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In the hall on the 29th floor, there are more than a dozen of his subordinates and the boss who hired them, with a dozen hands, all armed and bruised.

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Out of the ladder, the guns were pointed at the beheading elder brother, and the horses were all fired after seeing clearly that it was beheading elder brother. With a surprised face, they asked about the beheading elder brother’s injury and the first floor situation.
Brother chop waved his hand at his own family and went straight to the hall to find the boss. After he came to the boss, he said with a gloomy face and a dignified tone, "wwpgn boss is in trouble on the first floor, and all my brothers are dead."
Wwpgn looked up at the beheading elder brother and picked an eyebrow. "Are they all dead? Is the police rushing in? "
Said the hand pistol to chop elder brother head lit "you are not the best? Why can’t even those useless policemen deal with it? "
"Not the police!" Brother chop bowed his head and said, his face suppressed anger, raised his eyes and looked at wwpgn coldly and said, "Boss, please don’t point the gun at me, which makes me very unhappy!"
Wwpgn one leng was frightened by the beheading of elder brother’s eyes and put the pistol in a passive manner and curled his mouth and asked contemptuously, "Not the police? Who’s that? "
Brother chop showed some doubts and whispered around, "I don’t know how many unidentified guys boss wwpgn appeared from our hostage group."
"How many?" Wwpgn a stare eyes.
Brother chop hesitated. It seems hard to say "two … two or three"
"Two or three?" Wwpgn one leng and then laughed "ha ha ha ha ha two or three people killed your so-called elite hand? And took off your arm? Two or three? Ha ha ha … "
The "real boss" chop the elder brother with a sullen face. "I know it’s hard for me to explain clearly, but the only possibility is that they must be using some kind of high-tech chemical weapons unless they are not human."
"Heavenly soldiers and generals?" Wwpgn scoffed, "It’s just like you said it was a high-tech chemical weapon. Then tell me who they are. Is it not the police who come to the mall with chemical weapons? "
Brother Chop’s face was livid even more, and he held his face tightly for a long time before saying, "The boss always wants us to either attack the horse show and rush to the top floor, or there are no more of us on the horse evacuation surface. The police will come soon."
"The police? Ha ha ha they dare! " Wwpgn Zhang laughed wildly and raised his hand, pointing to the face with a pistol, shouting, "Now Miss Nanrong’s family is trapped by us. Do the police dare to make a move? They dare to force us to burn our bridges? "
"But the boss is not only the police, but also those guys who use chemical weapons." Brother Chop was still vaguely concerned. "I’m afraid they will come too. We can’t be their opponents."
"Bullshit!" Wwpgn cursed the elder brother of the cold eyes stare to chop "what fucking chemical weapons? Pure bullshit! What a fucking elite are you! So many hostages were beaten in by the police! Waste! "
Brother Chop was scolded, and his eyes flashed with a fierce look. He took a deep breath and said, "wwpgn, now we can either attack the top floor or I will take my people away. I don’t want to hurt my brother. I can refund the deposit to you."
"Ha ha, a little deposit." wwpgn waved his hand. "I can’t even call directly. I have to catch Miss Nan Rongda to threaten that bastard Nan Rongjun to transfer the conditions of the clear sea area to me!" Talking wwpgn nostril snorted "early know you so useless really shouldn’t have hired you! Look at me. I’m all right! You’re half dead! What a fucking elite! "
Just then, a wwpgn hand came running far from the other side of the hall on the 29th floor, shouting "Oh, no, boss! Someone rushed in and several of us died inexplicably! "
"oh? The police rushed here so soon? " Wwpgn a listen to face also a little nervous.
"No, no, no, no, not the police," the sign language shouted repeatedly. "Yes, yes, yes, yes, some strange guys! Dressing up is also scary! "
"Ah?" Wwpgn one leng "a few? How many? " Then flew into a rage "a few people will scare you like this? Kill them for me! "
"No boss! Several of us have died! " The hand talking face with extreme fear "is terrible! It’s terrible! "
"mom! What heavy weapons do they have? " Wwpgn looked at his hand and was so scared that his expression became tense.
"They … have no weapons" The hand stammered.
"There is no weapon? How many people scared you like this without weapons? Can you kill us without weapons? " Wwpgn was so angry that he waved his arms and shouted.
Brother wwpgn probably guessed what had slipped back a few steps.
At this time, the guns and screams at the other end of the 29 th floor hall are more encrypted and closer. wwpgn looked up and suddenly a hand with a smoke line flew from it and fell at wwpgn’s feet.
Wwpgn looked down at my mother! Where can I see the human form clearly? It’s a charred body!
Before he recovered, another glistening thing flew by. wwpgn quickly dodged aside and waited for something to fall to the ground. After that, he looked at his eyes again and his big lips trembled.
The ground is a human skeleton that has been scattered, and the skull is rolling to his feet.
Then the hand close to low said, "the boss now know no wonder we? Are you afraid? "
Wwpgn was too scared to speak. It was staring straight at the front hall, looking at his hands and the bodies of mercenaries who paid for it. Red light, white light, green light and black light crossed each other, and they rose and fell one by one.
The gun kept ringing, but it was obvious that it was because of extreme fear, pulling the trigger at random and shooting at random, and the screams were getting closer and closer.