his wrist. Zha Zha said that he was so excited that he forgot about this incident in his class.
"It’s okay. Anyway, you are the captain. You should wash it first. Sister Xiao Wan Xiao Gan must have bought breakfast and eaten something for a while. Besides, you are still injured in the head …" The little witch pointed to Qin Xiaowan’s head and said that she had not finished healing the scar.
"Hey, what’s this injury? No, I really went to work. I’ve been on vacation for almost half a month … Can that little Xuan come here after lunch?" During the Cold War, Qin Xiaowan had the cheek to die. Now that they have become good sisters, it’s polite.
"Ha ha, of course, we are all good sisters now, but we should pay attention to it later. Oh, it’s best not to happen last night …" The little witch smiled and said with a sharp eye staring at Qin Xiaowan.
"ah? ! Ah … I … I went to wash my hands … "Qin Xiaowan heard that her little face, which had just returned to normal, was painted red and went to Bogen to hide it. I didn’t expect people to be clear and stammered and ran into washing their hands.
Looking at Qin Xiaowan’s guilty conscience, the little witch seems to have won a battle. She raised her fist and clenched her fist. She knew that Qin Xiaowan would not feel guilty if they still talked about it in the cold war, but now it is different. This is the strategy of women. Chapter 367 Look at your wound!
Women are narrow-minded, and there may be women who understand that they have their own philosophy, especially smart women. When their feelings are in crisis or when they meet rivals in love, their wisdom will flash before generate comes out. Before a silly woman dares to kill, a little woman will simply turn into a shrew like lion roars. All this is nothing but love to defend love battle!
It didn’t take long for Qin Xiaowan to finish washing. The little witch looked at her little face with burning eyes and blushed. She didn’t know what to say. After eating breakfast for them, the two of them rushed away and went to class. The little witch looked at Qin Xiaowan’s guilty conscience and sang a little song and cleaned up for the first time.
"Ah … little xuan … little xuan elder sister? I didn’t read it wrong … "Just as the little witch was sweating all over the floor, Aly yawned and came out of the bedroom. After seeing that the little witch was kneeling on the floor and wiping the floor, she was wrong. She quickly rubbed her eyes and asked in confusion.
"You little girl slice you! Is there anything to make a fuss about? It’s just cleaning the floor. I just didn’t want to do it before I told you. If I want to do it, no one is as diligent as me! " The little witch gave a white look silly. There was a full face of the sun coming out of the west. Aly said angrily
"Hey hey, that’s … that’s Xiao Xuan’s sister. Who’s that? All the men like brother have dropped! But you don’t say Xiaoxuan elder sister, I really didn’t see that you had done housework before. This floor has to be wiped with a dry rag. How did you get so wet … "Aly hey hey smiled and pointed to the wet rag full of water and woke up.
"Ah … what do you know? I’m just wiping it wet for a while and then drying it with a rag. Don’t worry, hurry away and don’t affect my work!" The little witch took a look at her hand full of water, the wooden floor that had been wetted by herself, and then pretended to be busy and sent her way.
"Hey, hey, yeah, yeah, then I won’t affect you. Sister Xiaoxuan, do it well. I’ll let my brother praise you later!" Little Aly looked at the little witch and snickered, and then he skipped away and washed his hands. Behind him, the little witch burst into anger. "What do you know, little brat? Don’t talk nonsense and see if I don’t tear your mouth!"
At this time, Brother Gan wandered along the road to want to go home, but when he wanted to go home, he couldn’t compete with a group of women. He was puzzled. Suddenly, the car arrived at the door of Tongda Insurance Company and looked at the company’s signboard. Brother Gan gave a wry smile. It seems that he didn’t want to come. He was sure that it was time to come. He hasn’t been here in Sun Mei for almost a month. He once vowed to be responsible for others. This is called taking a gross responsibility. What kind of woman can’t see herself for a month, and a man can’t become a dissatisfied wife!
After some guilt, the dry elder brother stopped the car and walked straight to Tongda Insurance Company. The little girl at the front desk in the hall was just poor. Without a few words, she heard a lukewarm sound from the floor. "Hey, if it isn’t Wanda driver, how can it be today?" You are a rare visitor! "
Dry elder brother don’t turn around and you will know who this sound is coming from Tongda Company, or dare to speak to yourself in this tone, that is, Sun Mei assistant Zhao Lan, the little bitch, so he turned around and replied with a smile, "Ha ha, it’s really unheard of. How’s Assistant Zhao recently? I haven’t seen you for a few days. It seems that my figure is getting more and more stylish … "
"Don’t give me a glib tongue! Come on, tell me what you’ve been doing for a month! I see through it, that is, if Mei Jie had changed her boss, she would have given you a hundred times! You have been absent from work for 30 days a month. You are really good. You and I are considered you! " Zhao Lan looked at a wry smile smooth dry elder brother gave him a white cynicism way
"Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! hey, hey, hey, Dry elder brother hey hey smile while walking to the floor looking at dry elder brother that a pair of indecent sample front desk girl to hold hey hey laugh, but in front of the big assistant Zhao Lan and don’t dare to laugh, clutching his mouth secretly pleased.