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Yan Gui didn’t say anything in front of the child, but ate the green vegetables with them and gave her a look.

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Ming An Ming Shou Gen didn’t see …
Because the younger brothers haven’t seen each other for so long, they are in a hurry to pick up food for each other …
Sue cotton envy glanced at his heart and said that the two bear children had forgotten their mother?
I was just thinking about it. Mingshou trembled and picked up a piece of tofu "Niang"
Su Mian smiled and took the bowl over. "Shouer is really good."
"Mom, this is delicious, too." Ming ‘an was unwilling to lag behind and gave her a chopstick and shredded bamboo shoots.
Sue cotton all ate mirth is very happy.
Yan Gui raises eyebrows. God knows Su Miangen doesn’t eat tofu recently …
After supper, Su Mian was so sleepy that she couldn’t wait for washing.
Ming Anmingshou excused himself and went to the residence together.
Yan Gui personally took off Su Mian’s coat and brought water to scrub her.
I really can’t help scrubbing the carriage today. It’s still dusty.
Su Mian will lie down after wiping her neck, face and hands.
"Lie on your side and wipe your hair" Yan Gui said.
Su Mian dozed off and then lay with his back to his side.
I fell asleep as soon as I lay down.
Yan Guishi gave her a brush on her hair, and she was already fast asleep.
Yan Gui went to wash himself. It was just a moment to watch the hour …
I’m not sleepy, but I think I’m on my way after all, so I just go to sleep
The collapse gently hugged Su Mian, pulled it thin inside, and lit a fragrance in the room, which would not be harmful to people or pregnant women, but it was mosquito-proof.
This was developed by Yan Gui ten years ago because Su Mian, who loves to attract mosquitoes, will be a big red envelope at that time.
It’s bigger and more humid than Beijing, and her tender skin roots can’t stand it if she doesn’t light incense.
Su Mian turned over and put Yan’s leg back in her sleep.
Yan Gui didn’t move. She was used to sleeping. Sometimes she was dishonest, so he wouldn’t be disturbed. It was dawn when two people held each other in vain.
And Ming’ an took Ming-shou away, where did he feel sleepy? Tell him about southern Xinjiang
The two children haven’t told each other what they went through this time since they were sensible. Ming’ an wants him to say it once. After all, they are still young and have their own things to say.
Until the middle of the night, the smoke advised them several times that they were asleep.
When Su Mian woke up early in the morning, she saw a tree outside Yan Gui’s window. Su Mian didn’t see clearly what it was.
"What are you looking at?" Sue cotton curious way
Yan go back "wake up? Did you sleep well? "
"Well, naturally sleep till dawn?" Su Mian stretched.
"That’s a hawthorn tree. There are few hawthorn trees here." Yan pointed to the outside.