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Hear ling day proudly words my girl and Jiang Yun are not a face of worship to ling day hear ling day explanation Jiang Yun also rest assured.

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Zhang Xiao, as in distress situation, turned out to be Ling Tian’s kind heart. I didn’t expect to see others again, but he can bring this little girl back and make her worship him so much. He has done well.
"Right ling day! What is the date when Yicheng sent the array to hell on this day? " After listening to Zhang Xiaotian, I don’t want to talk about entrepot on this issue, but I can’t afford to be wrong when I return to the secular world.
Hear Zhang Xiaotian so ask ling day not leng one.
"Fifty-five and twenty-five on the first day of every month!" Before ling day reply my girl interrupted
If someone else’s girl is afraid to interrupt in front of her master, but this sunny girl has never been a girl since she was brought back by Ling Tian, and no one has taught her how to be a good girl. But Ling Tian doesn’t care about this, otherwise she will suffer.
"Fifty-five and twenty-five?" Zhang Xiaotian couldn’t help but frown. It will take seven days to leave.
Ling Tian also reacted at this moment and couldn’t help but stare at Xiaoqing mercilessly. "What date does Master need to send Tianyi City to the array? Master can send it whenever you want!" Although it is a rule to send troops regularly, it is mainly to save his position in the Ling family. No one ever dared to let him save money by taking the troops in Tianyi City. When Zhang Xiaotian asked him fiercely, he didn’t respond, because he usually sent troops to Tianyi City whenever he wanted.
The little girl who was stared at by Ling Tianyi suddenly felt wronged, and her big eyes almost fell out with tears in their eyes.
"Oh?" Zhang Xiaotian didn’t expect this to be such a good thing, so that the date can be sent to Zhang Xiaotian at any time, but he couldn’t wait to send it to him immediately. But when he thought that he had just received three apprentices, he didn’t teach anything, and there were still some things he wanted to take back, he didn’t buy, so he was dismissed. Seeing Zhang Xiaotian hesitate, Ling Tian was also nervous. Looking at him, he was really afraid that Zhang Xiaotian would go by the escort now.
"Rest assured! How can I leave now without teaching you anything? Besides, I’m going to have a good stroll because Yicheng is so busy this day! " See a face of nervous ling day Zhang Xiaotian said with a smile.
Hear Zhang Xiaotian say so Ling Tiancai is completely at ease.
"Small eyes you hurriedly give us something to eat … forget it, you still call us a table at Tianxianglou! I haven’t let master drink my wine yet! The banquet must be the best! " Ling day back to where small eyes ordered.
"It’s a young master!" Hear ling day told my girl suddenly forget just injustice should way
"whoops!" Fat boy who was dozing at Zhang Xiaotian’s feet woke up as soon as he heard the banquet, and he jumped to the front of the little girl and stopped her footsteps "whoops".
"Ah!" Xiao Qing, who suddenly appeared in front of him, was startled, and when she saw that it was Fat, she couldn’t help crouching down and patted Fat’s little head and smiled and said, "How can this hairy dog be so cute!"
Fat boy is very worried when he sees Xiao Qing patting his head and his little paws patting Xiao Qing’s little hands.
"Hey? What is it doing? " Xiao Qing Qing yi Dao
"Ha ha! You go and tell the restaurant owner to ask for more pots of Styx carp. "Zhang Xiaotian looked at Fat Boy’s anxious appearance and said with a smile that when they were eating at Tianlai Inn, Fat Boy especially liked a pot of Styx carp. He and Li Fugui didn’t eat it, and several departments all went into Fat Boy’s stomach. Fat Boy immediately thought of that thing when he heard the banquet, but Zhang Xiaotian wouldn’t let it easily sound bad to other ghosts. He could be so anxious and clap his little girl’s hands.
Fat boy can’t help but nod his head toward the small eyes when he hears Zhang Xiaotian talk like this.
"Ah!" I’m still a little confused about Zhang Xiaotian’s command. Xiao Qing couldn’t help but be surprised when he saw the fat boy burning his little head hard. He cried out and could understand people’s words. Will the dog and the beast take the initiative to eat?
Ling Tian, a few of them were also surprised to look at the fat boy. I didn’t expect this to be able to understand people’s words even after following Zhang Xiaotian’s hair, dogs and beasts, but Ling Tian also recovered in a short time. It’s not that the ghost king level soul beast can understand people’s words, but it’s rare, but who is the master? It’s not normal for a ghost to kill three ghosts at a time, and it’s normal for another abnormal little beast.
"Xiao Qing hurry up and go" Ling Tian nodded and said.
"oh? Oh! " Small fine raised his head and should be together to quickly walked to the outside of the hospital.
Fat boy asked for it and was satisfied. He jumped back to Zhang Xiaotian’s feet and dozed off again. Recently, he dozed off again.
