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Include Jun Yi-han’s mother-he also let go of that person who made his mother hate death.

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The only way to give up this goal is not to continue to stay in the palace and expose yourself in the most direct way.
So he chose Gu Xi Xi, except that he could not be noticed and expose himself completely … He completely defeated her disguise and let her and Jun Yi Han see clearly that relationship and had to be faced squarely.
If Jun Yi Han doesn’t want her or doesn’t protect her, he will take people away directly, even if she doesn’t love him.
But maybe that woman will never be white, maybe she will misunderstand him forever, and some kind of purpose wants to harm her.
He also needs her to remember that there was once a friend in her life named Fu Chu who asked her to be happy with her lover in the future …
That’s enough.
Anyway, she is so kind that she can’t really blame him.
Sitting next to him, it seems that he is very tired. He can’t help sighing and tucking his cloak for him.
When Jun Yi-han entered the room, Gu Xi-xi still grabbed the letter left for her by the supporting pole, and it looked a little trance.
"What’s the matter? Who believes it? " Jun Yi Han came up to her and the line of sight could not help but move from her trance face to her hand. The letter was slightly frowning between the eyebrows.
Gu Xixi couldn’t help but hold the palm of his hand and slowly put away the letter in his hand. He didn’t want to share the meaning of "helping" with him.
She was a little regretful. "Maybe Fu Han didn’t mean to hurt me … Now that things have passed, let them all pass."
"You know he ran away?"
Jun Yi Han glanced at the letter in her hand with some disgust, remembering the scene in the prison last night and having an impulse to snatch it and tear it up.
"False moxi has run away, but now he has sent it back. Did he tell you? Chapter 166 After all, I am your person, right?
Gu Xixi nodded her head, and she didn’t know what the helper had chosen to help fake Mohi escape, but now she sent people back, which is probably what he said in his heart.
"I know that now that the man has been sent back, will you still hunt him down?"
Jun Yi gave her a cold look. "Do you want me to keep looking for him or do you want me to let him go?"
Gu Xixi sobbed at the corner of her mouth. "It’s inappropriate for you to say hello like me. If I choose the former, it will violate my heart and lie to you. If I choose the latter, you will definitely be unhappy, right?"
Jun Yi smiled coldly. "But your answer now has not told me exactly that you chose the latter?"
"I don’t want to lie to you, do I?"
Gu Xi Xi smiled for two times and didn’t speak again. It was her meaning but she went to Jun Yi Han in vain.
"The search must be that he pretends to be a eunuch and enters the palace, but he still dares to poison people and rob prisoners in the palace. This felony is definitely enough for him to die several times!"
After that, I saw that Gu Xi’s face changed, and Jun Yi Han gathered his eyes. "But you are not too worried about being able to escape from it unnoticed. How can such a person be caught by just a few guards?"
Gu Xi Xi knew that he was comforting her, sighed piteously, and looked at him with a frown, which seemed a little charming. "You are arresting people, but you really feel guilty about comforting me like this."
"Are you sure you feel guilty now?"
Jun Yi-han stared at her with a dim smile and a red face like an apple. Where is the sense of guilt? It means that she is embarrassed to say it while watching a joke.
"If I really feel guilty, I don’t mind letting you set him up to lure him out."
The man’s tone is a little ironic, but he smiles otherwise. "I know you are not such a person, and you don’t deliberately pretend to be tough!"
"… that’s because you don’t know enough about the palace!"
"Look at what you said but I even came out of the palace so that you can enhance your momentum? I tell you, it’s really impossible. "