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The voting lasted for more than half an hour. As Sen expected, regardless of the master’s support, Wuyi shares have a total of 49%. If you add the master’s position as president of the company, Wuyi will still sit.

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Wu Yi’s face lit up, not as gloomy as it was just now. He smiled confidently, and Wu Yi was the president of Wu’s company. No one else was qualified to sit.
Wu Xinyuan also walked over carefully to congratulate Wu Yi, "Father, congratulations."
But as soon as her voice fell, the big wooden door in the conference room was pushed to make a sound.
"Wait a minute!"
A dignified voice appeared in front of everyone, a white-haired old man with wrinkled hands, leaning on a crutch with a slight camel on his back, but trying hard to straighten his back
Everyone was dumbfounded because this man was familiar to all of them, but what surprised them even more was not the appearance of the master but the girl behind him-Wu Huan.
A hundred times more capable than Wu Xinyuan!
"Father-in-law, why are you here?" Fog yi surprised way
Who knows that the master didn’t give him a good face with a gloomy face? Everyone in the audience could see what the master was trying to endure.
Master Wu Huan helped him to his seat. "If you hadn’t come to me on your own initiative, when would you have kept it from me?" !” He glared at Wu Yi, the most hateful thing is that his precious daughter, that is, mother Huan, was killed by this heartless person! Of course he can’t say such a scandal here.
"Father-in-law …" Wu Yi didn’t know how to answer. He glanced thoughtfully at the calm.
"Forget it!" With a wave of his hand, the master went on, "Let’s talk about family affairs when we get home. The main reason I came here this time is to say that I decided to vote for my granddaughter Wu Huan."
Seeing that everyone was frightened by the news, everyone looked at each other and dared not make a difference.
Wu yi was also surprised by "father-in-law, what did you say? You are still a child! " No way. No one can take Wu Shi away from him.
Mist Xinyuan clasped her hands and suddenly remembered that now is not the time to vent. She slowly walked towards her master, "Grandpa …"
"Who is your grandfather? ! I didn’t know I had your granddaughter! "
Mist Xinyuan was embarrassed and at a loss, and everyone kept smiling. I thought that Mist Xinyuan really didn’t know how to sense motive. The master never admitted that she still wanted to fight with Mist. It was just a bit of a chew. Who didn’t know that Mist Princess had fog? How many people in Mist’s family felt sorry when she ran away from home!
"I’m the one who bought Wushi shares in recent days, and now I hold 14% of the shares." Huan Xuan said calmly, as if she had everything under control. "Add grandpa 7% and we’ll have 41%."
"But the president of Miss is 49%." Moriguchi doesn’t deny that the fog is really clever, especially those ice-blue eyes, which make people feel that they know everything. He feels very uneasy that the president may be planted by his daughter.
"I’m 1% for Miss Wu Huanyou" is always saying that Wu Yi is hostile to Diya. He has long been bought by Wu Huanyou, and it’s time for Wu’s family to change dynasties.
Wen Wuyi and Sen’s face changed greatly. The situation has been reversed. Chapter 65 got it.
"Then I’m 51%." It’s finally time to keep a straight face, isn’t it? "Please give me a lot of advice." She made a slight bow to the seated person, and she was determined to win.
"Wait for a fog. How could it be handed over to a child under twenty?" When a shareholder questioned, others nodded their heads frequently to agree with that person’s words.
"Since people still have doubts about me, I’ll introduce myself first," said Huan Yun. "First of all, my name is Wu Huan Yun. I left home at the age of 17 and was adopted as a granddaughter by Count Antoine of France ten years ago." At this point, Huan Yun paused with satisfaction and saw everyone’s surprised expression. "Later, when I was thirteen, I got a doctorate in economics, business administration, finance and international economics and trade from Harvard. Besides, I am proficient in English, French and German.
Not only Wu Yi, Wu Xinyuan and all shareholders were dumbfounded, but even the master looked at Wu Huan in disbelief.
Seeing her proud smile, "I can definitely win the position of president of fog."
Everyone saw Wu Huan-yi say this, and I don’t know what to say. That’s the talented girl, right? Why did Wu Huan-yi want to compete with her father for the position of president?
"But having a degree doesn’t mean having experience." A pale face was foggy, and Xinyuan finally vowed to fight to the death.
But obviously it didn’t work.
Huan Hu took out the photocopied documents from her carry-on bag and sent them to the seat one by one. Wu Yi turned over the documents in confusion, and her face changed after reading them for a long time. This was really impossible to save others’ faces and praised them after reading them.
"That’s right, this is the current situation of Fog’s plan of rattan leaf. I believe everyone knows it. However, it is beneficial to Fog’s situation to cooperate with rattan leaf. How many enterprises and groups want to cooperate with rattan leaf to see how rare this opportunity is? I believe that there is no reason for everyone to object, that is, not to hide it from everyone. To achieve this cooperation, I must take the position of president, otherwise everything will be discussed."
Now that the fog has been put aside, they have no reason to object. After all, they can’t even think about it. What can they say now that it has been realized?
"Okay, I agree." A shareholder raised his hand.
"Me too."
"I agree, too."
His lordship looked at Huan Yi approvingly. She is really his granddaughter!