"Ling Tianda Niu Dabao, come with me!" Zhang Xiaotian in situ thought for a moment to ling day three people shouted and walked to the living room outside.
Ling Tian-ren is a bit odd, but he is sure that it is right. Now that he has decided to accept the three disciples, he should quickly give them some Wushu and go back to the secular world himself.
Hearing Zhang Xiaotian’s command to Ling Tianyi’s face lit up, he knew that Master wanted him to do Wushu and immediately followed him.
Chen Dabao took his younger brother and followed him. Although their parents just died, they also had a little expectation. After learning Zhang Xiaotian’s martial arts, their hope of revenge was half as much.
Jiang Yun stayed where she was, her face was a little cloudy, and finally she sighed in her heart. Ling Tian had already worshipped a black kid, which has become a fact. Now that she has reached this point, she can expect Ling Tian to learn the truth.
Zhang Xiaotian decided to give them Wushu, that is, the seven-star wandering step and his own strange knife. These two kinds of Wushu are very powerful and consume little soul. The most important thing is that these two kinds of Wushu look very difficult, but they are very easy to learn and very simple to teach. Although there are many other Wushu, he also has many first-class Wushu, but those Wushu are very difficult to practice. It’s not so good to practice without a three-year five-achievement plan, that is, Zhang Xiaotian himself. Very good, that knife is like this! " Zhang Xiaotian nodded with a smile. Ling Tian deserves to be a martial arts genius. After listening to his explanation once or twice, he understood that the principle is that after a few times of application, the strange knife was put to use, and its power was a little worse than that of Zhang Xiao’s angel. However, it would be better to practice more after being unskilled. This strange knife is not as simple as the seven-star maze. When Zhang Xiaotian learned the seven-star maze by himself, he told Sanying to learn the seven-star maze for less than half a day, so he let Sanying call it a genius. I really don’t know that Sanying knew that Ling Tianxue would react so soon. Zhang Xiao
Chapter two is here! Rest assured that this kind of martial arts will not flood! Ha ha! )
Chapter one hundred and forty-five Shame
Ling Tianyue became more and more excited when he practiced. I didn’t expect that he had just learned so much. He had to work as hard as before to get results, but this was just … Although it had a good martial arts background before him, what Zhang Xiaotian said was a little transparent, but it also benefited from this special Wushu.
Compared with the Chen brothers, they are much worse. They understand it, but they always fail to display it well.
Seeing the learning situation of the Chen brothers, Zhang Xiaotian finally found some balance in his heart. It seems that not everyone is as abnormal as Ling Tian and how stupid he is.
Zhang Xiaotian seriously taught Ling Tian to study hard.
Suddenly the gate hit Xiaoqing and ran in from the outside in a flurry.
Zhang Xiaotian taught Ling Tiansan to practise kungfu in the front yard, and Xiao Qing killed them as soon as he entered the door.
Xiao Qing saw Ling Tianhou as if a drowning man had pulled Ling Tianhou’s arm with a lifeline and said in a hurry, "Young Master, Tim Zhang is chasing me!"
Ling Tian was interrupted by Xiao Qing, and he was still a little angry. Now I can’t help but pick his eyebrows when I hear Xiao Qing say this. "What? Tim Zhang? What is he chasing you for? "
"I … I don’t know. I was stared at by him when I came out of the restaurant to catch me, but fortunately, he touched that Li Jiangyou and put me on hold before I ran back!" Small fine breath a sigh of relief, little face flushed and said
Li Qiang?’ Ling day frowned.
"Well, that Li Qiang often came to me when you were away and wanted to bully me, but I couldn’t get in without him. But once he pretended to be a young master, and I almost let him in. Since then, I have never dared to go out." Xiao Qing said with grievance that every hospital in the city has a ban on ghost repair, but he can’t come in. Here is Lingtian’s residence, and that Li Qiang dare not break in.
"What? That Li Qiang dares to bully me! Why didn’t you tell me earlier? " Ling Tianyi couldn’t help but feel angry and was bullied by others. How can he stand his character in Ling Tian?
Little sunny girl couldn’t help hearing the young master say that she bullied others. She couldn’t help but say, "You didn’t come back for a long time and ignored me once you came back …" It was quite unfair.
Ling Tian heard Xiao Qing girl talk like this and couldn’t help it no longer. It’s all true.
After a silence for a while, Ling Tian looked up and said, "If you have anything, just tell me on your own initiative. I won’t ask you anything."
"It’s a young master!" Little sunny girl a face of excitement should way
At this moment, Zhang Xiaotian’s fat feet ran to Xiaoqing’s girl and cried "whoops".
Xiaoqing was stunned first, then smiled and said, "I ordered several pots of Styx carp, which is enough for you to eat!" "
Fat boy jumped up with excitement when he heard Xiao Qing talk like this.
Suddenly, Xiao Qing froze and looked at a boulder in his hand. His expression was a little panic. "Someone is calling at the door, young master!"