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"hey! I also said that I had a fight. It seems that this is not! " Gong Sunsu was extremely disappointed.

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"After you have a chance to go to town," Yan Gui laughed.
"Cao Min Cai Rongze welcomes the fierce Wang Dian back to Beijing!" Cai Rongze see fierce king a line of people approached pleasantly surprised to kneel that way
They were all amused.
Xie Da is slow and busy. "At the end of the day, Xie Dagong will welcome the fierce Wang Dian back to Beijing."
"Pursuit of this" Yan’s merger is not a light look at two humanitarian.
"Right to death! The grass-roots raise the banner of righteousness to abdicate! Can Daxie Jiangshan be inherited by a child? " Cairongze boulevard
Gong Sunsu was happy again and asked, "Hey, who are you talking about? Our first emperor was such a child! "
"Nature is fierce Wang Dian! As we all know, the first emperor was a fierce Wang Diantai, and the fierce Wang Diantai defended the northwest and drove the northern natives out several times. It is the most suitable person to ask the grass people for the fierce Wang Diantai Jiangshan Society to become the emperor! " Cai Rongze is bigger.
This time, the nationalist army is happy. What?
Although this fellow is not authentic in doing things, he speaks very authentic. Their report is naturally going to be emperor.
"Positions please" Yan Gui when didn’t see didn’t hear going to the carriage way.
A line of people successfully entered the Yanjing Palace, and they were still guarded by Peiyudu and sent someone to say that they were willing to go to the palace door.
"At the end, I will visit Pei Yudu!" Peiyudu still wear a suit of armor when going to war, kneeling way
"Uncle, stand up." The little emperor felt that he was familiar with people.
Yan Gui stared at her nephew and uncle, who were wordless and not horse.
Pei Yudu wanted to ignore it, but he didn’t ignore it after all. He turned around and said, "I will see the report at the end."
"Wrong, you should call it" flurry light way
Pei Yudu froze, and he saw the casual eunuch come out to announce that Pei Yudu was fighting against the army. He, the general, was returned to the fierce king’s palace.
Yan Gui still doesn’t talk, so look at him.
Pei Jia ‘er is rare to have such an outstanding one.
Age is several years older than the fierce king, but at this time PeiYudu felt that he was looking at the overwhelming pressure.
He couldn’t help saying, "I belong to the report."
I want to cut my tongue when I’m finished! Pei Jiazhong can become a fierce king when he is in his heart!
"Please go back to the palace," Yan said.
Everything in the palace was the same as before, and 70 thousand people withdrew and soon recovered.
However, the little emperor didn’t come back because Pei Shi and Empress Dowager Xi Wen were still in the northwest, and there were several eunuchs and maids who served him personally.
Yan Gui sent him back to the palace and began to take over all the gates of Beijing. Yan Jing has been brought by Yan Gui, the closest to the Northwest Army, and the rebels from all over the country have turned back to the Northwest Tiejun before they entered Beijing! What is that? Who dares to touch one?
Waiting for disposal is 60,000 Cai Xie Yijun and 70,000 Pei Yudu.
Pei Yudu’s 70,000 people, in addition to his personal lieutenant and dozens of others who are not close to Yan Gui, are cheering.
The people in Cai Xieyi’s army temporarily formed these people, and they were even more excited when they heard that the fierce king was coming. In recent years, there have been wars everywhere, and there is a place in the northwest. The people have long been fascinated by Yan, and they are not willing to add military forces in Chapter 49.
Including these 62,000 people and 130,000 people, they soon all surrendered.
Yan Gui now has 1.3 million people in addition to the northwest million Liaocheng 150,000 Qingyang 100,000 plus the 130,000 people who just took over.
And the whole big three-dimensional total number of military forces is only more than two million six hundred.
This is the number after Yan Wang separated the south and Yan Kang separated Wujiang and Cai Cheng.
Not including Wang Heng, Yuanling Prefecture, which has defected, 200,000 Taizhou, 50,000 Puyang and 30,000 Xieda, which is half of Cai Xieyi’s army.
Nowadays, the only thing that Da Yin can mobilize is the tens of thousands of people in cities around the country. One hundred thousand people in Quanzhou battlefield will be enough, right?
It can be said that Yan Gui has already taken the whole northern soldiers and also took more than half of Da Yin.
After learning that he had returned to the palace, the officials of Mu Xiangshou went to the palace to visit him overnight.
Naturally, I also saw Yan Gui sitting with a big makin knife in the metallographic hall, and he was wearing a sword.
But it’s like the day when you leave. People are wearing swords, but people are still escorted back.
"Your report is well. I wonder if the Empress Dowager of the two palaces is like this now?" Mu Xiang asked
"Shang Hao" Yan Gui didn’t even lift his eyelids.
"This rebel rebel general has caught me. What should I do?" Zhang Taifu asked
"Fierce Wang Shu is in charge," said the little emperor softly and glanced at Yan Gui.
"This is your decision!" Zhang taifu way